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from Brown Corpus
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On and motion
On December 17, however, Bradley observed that the star was moving southwards, a motion further shown by observations on the 20th.
On the Reckoning of Time ( De temporum ratione ) included an introduction to the traditional ancient and medieval view of the cosmos, including an explanation of how the spherical earth influenced the changing length of daylight, of how the seasonal motion of the Sun and Moon influenced the changing appearance of the New Moon at evening twilight, and a quantitative relation between the changes of the Tides at a given place and the daily motion of the moon.
The Roman Lucretius's scientific poem " On the Nature of Things " ( c. 60 BC ) has a remarkable description of Brownian motion of dust particles.
On 14 May 1921, the Politburo, chaired by Lenin, passed a motion " broadening the rights of the in relation to the use of the penalty.
On July 14, the Justice Department filed a motion " to avoid short-circuiting the repeal process established by Congress during the final stages of the implementation of the repeal.
In 1921, his third year at the university, he published his first scientific works in the Italian journal Nuovo Cimento: the first was titled: On the dynamics of a rigid system of electrical charges in translational motion ; the second: On the electrostatics of a uniform gravitational field of electromagnetic charges and on the weight of electromagnetic charges.
On June 19, 1872, under the sponsorship of Leland Stanford, Eadweard Muybridge successfully photographed a horse named " Sallie Gardner " in fast motion using a series of 24 stereoscopic cameras.
On 18 March, Friese-Greene sent a clipping of the story to Thomas Edison, whose laboratory had been developing a motion picture system known as the Kinetoscope.
On 29 January 1855, John Arthur Roebuck introduced a motion for the appointment of a select committee to enquire into the conduct of the war.
The first of his papers, Sur le principe des forces vives dans les mouvements relatifs des machines ( On the principle of kinetic energy in the relative motion in machines ), was read to the Académie des Sciences ( Coriolis 1832 ).
Three years later came the paper that would make his name famous, Sur les équations du mouvement relatif des systèmes de corps ( On the equations of relative motion of a system of bodies ).
On November 13, Olson filed a motion requesting to withdraw her guilty plea and acknowledged that she did not misunderstand the judge when he read the charges against her.
On the question of a body subject to a constant ( uniform ) force, the 12th century Jewish-Arab Nathanel ( Iraqi, of Baghdad ) stated that constant force imparts constant acceleration, while the main properties are uniformly accelerated motion ( as of falling bodies ) was worked out by the 14th century Oxford Calculators.
The " I coulda been a contenda " scene from On the Waterfront, according to the author of Brooklyn Boomer, Martin H. Levinson, is " one of the most famous scenes in motion picture history and the line itself has become part of America's cultural lexicon.
On 16 July 1940, following Germany's swift and successful occupation of France and the Low Countries and growing impatient with Britain's outright rejection towards his recent peace overtures, Hitler issued Führer Directive No. 16, setting in motion preparations for a landing in Britain.
" On 11 June 1713 this non-binding rule became Standing Order 66: that " the Commons would not vote money for any purpose, except on a motion of a Minister of the Crown.
On 13 June 2008 a Judicial Panel On Multidistrict Litigation ( MDL ) granted the Plaintiffs ’ motion to centralize individual and class-action lawsuits involving Levaquin in the District of Minnesota over objection of Defendants, Johnson and Johnson / Ortho McNeil.
On 2011-04-26, the Court entered an order granting the parties ' agreed motion for dismissal and final judgment.
On this claim, he deduced that the heart was not a true muscle due to its obvious involuntary nature of its motion.
On the other hand, if all the parts were independent, then there would not be any transmission of the vibration and again, no wave motion.
The Carry On films are a series of 31 low-budget British comedy motion pictures produced between 1958 and 1992.

On and Amici
On 20 September 2006 it was announced on the Amici Forever website that Jo Appleby would be leaving the group to pursue a career as a solo artist.

On and court
`` On trial in Jakarta for having flown for the Indonesian anti-Communist insurgents, U.S. pilot Alan Lawrence Pope boldly told the court that in supporting the freedom fighters, he was actually defending the sovereignty and independence of Indonesia.
On the other hand, the appellate court normally gives less deference to a lower court's decision on issues of law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the wrong legal standard.
On the other hand, court decisions have made necessary " an individualized assessment to prove that an impairment is protected under the ADA.
On arrival at the supreme Mongol court — either that on the Imyl river ( near Lake Alakol and the present Russo-Chinese frontier in the Altay ), or more probably at or near Karakorum itself, south-west of Lake Baikal — Andrew found Güyük Khan dead, poisoned, as the envoy supposed, by Batu Khan's agents.
On being ransomed he went to Constantinople, where was held the court of his cousin, the Emperor Manuel I Komnenos, with whom he was a great favourite.
On appeal, a federal appellate court " determined that the terms of the Artistic License are enforceable copyright conditions ".
On 10 June 2004, Bardot was again convicted by a French court for " inciting racial hatred " and fined € 5, 000, the fourth such conviction and fine from a French court.
On January 8, 1982, just before the case was to be heard by the U. S. Supreme Court, President Ronald Reagan authorized his Treasury and Justice Departments to ask that the BJU case be dropped and that the previous court decisions be vacated.
On January 17, 2008, a Brazilian federal court order prohibiting all sales of Counter-Strike and EverQuest and imposing the immediate withdrawal of these from all stores began to be enforced.
On a breach of contract by a defendant, a court generally awards the sum that would restore the injured party to the economic position they expected from performance of the promise or promises ( known as an " expectation measure " or " benefit-of-the-bargain " measure of damages ).
On March 28, the LCR filed a brief asking that the court deny the administration's request.
On July 11, the appeals court asked the DOJ to inform the court if it intended to proceed with its appeal.
On December 15, 2002, on the ensuing trial highlights the government's failure to demonstrate in court that the alleged coup attempt had ever actually taken place.
On 17 April 1555, Elizabeth was recalled to court to attend the final stages of Mary's apparent pregnancy.
On 5 June 1588 Anne Cecil died at court of a fever ; she was 31.
On the other hand, scholars who support the official persecution theory take the exhortation to defend one's faith ( 3: 15 ) as a reference to official court proceedings.
On September 23, 2004, Busey was arrested for showing up late to a spousal support court hearing.
On 6 May 1682, the royal court moved to the lavish Palace of Versailles, which Louis XIV had greatly expanded.
On a mission to Bithynia to secure the assistance of King Nicomedes's fleet, he spent so long at his court that rumors of an affair with the king arose, which Caesar would vehemently deny for the rest of his life.
On May 28, 2004, the Diet of Japan enacted a law requiring selected citizens to take part in criminal court trials of certain severe crimes to make decisions together with professional judges, both on guilt and on the sentence.
On August 30, 2007, a group of JPL employees filed suit in federal court against NASA, Caltech, and the Department of Commerce, claiming their Constitutional rights were being violated by new, overly invasive background investigations.

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