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On and day's
On the morning of September 10, 1895, Powell and Ross rose at dawn and began their day's work.
On the final day's play there was time for just four more runs from Botham before Willis was out and Botham was left on 149 not out.
On January 28, 1986, he planned to give his address, but after learning of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, he postponed it for a week and addressed the nation on the day's events.
On the night of July 2, Longstreet did not follow his usual custom of meeting Gen. Lee at his headquarters to discuss the day's battle, claiming that he was too fatigued to make the ride.
On Durin's Day, when the setting sun and the last moon of autumn were in the sky together, the day's last sunlight would fall on the door and expose its keyhole so that it could be unlocked.
On July 30, 1918, Kilmer volunteered to accompany Major William " Wild Bill " Donovan ( later, in World War II, the founder of the Office of Strategic Services — forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency ) when Donovan's Battalion ( 1 – 165th Infantry ) was sent to lead the day's attack.
On 28 January the group attempted to recapture the previous day's performance and recorded several new takes each including the coda.
On 30 June, Friedrich's First Army advanced to within one day's march of the Second Army.
On the third day, the final 2 rubbers are typically reverse singles, in which the first-day contestants usually play again, but they swap opponents from the first day's singles rubbers.
On the evening of 5 October 1936 the Jarrow marchers stopped at the town centre after their first day's walk.
On 9 November 1989, shortly before that day's press conference, Schabowski was handed a note that said that East Berliners would be allowed to cross the border with proper permission but given no further instructions on how to handle the information.
On television, brief highlights from one of the day's games were featured on BBC Wales ' sports results programme Wales on Saturday whilst the BBC also provided a 30-minute highlights programme for Welsh-language broadcaster, S4C, entitled " Y Clwb Pêl-droed ".
* On 5 April 1948, Vickers Viking G-AIVP operating that day's scheduled flight from RAF Northolt via Hamburg to RAF Gatow in Berlin collided during its approach to RAF Gatow with a Soviet Air Force Yakovlev Yak-3 fighter which had been flying dangerously close while performing aerobatics in the area at the time.
On September 28, 2008, the paper distributed a DVD of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West as an advertising supplement for that day's edition, two weeks after The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer and The Miami Herald had done the same thing.
On Mondays during the football season, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, a former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback ( a. k. a. " Jaws " and " the Polish Rifle "-the latter usually rendered in a Howard Cosell-like voice ), is usually the guest, to offer analysis of the previous day's games and a prediction for the Monday Night Football game that night.
On March 16, 2009, the newspaper posted a headline on its front page, followed shortly after by a short news story, that explained that the following day's edition would be its final one in print.
On small farms there was insufficient milk from a single day to make a cheese, and so each day's milk was curdled and accumulated for several days until there was enough curd to make a cheese.
On the second day at Gettysburg, the brigade was only engaged in skirmishing, but in the third day's battle, it participated in the famous Pickett's Charge.
On September 17, thousands of people attended the Constitution Day rally in defiance of the previous day's attack.
On 29 August he informed Walsingham: " There is not any of them that hath one day's victuals, and many them have sent many sick men ashore here, and not one penny to relieve them ... It were too pitiful to have men starve after such a service.
On May 22, 2009, WGN announced that the Kathy and Judy Show was being canceled at the end of that day's show.
On 20 February 2007, Real Madrid were forced to deny rumours that Capello would be leaving after that day's match.
On April 19, 2009, Timlin was honored by the Red Sox, who had him throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the day's game and declared it " Mike Timlin Day " at Fenway Park.
On that day's program, seven members of the audience appeared to faint during the broadcast, which was seen live in New York.

On and schedule
On March 22, 2011 Intel reaffirmed its commitment to Itanium with multiple generations of chips in development and on schedule.
On March 23, the Saints announced that the team's two 2006 preseason games were to be played at Shreveport, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi. After a $ 185 million renovation of the historic stadium, on April 6 the Saints released their 2006 schedule, with all home games scheduled to be played at the Superdome.
