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On and attaining
On 28 September 2008, the CSU failed to gain an absolute majority, attaining 43 %, of the vote in the Bavaria state election for the first time since 1966 on a percentage basis and was forced into a coalition with the FDP.
On the other hand, positive emotions often facilitate reaching an agreement and help to maximize joint gains, but can also be instrumental in attaining concessions.
On the other hand, other philosophers have long observed that cooperation in the form of a " social contract " is necessary for human society, but saw no way of attaining that short of a coercive authority.
On attaining knowledge of Brahman, illusion drops away and there are no more questions.
" On attaining manhood you abetted your mother in her initiations and the other rituals, and read aloud from the cultic writings ... You rubbed the fat-cheeked snakes and swung them above your head, crying Euoi saboi and hues attes, attes hues
On the other hand, in the romances of Reynard the Fox we have medieval apologues arranged in cycles, and attaining epical dimensions.
On attaining sexual maturity, in its third to seventh years of life it enters rivers to spawn.
On August 22, 2006 the Dieselmax, driven by Andy Green broke the diesel engine land speed record, attaining a speed of 328. 767 mph ( 529 km / h ).
On the outbreak of the Revolution he returned to France and served with distinction in the early campaigns, attaining the rank of adjutant-general.
On his return to Firozpur he was awarded three medals and recommended to be Major by brevet on attaining the rank of Captain.
On August 8 of the same year he took a Blériot monoplane to Blackpool, England where he achieved fame after attaining an altitude of.
On June 23, 1976, Île Desroches was returned to the Seychelles as a result of it attaining independence.
On November 11, the storm brushed the eastern tip of Jamaica before attaining hurricane-status several hours later.
On August 11, Eugene reached the Central Pacific as a Category 1 hurricane with wind speeds attaining.

On and majority
On all three occasions, 35 senators voted " guilty " and 19 " not guilty ", thus falling short by a single vote of the two-thirds majority required for conviction in impeachment trials.
On June 13, 2008, a small majority of members of the House of Ariki attempted a coup, claiming to dissolve the elected government and to take control of the country's leadership.
On 12 April 1571, Oxford attained his majority and took his seat in the House of Lords.
On February 2, 1688, Elihu Yale, with the support of a majority of factors, decreed that henceforth, slaves should be examined by the judges of the choultry before being transported.
On 17 January 1793 Louis was condemned to death for " conspiracy against the public liberty and the general safety " by a close majority in Convention: 361 voted to execute the king, 288 voted against, and another 72 voted to execute him subject to a variety of delaying conditions.
On July 26, 2012, the HBC revealed that it will close in 2013 the majority of the Zellers stores that were not acquired by Target Canada in 2011.
On 4 June 2010 Manx Telecom was sold by Telefónica to UK private equity investor HgCapital ( who were buying the majority stake ), alongside telecoms management company CPS Partners
On 22 June 1995, tired of continual threats of leadership challenges that never arose, Major resigned as Leader of the Conservative Party and announced he would contest the resulting leadership election – he continued to serve as Prime Minister while the leadership was vacant, but would have resigned had he not been re-elected by a large enough majority.
On 3 May 2012, the Renault-Nissan alliance has signed letter of intent to raise its stake in Avtovaz to a majority by taking a majority share of 67. 13 % of a joint venture with the Russian state-controlled company, Russian Technologies, to own 74. 5 % of Avtovaz.
On August 2, 1986, Fran Tarkenton was the first player who played the majority of his career with the Vikings to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
On April 25, 2008, the Dutch government, backed by a majority of members of parliament, decided to ban cultivation and use of all magic mushrooms.
On each occasion a majority voted in favour of integration with Guam.
On the first ( secret ) ballot, he had a majority of the votes, and at the accessio a sufficient number joined his majority to form the required two-thirds.
On the first vote, Rafael Altamira y Crevea of Spain, Dionisio Anzilotti of Italy, Bernard Loder of the Netherlands, Ruy Barbosa of Brazil, Yorozu Oda of Japan, Charles Andre Weiss of France, Antonio Sánchez de Bustamante y Sirven of Cuba and Lord Finlay of the United Kingdom were elected by a majority vote of both the Council and Assembly on the first ballot taken.
On 17 March, a referendum was held, to which the vast majority of participating citizens voted in favour of preserving the Soviet Union as a renewed federation.
On 19 March 2006, the voting members of the South Sydney club voted ( in a 75. 8 % majority ) to allow Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes à Court to purchase 75 % of the organisation, leaving 25 % ownership with the members.
On 23 February 2005, the Union for a Popular Movement ( UMP ) conservative majority at the French National Assembly voted a law compelling history textbooks and teachers to " acknowledge and recognize in particular the positive role of the French presence abroad, especially in North Africa ".
On 14 July 1959, three Liberal MLAs called on Morton to resign, stating that the party needed a full-time leader and that Morton no longer commanded the majority support of his colleagues.
On the other hand, two communities ( the Basque Country and Navarre ) are " communities of chartered regime ", that is, they have full fiscal autonomy, whereas the rest are " communities of common regime ", with limited fiscal powers ( the majority of their taxes are administered centrally and redistributed among them all for fiscal equalization ).
On December 5, 1974, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle announced the official signing of the franchise agreement by Lloyd W. Nordstrom, representing the Nordstrom family as majority partners for the consortium.
On 25 November 2006, Steve Bracks won his third election, comfortably defeating Baillieu to secure a third term, with a slightly reduced majority in the Lower House.

