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On and contrary
On the contrary it is my duty to make my own decision as between the two ''.
On the contrary, the frenzy and furor of combat is only the sombre foil against which the sudden illuminations of the human flash forth with the piercing radiance of a Caravaggio.
On the contrary, he was pleased that his face showed a neglect of several days.
On the contrary, if this be an apocalyptic era as is commonly said, we see it as an era of opportunity.
On the contrary, there are fewer colds and smaller doctor bills.
On the contrary, even in the heart of `` the Bible belt '' itself, as can be attested by any one who is called to work there, the industrial and technological revolutions have long been under way, together with the corresponding changes in man's picture of himself and his world.
On the contrary, Miss Mao and Mr. Fuller chose many of their arrangements from the works of composers such as Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Canteloube, Copland and Britten.
On the contrary, the old plays are continually being reinterpreted, and each new production of a classic has only a brief history at the Comedie.
On the contrary, it would only weaken his position if he fumed, while she stayed calm and adamant.
On the contrary, the observations are dependent!
On the contrary, he must acknowledge, if he will acknowledge anything, that all human life must perish, were his principles universally and steadily to prevail.
On 22 November 2007, the Nigerian Senate rejected the transfer, since the Green Tree Agreement ceding the area to Cameroon was contrary to Section 12 ( 1 ) of the 1999 Constitution.
On the contrary, they are typical social phenomena.
On the contrary, many exothermic reactions such as crystallization occur at low temperatures.
On the contrary, many ions with high oxidation numbers, such as,,,, ) can gain one or two extra electrons and are strong oxidizing agents.
On the contrary, as modern scholarship has abundantly demonstrated, the Halakhah has grown and developed through changing times and diverse circumstances.
A quote from the Book of Esther, which says: " On the contrary " ( hebrew: ונהפוך הוא ) is the reason that wearing a costume has become so popular among the Jews on this holiday.
On the contrary, quiescent prominences are large, cool dense structures which are observed as dark, " snake-like " Hα ribbons ( filaments ) on the solar disc.
On the contrary, advertisers cannot market their products as “ better ” as it is a comparative term, and a claim of superiority.
On the contrary, orthodoxy refers exclusively to method.
On the contrary, high Reynolds numbers indicate that the inertial forces are more significant than the viscous ( friction ) forces.
It has been said that audience members would get so boisterous in the boxes, that actors would sometimes break character and yell something such as, “ keep it down in there !” On the contrary, there were audience members who could not physically handle the brutality of the actions taking place on stage.
On the contrary, eukaryotes have the feature of exon-intron organization of protein coding genes ; the variation of repetitive DNA content in eukaryotes is also extremely high.
On the contrary, they belong rather to the humbler epico-lyrical school for which Homer has been so often claimed.
On the contrary, Rousseau holds that " uncorrupted morals " prevail in the " state of nature " and he especially praised the admirable moderation of the Caribbeans in expressing the sexual urge despite the fact that they live in a hot climate, which " always seems to inflame the passions ".

On and Near
On July 12, 1967 the Secretary of State announced that the U. S. position on the Near East crisis was outlined in the President's statement of June 19 and that it provided the basis for a just and equitable settlement between the Arab states and Israel.
His books of poetry include Poems 1913 and 1914 ( 1914 ); Poems Translated from the French ( 1914 ); Three Poems ( 1916 ); The Barn ( 1916 ); The Silver Bird of Herndyke Mill ; Stane Street ; The Gods of the World Beneath, ( 1916 ); The Harbingers ( 1916 ); Pastorals ( 1916 ); The Waggoner and Other Poems ( 1920 ); The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War ( 1922 ); Old Homes ( 1922 ); To Nature: New Poems ( 1923 ); Dead Letters ( 1923 ); Masks of Time: A New Collection of Poems Principally Meditative ( 1925 ); Japanese Garland ( 1928 ); Retreat ( 1928 ); Winter Nights: A Reminiscence ( 1928 ); Near and Far: New Poems ( 1929 ); A Summer's Fancy ( 1930 ); To Themis: Poems on Famous Trials ( 1931 ); Constantia and Francis: An Autumn Evening, ( 1931 ); Halfway House: A Miscellany of New Poems, ( 1932 ); Choice or Chance: New Poems ( 1934 ); Verses: To H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor, ( 1936 ); An Elegy and Other Poems ( 1937 ); On Several Occasions ( 1938 ); Poems, 1930-1940 ( 1940 ); Shells by a Stream ( 1944 ); After the Bombing, and Other Short Poems ( 1949 ); Eastward: A Selection of Verses Original and Translated ( 1950 ); Records of Friendship ( 1950 ); A Hong Kong House ( 1959 ); Poems on Japan ( 1967 ).
