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On and successive
On 22 November 2008 Charlton suffered a 2 – 5 loss to Sheffield United at home, which meant that the club had gone eight successive games without a win and had slipped into the relegation zone — particularly disastrous considering they were among the pre-season favourites for promotion.
On a Stress roll, results of " 1 " and " 0 " have special meanings: a ONE is rerolled, and the result doubled ( additional " 1 " s lead to successive doublings: quadrupling, octupling, etc ; the final non -" 1 " being enlarged by the multiplier ); a ZERO is treated as a zero ( rather than a ten ), AND one or more additional d10 botch dice are rolled.
On June 12, 2006, President Néstor Kirchner brought into force the Defence Law, which had been passed in 1988 as a means to modernize the doctrine of the armed forces and define their role, though successive governments had failed to put it into effect.
On August 5, 2008, Colbert apologized to citizens of Canton, Kansas, then continued the running gag by directing his mock derision in successive weeks towards Canton, South Dakota and Canton, Texas.
On 13 February, reeling from his successive defeats, Blücher looked to disengage from Napoleon and instead manoeuvre with a part of his forces to fall upon the isolated Corps of Marshal Auguste de Marmont, who was defending Napoleon ’ s rear.
On these occasions ,” Chamberlain noted,a chosen circle of friends, mostly young, were favored with the freedom of her house, the rallying point being, however, the reading before publication, of the successive chapters of her Uncle Tom ’ s Cabin, and the frank discussion of them .” In 2001 Bowdoin College purchased the house, together with a newer attached building, and was able to raise the substantial funds necessary to restore the house.
From 1973 until 1983, the group would release a successive string of hit albums and singles on the R & B charts, becoming one of the few successful black groups to successfully cross over into the pop charts due to their mixture of soul, funk and rock thanks to the albums, 3 + 3 and The Heat Is On and also helped pioneer the quiet storm format with a string of ballads on their 1970s and 1980s albums.
After two successive Top 40 R & B singles, the ballad " In and Out of My Life " (# 22 US R & B ) and the Marvin Gaye cover, " Tear It On Down " (# 37 US R & B ), the group disbanded following a farewell concert, held at Detroit's Cobo Hall on December 21, 1972.
On the remains of the above structure was constructed a massive structure with at least three structural phases and three successive floors attached with it.
On straight track, the contact wire is zigzagged slightly to the left and right of centre at each successive support so that the pantograph wears evenly.
On a larger scale, this is consistent with a tradition of the Roman Republic ( which has always been an inspiration for the successive French Republics ), to give six months of dictatorial power to a citizen in case of an imminent danger of invasion.
On 12 March 2003, he was appointed manager of struggling Sunderland as an immediate replacement for Howard Wilkinson, who was sacked after six successive Premiership defeats left the club facing near-certain relegation.
On July 30, Billboard announced that the Black Eyed Peas set a record for the longest successive No. 1 chart run by a duo or group in the Billboard Hot 100's history.
On 16 July 1896, John Forrest introduced to Western Australian Parliament a bill to authorise the raising of a loan of £ 2. 5 million to construct the scheme: the pipeline would pump of water per day to the Goldfields from a dam on the Helena River near Mundaring Weir in Perth, pumped in eight successive stages through 330 miles ( 530 km ) of 30 inch ( 760 mm ) diameter pipe to the Mount Charlotte Reservoir in Kalgoorlie.
On 29 October 1989, he won the 1989 general election with 39. 6 % of the vote and 175 seats, his third successive mandate.
On the theme in the Canterbury Tales about freedom and sovereignty in marriage, the Franklin's Tale arguably explores three successive acts of conscience or gentilesse springing from rich human generosity: by Dorigen's husband, her suitor and the magician who cancels the debt owed to him.
On 22 September 2012, after Wycombe's third successive defeat, Waddock was sacked as manager with immediate effect.
On successive years, his students sought to recreate that experience of light and mystical revelation by kindling bonfires and studying the Zohar in the light of the flames.
On the collapse of Almohad rule in the 1230s Tlemcen became the capital of one of three successor states, the ( Ziyyanid ) kingdom of Tlemcen ( 1236-1554 ) and was ruled for centuries by successive Ziyyanid sultans.
On 13 August, by the successive deaths of his elder brothers without male issue, he succeeded to the baronetcy.
" On 31 May 2004, after almost a year of speculation, which included the club's well-publicized courting of Eriksson, he was finally relieved of his coaching duties at Chelsea, and his job went to José Mourinho, who had led Porto to successive European triumphs.
On the same day, Arsenal establish an eight-point lead at the top of the league and look all set for a second successive league title.
On successive days, he commits three impulsive acts of not-quite-unforgivable behavior in social situations, which are serious enough to damage his reputation, his business, and his relationship with his wife.
On each successive round the opponents are harder and quicker.

On and Sundays
On Sundays, with the permission of Captain Heard, who usually attended with two of his officers, services were held in the double cabin.
On Sundays he would walk miles into the campagna to visit with them, and in particular to see their horses.
On April 28, 2011 Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed legislation allowing local communities to vote on whether to allow alcohol sales on Sundays.
On November 8, 2011, voters in more than 100 Georgia cities and counties voted on a bill which would allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays.
At the end of the day, members met for meetings and had a curfew of 9 p. m. On Sundays, the members respected the " Holy day " and did no unnecessary work, but attended church services, singing groups, and other social activities.
On Sundays, church services were regularly held there-a practice that continued until after the Civil War.
On Saturdays and Sundays we'd have huge games, but nighttime became my time.
On Saturdays, the usual St. John Chrysostom is celebrated ; on Sundays the more solemn and penitential Divine Liturgy of St.
On the Saturdays, Sundays, and a number of weekdays during Great Lent, the service materials from the Triodion leave no room for the commemoration of the Saint of the day from the Menaion.
On Sundays and solemnities, three Scripture readings are given.
On Sundays and holidays there is a popular bird song competition.
On Sundays, people from San Jose would come to the Mission for services, until the building of St. Joseph's Church in 1803.
On Sundays, the anavathmoi are chanted according to the tone of the week ; on feast days which do not fall on Sunday, the Avavathmoi almost always consist of the first stasis in Tone 4 ( based on Psalm 128 ).
* On Sundays / public holidays, Arriva Southend depot runs routes 44 ( Lakeside-Grays ) and 150 ( Grays-Basildon ) and on Mondays-Saturdays Arriva operated the ' Basildon Direct ' route 5, from Lakeside to Southend.
On Saturdays and Sundays, though, most of them came to the hotel to eat, drink and dance to polkas played by local accordion players, and later to big band music on the hotel jukebox.
On Sundays, Sung Mass is offered in the morning at 11am and Compline ( Night Prayer ) and Benediction is sung congregationally to plainsong at 10pm.
On Sundays there is a practice at 09: 30 followed by Eucharist, then a further afternoon practice followed by Evensong which ends at 7pm.
On the weekends, the paper publishes the New Castle News Weekend, which is published on Saturday mornings and serves the entire weekend, giving the coupons normally seen in Sunday newspapers a day early since the paper doesn't publish on Sundays.
On Sundays the whole school gathers for a formal Sunday worship, and there are regular communion services throughout the term.
On Sundays, all students attended services at the local Anglican church.
On Sundays it is more around 20 million.
On Sundays, the non-stopping service does not run and the Grays via Rainham service is reduced to an hourly shuttle from Barking.
On Sundays, Hillsong London holds four church services throughout the day there.
On Sundays it is the Office most likely to bring the faithful together in church for the second time and thus becomingly completes the Divine Service for that day.

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