On and at
On the morning of September 10, 1895, Powell and Ross rose at dawn and began their day's work.
On this trip to the South he wants, above all else, to sniff the effluvium of backwoods-and-sand-hill subhumanity and to see at least one barn burn at midnight ''.
On January 18, Ernest Gross conducted a press conference at the U.N. lasting an hour.
On the social side, the chore Mama had at the formal receptions at the White House thrilled her the most.
On one visit he stopped at the office of the American, where he was known surreptitiously as `` the Great White Chief '', and for the first time met his managing editor, fat Moses Koenigsberg.
On arrival at headquarters he had, however -- in King Stanislas' words to Glayre -- `` found such favor with Pe Potemkin that he made him his aide-de-camp and up to now does not want him to go join Paul Jones.
On the morning of November 17th, Cornwallis and 2,000 men had left Philadelphia with the object of capturing Fort Mercer at Red Bank, New Jersey.
On January 4, with the boys back at school and college, Mrs. Lewis wrote Harcourt to say that she was `` through, quite through ''.
On the evening that they were to sail, Lewis himself gave a party, but he was too indisposed to appear at it.
On October 19, after the Soviets had detonated at least 20 nuclear devices, Ambassador Stevenson warned the UN General Assembly that this country, in `` self protection '', might have to resume above-ground tests.
On the Christophers' lawn, little girls in white pinafores were playing grownups at a tea party.
On such occasions he had not had the courage to look at the face above the hand, whatever face it might be.
On ships at sea, on railroad trains, in summer hotels with mountain views, they always said, `` I've never done this before ''.
On October 8th of last year, the Industrial Division sponsored the Governor's Conference on Industrial Development at the former Henry Barnard School.
On April 30, ceremonies commemorating the departure of these volunteers will take place at 1:00 P.M. at the Dexter Training Grounds in Providence.
On the remainder of the clear channels, the dominant ( class 1 ) -- B stations are protected as described above, and the relatively small number of secondary ( class 2 ) ) stations permitted to operate on these channels at night are required to operate directionally and/or with reduced power so as to protect the class 1, stations.
On their way, they stopped at every gas station along the main boulevards to question the attendants.
On C, from the point P at Af to the point Q at Af, we construct the chord, and upon the chord as a side erect a square in such a way that as S approaches zero the square is inside C.
On the other hand, looking at the larger picture, is it true that pupil assignment has effectively cut off, blocked, or reduced school desegregation to a `` trickle ''??
On the theory before us, such relief would be groundless, for in that suffering itself there was nothing bad at all, and hence in its nonoccurrence there would be nothing to be relieved about.
On June 14, 1900 the Manchester Journal reported that an electrical engineer was installing an electric light plant for Edward S. Isham at `` Ormsby Hill ''.

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