On its north-west edge lies the 32 km wide Aristarchus ray crater, which is considered as the brightest feature on the Near side of the Moon.
On occasion, White also plays other instruments, such as a Black Gibson F-4 mandolin (" Little Ghost "), piano ( on most tracks from Get Behind Me Satan, and various others ), and an electric piano on such tracks as " The Air Near My Fingers " and " I'm Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman ".
On the IUCN " Red List of Threatened Species ," the Kirtland's Warbler was classified as Vulnerable to extinction since 1994, but was downlisted to Near Threatened in 2005 due to its encouraging recovery.
On November 20 a conference of representatives of the Allies, Turkey, and Greece was opened at Lausanne for the purpose of the revision of the Sèvres Treaty and the final settlement of the Near Eastern problem.
* On Tomales Bay: Echa-kolum, Shotommo-wi ( near the mouth of San Antonio Creek ), Sakloki ( opposite Tomales Point, Dillon Beach area ), Utumia ( Near present-day town of Tomales.
On 22 August 1917, Roosevelt was appointed an honorary captain in the British Army, and saw hard fighting in the Near East, later transferring to the United States Army.
Near the casino is the " Hotel Palácio " ( Palace Hotel ), a 5-star hotel where scenes of the James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service were shot.
On May 10, 2002, the CIA ’ s Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Analysis ( NESA ) in the Directorate of Intelligence ( DI ) prepared a Principals Committee briefing book updating the status of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction ( WMD ) programs.
On April 20, 2004, the double disc set The End is < s > Near </ s > Here was released for retail and included the studio album and the final performance.
On this double disc set the first disc and the live second disc are titled The End is Near and The End is Here respectively.
In 1852 he exhibited an oil painting, On the Teme Near Ludlow, at the Royal Academy.
Near him, and reclining upon cushions, are two Circassian women, also dressed in the extremity of Oriental taste ... On the right is seen a tall Nubian eunuch, who removes from the shoulders of an Egyptian slave the shawl by which she had been covered, in order to show her to the master of the harem ; this figure with her high shoulders and the characteristics of her features, is a most successful national impersonation.
* Report On The Collision That Occurred On 4 December 1957 Near Lewisham In The Southern Region British Railways ( 2. 2 Mb )
Written in 1996, " Near Fantastica " was originally stated by Good to have been musically similar to " Suburbia " ( from Beautiful Midnight ) and vocally similar to " Every Name Is My Name " ( from Last of the Ghetto Astronauts ) On Avalanche the lyrics were altered slightly from those Good posted online in 1999.
Reliance Steel Plant Billionaire Anil Ambani-promoted Reliance Infrastructure has identified three potential sites in Jharkhand for setting up the Rs 40, 000-crore, 12 million tonne integrated greenfield steel project in which most appropriate and final location is Bokaro ( On NH-32, Near Damodar Bridge ).
On March 18, 2005, Welch was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs .< ref >
Chendamangalam is an important center of hand loom weaving and coir manufacturing. Near the Krishna temple on one side tipu sultans cave and on either side Arabs cemetery. On the riverside a group of huge rocks known as ' ANAPARA ' is the main highlight. the kunnathuthali temples were constructed 400years ago.
On January 30, 1969, President Richard Nixon appointed him assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs.
CP's police and army moved to Alleppy and on 27th oct Vaylar witnessed another mass uprising and 150 people were killed on the spot. On the same day 130 people were killed in different locations of Alleppy by police shoot out. According to prof. A shreedharamenon's ' Kerala History ' Near about 1000 people died in Punnappara Vyalar Agitation.
On February 26, 2009 he was found unresponsive in his apartment on Chicago's Near West Side.
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