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On and punts
On the other side of the field, multi-talented wide receiver Irving Fryar was equally effective, catching 39 passes for 670 yards, while also rushing for 27 yards, gaining another 559 yards returning punts and kickoffs, and scoring 10 touchdowns.
On special teams he punted 610 times for 24, 509 yards, an average of 40. 4 yards per punt, with 144 punts inside the 20 and 77 touchbacks.
On at least one occasion, Odie was also prepared for Garfield trying to kick him off the table, setting up a pillow on the floor to land on after Garfield punts him.
On the second of two Noel Prefontaine punts, Lockett held on to the ball and ran BC to its own 50-yard line.
On special teams, Branch led the Patriots with 36 kickoff returns for 863 yards and added two punts returns for 58 yards.
On punts and field goal attempts, the line judge also determines whether the kick is made from behind the line of scrimmage.
On October 6, in a home game against the Minnesota Vikings, he returned two punts for touchdowns and nearly had a third, tying an NFL record for single-game punt returns for touchdowns and becoming the 12th player to do so.
On special teams, he returned 94 punts for 990 yards and 3 touchdowns, and 76 kickoffs for 1, 784 yards.

On and field
On a misty Sunday morning last month, a small band of militant anti-Communists called the Minutemen held maneuvers in a foggy field about fifteen miles east of here.
On his side of the road there were two farm hands, well back in a field, leaning against a plow.
On Saturday, the orchestra was sensibly situated down on the field, the stage floor was apparently in decent condition for dancing, and the order of the program improved.
On September 11, 2001, Nami boarded United 93 and assisted in the hijacking of the plane, which crashed into a field in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after a passenger uprising, due to the passengers receiving information from their families of the 3 other hijacked planes that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
On September 11, 2001, Haznawi boarded United Airlines Flight 93 and assisted in the hijacking of the plane, which crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after a passenger uprising.
On tables that pay triple the field on a twelve roll, the stickman will often loudly exclaim " triple " either alone or in combination with " 12 craps 12 " or " come away triple ".
On September 23, 1949, Bill Veeck and the Indians buried their 1948 pennant in center field the day after they were mathematically eliminated from the pennant race.
In his 1868 paper " On Governors ", J. C. Maxwell ( who discovered the Maxwell electromagnetic field equations ) was able to explain instabilities exhibited by the flyball governor using differential equations to describe the control system.
Although control systems of various types date back to antiquity, a more formal analysis of the field began with a dynamics analysis of the centrifugal governor, conducted by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1868 entitled On Governors.
On the top of the vent on the outside of the cannon is a flat circular space called the vent field where the charge is lit.
On the Cowboys opening possession after 49ers punt, Romo found WR Jesse Holley on a 78 yard pass, which set up the game winning field goal by rookie kicker Dan Bailey.
On September 8, 1974, Tom Wilkinson, quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos, unsuccessfully attempted a drop kick field goal in the final seconds of a 24-2 romp over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
The heraldic description given by the EU is: " On an azure field a circle of twelve golden mullets, their points not touching.
In 1921, his third year at the university, he published his first scientific works in the Italian journal Nuovo Cimento: the first was titled: On the dynamics of a rigid system of electrical charges in translational motion ; the second: On the electrostatics of a uniform gravitational field of electromagnetic charges and on the weight of electromagnetic charges.
On the conclusion of peace he was made an inspector-general of the army and a field marshal.
On 5 November 1854, Russian forces tried to relieve the siege at Sevastopol and tried to defeat the Allied armies in the field in the battle of Inkerman.
On September 19, 1937, he hit the first-ever homer into the center field bleachers at Yankee Stadium.
On the other hand, Islamic law and the later common law " had no difficulty in accepting agency as one of its institutions in the field of contracts and of obligations in general ".
On September 23, 1957, Aaron hit a two-run walk-off in Milwaukee, clinching the pennant for the Braves and Aaron was carried off the field by his teammates.
On the fifth field trip, Lönnrot met Arhippa Perttunen who provided a large portion of the verses for The Kalevala.
On August 28, the FBI New York field office requested that a criminal case be opened to determine whether Mihdhar was still in the United States, but the request was refused.
On May 17, 1875, in front of an estimated crowd of 10, 000 people, a field of 15 three-year-old horses contested the first Derby.
On April 20, 2012, Torvalds was declared one of two winners of that year's Millennium Technology Prize, together with Shinya Yamanaka for what is widely described as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the technology field.

