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Some Related Sentences

On and other
On the other hand, howsomever, maybe you wouldn't either.
On the other hand, we cannot regard artistic invention as pure, uncaused, and unrelated to the times in which it occurs.
On the other hand, the fictional detective does not break strikes or handle divorce cases ; ;
On the other hand, if he wishes to continue in his chosen profession, he must abandon his own code and sacrifice his precious individualism.
On the other hand, Molesworth was naturally assailed in the Tory press.
On the other hand, Arnold's `` The unplumbed, salt, estranging sea '', taken in its context, certainly does so.
On the other hand, Dr. Ezra Styles recorded the following testimony of John Angell, the last disciple of Gorton: ``
On the other hand, he did not want to offend Edward either, and he found himself in a very difficult position.
On the other hand, the consensus of opinion is that, used with caution and in conjunction with other types of evidence, the native sources still provide a valid rough outline for the English settlement of southern Britain.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On the other hand, the bright vision of the future has been directly stated in science fiction concerned with projecting ideal societies -- science fiction, of course, is related, if sometimes distantly, to that utopian literature optimistic about science, literature whose period of greatest vigor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries produced Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and H. G. Wells's A Modern Utopia.
On the other side of the church was a quiet, well-kept house with shutters and recently painted.
On the other hand, it is no interference with sovereignty to point out defects where they exist, such as that a plan calls for factories without power to run them, or for institutions without trained personnel to staff them.
On the other hand, the new authority of $3,825 million proposed for missile procurement ( excluding research and construction ) in 1961 is $581 million higher than for 1960.
On the other side of the Golden Horn I rode through Eminonu Square, with Yeni Cami, or the New Mosque, which dates from the Seventeenth Century, just across from the entrance to the bridge.
On the other hand, out-of-sight does not lead to out-of-mind when children cannot be easily observed and you have to make a long trek to reach the pool.
On the other hand, the process of obsoleting an old product and introducing the new one is usually mighty expensive.
On the other hand, a similar attack might have been made on City B whose population was known to be lousy.
On the other hand, there are a few antithyroid drugs of this same general type, such as resorcinol, possessing no reducing activity and possibly acting through formation of a complex with molecular iodine.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored.
On the other hand, the null space of Af and the null space of Af together span V, the former being the subspace spanned by Af and the latter the subspace spanned by Af and Af.
) On the other hand, even when the binomial model does not describe well the physical phenomenon being studied, the binomial model may still be used as a baseline for comparative purposes ; ;
On the other hand, the women class members appeared to reach a far greater understanding than have women members in other sections that it is more natural for males as a group to view sex as sex rather than always associating it with love as most women seem to do.

On and matters
On matters of race he was similarly inflexible: `` Most of the modern Latin races seem to have inherited the rigidity of the Roman mind ''.
On most matters of legislation, the People ’ s Assembly retains the last word in the event of a disagreement between the two houses.
On becoming Prime Minister Major had promised to keep Britain " at the very heart of Europe ", and claimed to have won " game, set and match for Britain " – by negotiating the social chapter and single currency opt-outs from the Maastricht Treaty, and by ensuring that there was no overt mention of a " Federal " Europe and that foreign and defence policy were kept as matters of inter-governmental cooperation, in separate " pillars " from the supranational European Union.
On the southwestern frontier, problems commenced early when c. 812, Louis the Pious crossed the western Pyrenees ' to settle matters ' in Pamplona.
On this account, impartial ( self-sacrificing ) behavior in particular matters may be motivated by self-interested considerations from a broader perspective.
On occasion the Court was accused of extending its jurisdiction ; strictly speaking only allowed to intervene in matters of international law, the Court became involved in municipal law during the Loans Cases.
" On matters of style, he proposed that the style conform to the subject matter and to the audience, that simple words be employed whenever possible, and that the style should be agreeable.
On the whole, coherence theories have been criticized as lacking justification in their application to other areas of truth, especially with respect to assertions about the natural world, empirical data in general, assertions about practical matters of psychology and society, especially when used without support from the other major theories of truth.
On at least one occasion Adams persuaded senators to vote against legislation that he opposed, and he frequently addressed the Senate on procedural and policy matters.
On April 12, President Harding addressed a joint session of Congress which he had called to address matters that he deemed of national and urgent importance.
On other matters, he was content to wait until legislation reached its final stage in a joint House – Senate conference committee.
On 13 January Gladstone claimed he had strong Conservative instincts and that " In all matters of custom and tradition, even the Tories look upon me as the chief Conservative that is ".
On 13 April 1912, less than two weeks after the creation of the Royal Flying Corps ( which initially consisted of both a naval and a military wing ), an Air Committee was established to act as an intermediary between the Admiralty and the War Office in matters relating to aviation.
On other matters he was less progressive: he did not, for example, favour giving votes to women, although he did suggest that the social reformer Octavia Hill serve on the Commission for Working Class Housing.
On August 31, 1950, O ' Dwyer, pursued by both federal and state investigators, was suddenly appointed by President Harry S. Truman as ambassador to Mexico, where he would be beyond the reach of officials who wanted his public testimony in several matters on which he preferred not to speak.
On December 1, 1937, the Imperial Headquarters, which had just been established as the highest authority on strategic matters in the " China Incident " in late November, finally ordered the CCAA to capture " the capital of the enemy state.
Two major works on tactics come from the late Roman period: Taktike Theoria by Aelianus Tacticus and De Re Militari (" On military matters ") by Vegetius.
On August 5, 1990, 45 foreign ministers of the OIC adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam to serve as a guidance for the member states in the matters of human rights in as much as they are compatible with the Sharia, or Quranic Law.
On Agricultural matters, now the European Parliament decides together with the Council in a procedure known as the co-decision procedure.
On his return to St. James's Palace, Churchill's attention was drawn towards other matters, and to a fresh face at court.
On hearing this, the Archduke came down post haste from his regiment at Brandeis and sought out his grandmother, Archduchess Maria Theresa, who was also my aunt and the natural confidante in such matters.
To complicate matters further, Aristotle distinguishes between two kinds of intellect or two parts of the intellect .< ref > On the Soul 15-25 </ i ></ ref > These two intellectual powers are traditionally called the " passive intellect " and the " active intellect " or " agent intellect ".
On April 18, 1857 Rivail ( signing himself " Allan Kardec ") published his first book on Spiritism, The Spirits ' Book, comprising a series of 1, 018 answered questions exploring matters concerning the nature of spirits, the spirit world, and the relations between the spirit world and the material world.
On other economic matters they were seen as generally opposed, but found common ground on this one.

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