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On and Arctic
On the way to the fort, he defeated three ships of the Royal Navy in the Battle of Hudson's Bay, the largest naval battle in the history of the North American Arctic.
On August 2, 2007, a Russian scientific expedition Arktika 2007 made the first ever manned descent to the ocean bottom at the North Pole, to a depth of, as part of a research programme in support of Russia's 2001 extended continental shelf claim to a large swathe of the Arctic Ocean bottom.
* Mars On Earth: The Adventures of Space Pioneers in the High Arctic ( 2003 ).
On the east it is connected with the Atlantic Ocean by Hudson Strait ; on the north, with the Arctic Ocean by Foxe Basin ( which is not considered part of the bay ), and Fury and Hecla Strait.
On snow — even at concentrations below five parts per billion — dark carbon triggers melting, and may be responsible for as much as 94 percent of Arctic warming.
On the northern edge of the refuge is the Inupiat village of Kaktovik ( population 258 ) and on the southern boundary the Gwich ' in settlement of Arctic Village ( population 152 ).
On August 19, 2006, the Barrow Whalers of Barrow High School played the first official football game in the Arctic against Delta Junction High School.
On which every year is held the world's longest lasting ice golf tournament ; The Arctic Open!
On his return, he was given the command of the Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic expedition ( 1894 — 1897 ).
On Earth, the Arctic Circle is located at a latitude of N, and the Antarctic Circle is located at a latitude of S.
On the breeding grounds, Arctic and Red Foxes are major predators of eggs, while Great Skuas, Arctic Skuas and various species of Larus gulls ( including Great Black-backed Gulls and Glaucous Gulls ) are predators of both eggs and young.
: and for Supporters: On a compartment dexter of Land set with Arctic poppies, dwarf fireweed and Arctic heather proper sinister ice floes Argent set on barry wavy Azure and Argent dexter a caribou sinister a narwhal both proper.
On December 11, 2005, Coleman voted in favor of invoking cloture on, thus advancing, a defense appropriations bill that included oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
* Grant, Shelagh D. Arctic Justice On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923.
On 1 May 2007, LTU operated the first Arctic & North Pole Sightseeing Flight from continental Europe in aviation history for their charter customer Deutsche Polarflug.
On 30 March 2011, Rocard was on a visit to Stockholm, Sweden to attend an meeting regarding the Arctic Council and in an break at noon, he became ill and was taken to the Karolinska University Hospital.
On at least one occasion, an Antarctic minke whale has been confirmed migrating to the Arctic.
On the lower slopes of the Mellemlandet ridge, in close proximity to Narsarsuaq Airport, there is a unique ' botanical garden of the Arctic ', called Arboretum Groenlandicum.
On August 18, 2005, Canadian frigate left Halifax for an Arctic cruise.
* On the “ Polar Star ” in the Arctic Sea ( 1903 )
On 27 September in conditions of poor visibility, the Arctic collided with the French steamer Vesta, and sank with much loss of life, including Catherwood.
There are now seven galleries: the Harold Cantor Gallery ; Sheffield Life and Times ; History Lab ; Arctic World ; What On Earth!

On and Circle
On October 6, 2008, Heinz announced plans to acquire Golden Circle which " manufactures more than 500 products, including canned fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, drinks, cordials and jams.
On the other hand, places on the Antarctic Circle ( latitude 66. 56 ° south ) will see the Sun just on the horizon during midday, and all places south of it will not see the Sun above horizon at any time of the day.
On this second voyage Cook crossed three times into the Antarctic Circle to determine whether the fabled great southern continent existed.
On the day of the treaty-signing, Rary — once a minor spellcaster created and then discarded by Brian Blume, but now elevated by TSR to the Circle of Eight — attacked his fellow Circle members, aided and abetted by Robilar.
On 17 January 1773 the Antarctic Circle was crossed for the first time in history and the two ships reached by, where their course was stopped by ice.
On March 24, 1919, Karl Harrer ( a sports journalist and member of the Thule Society ) joined the DAP to increase the influence of the Thule Society over the DAP's activities, and the party name was changed to the " Political Workers ' Circle ".
On the Antarctic Circle these events occur, in principle, exactly once per year, at the December and June solstices respectively.
On 7 July 2005 two Circle line trains were bombed.
On May 11, 2007, He won the Drama League Award for distinguished performance for his portrayal of shock jock " Barry Champlain " in Talk Radio, and has received Tony, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Award nominations for the role.
On their 1985 album Wönderful, the Circle Jerks, an influential Los Angeles-based punk band, recorded a song entitled " Firebaugh ".
On Vistavia Circle between Clairmont Road & Mason Woods Drive.
Erickson, due to health and legal problems, and Tommy Hall were only involved with a few tracks, including " Livin ' On ," " Never Another ," " Dear Doctor Doom ," and " May the Circle Remain Unbroken ".
On 20 December 2011, her 1969 sculpture Two Forms ( Divided Circle ) was stolen, from its plinth in Dulwich Park, South London, by suspected scrap metal thieves.
On 13 April 1986, Graf won her first WTA tournament and beat Evert for the first time in the final of the Family Circle Cup in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
On the District Line and Circle Line it is between High Street Kensington and Bayswater stations.
After ConocoPhillips abandoned the marketing of the Mobil brand name in the Washington, DC, area, Sunoco purchased these rights, and has since been converting Maryland and Virginia Mobil stations to the Sunoco brand, bringing the A-Plus convenience store with them – prior to this, these stations had convenience stores under the Circle K or On the Run brands.
On 11 March 1945, " The Moonstone " was episode number 67 of the radio series, The Weird Circle.
In 1996, his book The Castle of Indolence: On Poetry, Poets, and Poetasters was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and in 1999, Disch won the Nonfiction Hugo for The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of, a meditation on the impact of science fiction on our culture, as well as the Michael Braude Award for Light Verse.
On the heels of this massive success, Miller took a long hiatus from recording and touring, emerging in 1981 with Circle of Love.
On 6 October 1884, the final section of the Inner Circle was opened along with Cannon Street station.
On the Northern and Bakerloo lines, the station is between Waterloo and Charing Cross stations ; on the Circle and District lines, it is between Westminster and Temple and is in Travelcard Zone 1.

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