On and goal
On October 22, 2008, the soccer team snapped a 201-game losing streak with a last-second goal against Cal Lutheran University, 1 – 0.
On 8 June 2007, during the 33rd G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Sarkozy set a goal of reducing French CO < sub > 2 </ sub > emissions by 50 % by 2050 in order to prevent global warming.
On 30 January 1918 General Mannerheim proclaimed to Russian soldiers in Finland that the White army did not fight against Russia: the goal of the White campaign was to beat the Finnish Red rebels and the Russian troops supporting them.
On February 17, 2011, IKEA announced its plans for a wind farm in Dalarna County, Sweden, furthering the furniture giant's goal of running on 100 percent renewable energy.
On 10 July 1941 Ribbentrop ordered General Eugen Ott, the German Ambassador to Japan to :" Go on with your efforts to bring about the earliest possible participation of Japan in the war against Russia ... The natural goal must be, as before, to bring about the meeting of Germany and Japan on the Trans-Siberian Railroad before winter sets in.
On the last day of the league season, his goal in a 1 – 0 away win over Chelsea gave Liverpool their 16th league title.
On 12 April 1884, the first international match was played at the ground between Wales and Ireland, when 5, 000 people watched Wales beat Ireland by 2 tries and a drop goal to nil.
On December 17, 1997, Microsoft and SGI initiated the Fahrenheit project, which was a joint effort with the goal of unifying the OpenGL and Direct3D interfaces ( and adding a scene-graph API too ).
On 26 November, the Sex Pistols ' " Anarchy in the U. K ." came out — with its debut single the band succeeded in its goal of becoming a " national scandal ".
On fourth down, kicker Fred Cox's 56-yard field goal attempt fell way short of the goal posts.
" On defense the Dolphins ' goal was to neutralize Chuck Foreman by using cat-quick Manny Fernandez at nose tackle and to make passing difficult for Tarkenton by double-teaming John Gilliam and knocking down his receivers.
On the next play, Herrera added a 43-yard field goal to increase the Dallas lead to 13-0.
On the first play after the missed field goal, Hughes recovered Denver tight end Riley Odoms's fumble at the Broncos 28-yard line.
On Buffalo's first play after the botched field goal attempt, Bills quarterback Jim Kelly gave Washington another chance to score by throwing an interception to Redskins safety Brad Edwards, who returned it 21 yards to the Bills 12-yard line.
On third down and eight from the 26-yard line, Williams could only gain 2 yards on a reverse play, forcing Dallas to settle for a 42-yard Chris Boniol field goal.
On the first play after the turnover, New England lineman Ferric Collons sacked Favre for a 10-yard loss, but running back Dorsey Levens rushed for 4 yards and caught a pass for 14 over the next two plays, setting up Chris Jacke's 37-yard field goal to make the score 10 – 0.
On the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV, Rams ' linebacker Mike Jones applies The Tackle to Titans receiver Kevin Dyson, who fell one yard short of the goal line.
On 14 December, 1960, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 ( XV ) under titled Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples provided for the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples in providing an inevitable legal linkage between self-determination and its goal of decolonisation, and a postulated new international law-based right of freedom also in economic self-determination.
On July 19, the FSLN army entered Managua, culminating the first goal of the Nicaraguan revolution.
On June 12, 1992, 154 nations signed the UNFCCC, that upon ratification committed signatories ' governments to a voluntary " non-binding aim " to reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases with the goal of " preventing dangerous anthropogenic interference with Earth's climate system ".
On December 13, 1648, the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony had ordered that the Colony's scattered militia companies be organized into North, South and East Regiments — with a goal of increasing the militias ' accountability to the colonial government, efficacy, and responsiveness in conflicts with indigenous Pequot Indians.

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