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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1389
from Brown Corpus
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On and bookshelves
On the ground floor, destined for the use of Maximilian and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium, worthy of note are the bedroom and the archduke ’ s office, which reproduce the cabin and the stern wardroom respectively of the frigate Novara, the war-ship used by Maximilian when he was Commander of the Navy to circumnavigate the world between 1857 and 1859 ; the library, whose walls are lined with bookshelves and the rooms of the Archduchess with their tapestry of light-blue silk.

On and were
On the glass partition between me and the driver were three signs: one asked for help for the blind, another help for orphans, and the third for relief for the war refugees.
On Sundays, with the permission of Captain Heard, who usually attended with two of his officers, services were held in the double cabin.
On the way they tried to discover all they could about Burma, and they were disturbed to find that Michael Symes's book had not presented an altogether true picture.
On the evening that they were to sail, Lewis himself gave a party, but he was too indisposed to appear at it.
On the Christophers' lawn, little girls in white pinafores were playing grownups at a tea party.
On all sides doors were being slammed in his face.
Held: On the record in this case, the administrative procedures prescribed by the Act were fully complied with ; ;
On the brief were Solicitor General Rankin, Assistant Attorney General Wilkey, Beatrice Rosenberg and J. F. Bishop.
On the surfaces of both lungs there were emphysematous blebs measuring up to 3 cm. in diameter.
On the surface of the right kidney there were also 2 yellow, firm, friable raised areas measuring up to 2 cm. in diameter.
On February 17, Russell and Cook were sent to the Pena Flor community on the Vermejo to see about renting out ranches the company had purchased.
On May 19, a deputy sheriff's posse of eight men left Maxwell City and rode thirty-five miles up the Vermejo where they were joined by Juan Jose Martinez.
On that cold, but bright, April day we were guests of your government in the reviewing stand of Red Square to witness the poeple's celebration for Yuri Gagarin and later on that day we attended the somewhat more exclusive reception for him in one of the impressive palaces of the Kremlin.
On the upper Mississippi the Illinois post was to be established near Kaskaskia, and dependent posts were to be built on the Missouri, `` where there are mines in abundance ''.
On arriving in Tokyo later we were met by Masu who took us immediately to her university, the Japanese Women's University.
On his side of the road there were two farm hands, well back in a field, leaning against a plow.
On display were 343 first-class paintings and sculptures from his fabled collection -- and every single one of them was up for sale.
On home sets children were watching the death throes of men who were shot before the paredon, the firing wall.
Such fascinating novelties in the score as the fugual treatment of `` On The Side Of The Angels '' and `` Politics And Poker '' were handled splendidly, and I thought Rudy Bond and his band of tuneful ward-heelers made `` Little Tin Box '' even better than it was done by the New York cast ; ;
On top of everything else they were two months behind on their apartment rent, and the day Wally received written notice that he was fired, they were evicted.

On and some
On Thursday evening we may go out of town together by some stage or mail about the distance of ten or twelve miles.
On April 1, 1953, after some six months of full-time `` pioneering '', petitioner discontinued devoting 100 hours a month to preaching, but failed to so notify his local board.
On some distant farm a rooster crowed and, far down the valley, an associate answered.
On the physiological basis of some form of psychotherapy
On playing some typical situations before a jury of his peers he showed some characteristics rated as unsatisfactory.
On the other hand, in a more favorable vein, general business activity should receive some stimulus from rising Federal spending, and the reduction in business inventories has probably run a good part of its course.
On some of the islands' beaches the waves came in gently ; ;
On the other hand, some unwed mothers had had so much work and responsibility imposed on them at an early age, and had thus had so little freedom or opportunity to develop autonomy and initiative, that their work and responsibilities became dull and unrewarding burdens -- to be escaped and rebelled against through fun and experimentation with forbidden sexual behavior.
On the negative side of the balance sheet must be set some disappointment that the United States leadership has not been as much in evidence as hoped for.
On other hand, in some experiments a proportion of people do not seem to care about reputation and they do not help more even if this is conspicuous.
On the other hand, Russia also participated to some degree in the nationalist ( cultural and political ) movements of Central and Eastern Europe.
On direct appeal, a prisoner challenges the grounds of the conviction based on an error that occurred at trial or some other stage in the adjudicative process.
On January 19, 1862, the ill-prepared Confederates, after a night march in the rain, attacked the Union force with some initial success.
On some early versions of the game, it was also possible to hide the ship in the score area indefinitely without being hit by asteroids.
On the other hand, some historians have speculated that Charlemagne opposed formal marriages for his daughters out of concern for political rivalries from their potential husbands ; none of Charlemagne's daughters were married, despite political offers of arranged marriages.
On his way home Agesilaus died in Cyrenaica, around the age of 84, after a reign of some 41 years.
On the other hand, North American English has undergone some sound changes not found in other varieties of English speech:
Pervo sees Luke ’ s work as a “ legitimizing narrative ” because it makes “ a case by telling a story ( or stories )” and serves to legitimate either “ Pauline Christianity ( possibly in rivalry to other interpretations ) or generally as the claim of the Jesus-movement to possess the Israelite heritage .” On the other hand, some scholars greatly disagree with the view of legitimation because they believe that it “ mirror-reads ” Luke ’ s work attempting to uncover the circumstances surrounding Luke ’ s work by over-arguing something that may not be that valid.
On this passage the theologian Joseph Barber Lightfoot ( Apostolic Fathers, 1885, II, p. 84 ) noted: " Clement may possibly be referring to some known, but hardly accessible land, lying without the pillars of Hercules.
On the continent of Europe among some civil law systems ( i. e. those deriving from Roman law or the Napoleonic Code ), the inquisitorial system may be used for some types of cases.
On one occasion he ordered some Samaritan wine, but subsequently learning that there were no longer any strict observers of the dietary laws among the Samaritans, with the assistance of his colleagues, Ḥiyya b. Abba, Rav Ammi, and Rav Assi, he investigated the report, and, ascertaining it to be well founded, did not hesitate to declare the Samaritans, for all ritualistic purposes, Gentiles ( Yer.
On 1 January 913 an army, led by the eunuch Badr, conquered the fortress of Écija, at some 50 km from the capital.

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