On 19 June, Nurmi tried out the 1924 Olympic schedule by running the 1, 500 m and the 5, 000 m inside an hour, setting new world records for both distances.
On satellite, channels that devote at least some of their program schedule to post-syndication reruns include Nick at Nite, TV Land, TBS, USA Network, WGN America, TV Guide Network, The Hub, Game Show Network, Boomerang, Nicktoons Network, INSP, RFD-TV, and the Hallmark Channel ; on terrestrial digital television otherwise-vacant subchannels may be used to carry Retro Television Network, Antenna TV, Me-TV, This TV or PBJ.
On August 2, 2007, McCormick Place officials opened yet another addition to the complex, the West Building, also designed by tvsdesign and costing $ 882 million and completed 8 months ahead of schedule.
On June 30, 2009 ground controllers sent commands to switch to its low gain antennae which ceased communications with the spacecraft along with previous commands to schedule the shut down of its transmitter entirely.
In March 2009, Fujitsu announced that it had decided to convert FDK Corporation, at that time an equity-method affiliate, to a consolidated subsidiary from May 1, 2009 ( tentative schedule ) by subscribing to a private placement to increase FDK's capital. FDK On April 1, 2009, Fujitsu agreed to acquire Siemens ' stake in Fujitsu Siemens Computers for approximately EUR450m.
On 27 January 1973, after the signing of the Vietnam agreement in Paris, Laird suspended the draft, five months ahead of schedule.
On 11 November 2009, The Guardian reported that the BBC had adapted Money for television as part of their early 2010 schedule for BBC 2.
On August 31, 2009 – on schedule and on budget – Opelika ’ s new state-of-the-art Sportsplex & Aquatics Center opened its doors to the public.
On March 6, trains began running on schedule to Scranton on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad.
On December 16, 1884, U. S. president Chester Arthur opened the Fair via telegraph ( two weeks behind schedule ).
On August 15, 1992, the channel extended its Saturday schedule to 6 a. m. to 10 p. m.
On June 29, 2006, Abrams announced a revamp to MSNBC's early-primetime and primetime schedule.
On the advice of his friends, Sam approaches a high-powered lawyer, Rita Harrison ( Michelle Pfeiffer ), whose brusque manner, fast-paced schedule and difficult personal life have earned her a reputation as cold and unfeeling.
On August 12, 2011, Cinemax launched its original programming content outside of the licensed Max After Dark programming, with the addition of action-oriented series targeted at males 18-49, to its primetime schedule ; on that date, Cinemax debuted its first mainstream original program, the U. S. premiere of the British action series Strike Back ( first-run episodes of the series aired by Cinemax during its 2011 season were from the show's second season, the series originally debuted on Sky1 in the United Kingdom, which Home Box Office, Inc ./ Cinemax partnered with to produce the series after the conclusion of its first season, in 2010 ).
The schedule spans the decades, from The Goon Show ( 1950s ) and Round the Horne ( 1960s ), through Radio 2 favourites like The News Huddlines, Castle's On The Air and Listen to Les to recent Radio 4 shows such as Little Britain and Dead Ringers.
On August 10, 2010, the bankruptcy judge rejected Washington Mutual Inc .' s effort to obtain personal financial information from shareholders demanding that the company schedule an annual meeting.
On 1 October 2007 Sky introduced another new schedule, extending Kay Burley's Lunchtime Live programme and renaming it Afternoon Live.
On August 31, 2007, Apple announced that programs on NBC's 2007-08 television schedule would not be available on iTunes.
The late night schedule was completely revamped, with the launch of News 2 — a tailored bulletin for young people — followed by a talk show, Later On 2.
On 15 December 2008 the channel announced that long running show Power Lunch Europe would be removed from the schedule and be replaced, in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland only, with a 12-week run of Strictly Money, a new programme focussing specifically on UK issues.
On hiatus for several years, it is scheduled to return in 2013, as the Vandals now struggle to fill out their schedule.
On 1st September, 2011, the South African feed will replace the Discovery Travel & Living channel on TopTV by TLC with an all-new schedule.

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