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On and day
On a bitterly cold day in January, 1895, accompanied only by Neal Brown as his deputy, Tilghman left the township of Guthrie and headed for Rock Fort and Dunn's ranch.
On Fridays, the day when many Persians relax with poetry, talk, and a samovar, people do not, it is true, stream into Chehel Sotun -- a pavilion and garden built by Shah Abbas 2, in the seventeenth century -- but they do retire into hundreds of pavilions throughout the city and up the river valley, which are smaller, more humble copies of the former.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
On the very day that the parliamentary session began, another `` Infamous Libel '' appeared, entitled A Letter From The Facetious Dr. Andrew Tripe, At Bath, To The Venerable Nestor Ironside.
On that cold, but bright, April day we were guests of your government in the reviewing stand of Red Square to witness the poeple's celebration for Yuri Gagarin and later on that day we attended the somewhat more exclusive reception for him in one of the impressive palaces of the Kremlin.
On the fateful day in 1896 when the great waves approached Japan, fishermen at sea noticed no unusual swells.
On that first day, Blanche literally thought she was going to die, or, at the very least, go out of her mind.
On Thursday, the first day of the Masters, the contest between Palmer and Player developed instantly.
On Friday, a day as cloudless and lovely as Thursday had been gray and ugly, the plot of the tournament came clearly into focus.
On this day the wind had switched 180-degrees from the northwest to the southeast, and nearly every shot on the course was different from the previous few days.
On microfilm, headquarters also has a file of the New York Times from its founding in 1851 to the present day, as well as bound volumes of important periodicals.
On my first Guy Fawkes Day here, I found Catholics as well as non-Catholics celebrating with the traditional fireworks and bonfires, and was told that most Englishmen either do not know or are not concerned with the historical significance of the day.
On top of everything else they were two months behind on their apartment rent, and the day Wally received written notice that he was fired, they were evicted.
On June 12, 1776, a day after appointing a committee to prepare a draft of the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress resolved to appoint a committee of 13 to prepare a draft of a constitution for a union of the states.
" On July 27, 1868, the day before the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted, U. S. Congress declared in the preamble of the Expatriation Act that " the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ," and ( Section I ) one of " the fundamental principles of this government " ( United States Revised Statutes, sec.
" On April 10, 1833, the family moved to Philadelphia, where Alcott ran a day school.
On the same day he admits before the nation that he " misled people " about the relationship.
On his death Charlemagne's remains were interred in the cathedral and can be seen there to this day.
On the day that the Circus Games occurred, Caligula had a statue made of Agrippina ’ s image to be paraded in a covered carriage at the Games.
On the day that Agrippina married her uncle Claudius as her third husband / his fourth wife, she became an Empress and the most powerful woman in the Roman Empire.
On the day of the funeral, Peter sent Alexei a stern letter, urging him to take interest in the affairs of the state.
On the day before the Thesea at Athens there were annual sacrifices to the Amazons.
On 15 April, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants were pumped into the spacecraft, while the astronauts rested in anticipation of their launch the next day.

On and wife's
In a note prefixed to the Collected Edition of his wife's poems, Robert Browning tells us that " On the early death of his father, he ( Edward Moulton ) was brought from Jamaica to England when a very young child, as ward to the late Chief Baron Lord Abinger, then Mr. Scarlett, whom he frequently accompanied in his post-chaise when on pursuit.
He was unable to write poetry for months because of his anguish over his wife's death, but eventually he composed, inspired by Petrarch, the sonnet Op de dood van Sterre ( On the death of Sterre ), which was well received.
On 2 July, he suffered a heart attack and, surrounded by his family, he died in his wife's arms.
On 26 August 1978, two days after his wife's death from cancer, and two days before his own 79th birthday, Boyer committed suicide with an overdose of Seconal while at a friend's home in Scottsdale.
On May 16, 2008, former President Bill Clinton made an appearance at Playhouse in the Park to speak about his wife's ( Hillary Clinton ) presidency campaign.
On " Uncle Freddie " ( from The Jerky Boys album ), Kissel reveals his wife's name before he begins arguing with the person who answered the phone about whether Uncle Freddie had died ( voiced by Johnny Brennan ).
On his return to Britain, Elgin, finding that he could not get the British Museum to pay what he was asking for the marbles, sued his wife's lover for an appropriately high sum.
On 21 January 1815 Louis XVI and his wife's remains were re-buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis where in 1816 his brother, King Louis XVIII, had a funerary monument erected by Edme Gaulle.
" On other occasions, he claimed that Felix had been inspired by Rudyard Kipling's " The Cat that Walked by Himself " or by his wife's love for strays.
Richard Bagwell in the DNB article states " On the other hand, it may be thought suspicious that Sir Robert Loftus refused to join in his wife's suit against his father ".
On the recommendation of General Monck and Cooper's wife's uncle, Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton, Charles appointed Cooper to his privy council on 27 May 1660. Cooper took advantage of the Declaration of Breda and was formally pardoned for his support of the English Commonwealth on 27 June 1660.
On his wife's death, the collection passed to the Pollock's Toy Museum Trust.
On September 11, 2009, Jaffer was stopped late at night by the Ontario Provincial Police, while he was traveling at a rate of 93 km / h in a 50 km / h zone, on Regional Road 50 in town of Palgrave, Ontario, located close to his wife's riding.
On 19 May 2004 the Court of Appeal denied Ingram leave to appeal against his conviction and upheld his sentence but agreed to quash his wife's fine and prosecution costs.
On March 3, 2011, Grandy resigned from the program allegedly over a dispute about his and his wife's statements about radical Islam.
On his return, he learnt of his wife's death, and this event, with other influences acting upon his naturally pious spirit, decided him to enter the church.
On June 2, his wife's birthday, Huff hit three home runs and drove in a career-high six runs in the Giants ' 12 – 7 win over the St. Louis Cardinals.
On 28 June 1729 he married Frances Scudamore ( born 14 August 1711 – died 16 February 1750 ), the only daughter and heir of James Scudamore, 3rd Viscount Scudamore and took his wife's name by an Act of Parliament a year later.
" On the cover, the songwriter is pictured with his wife's painting of his chambray " work shirt ," customary attire emblematic of his values.
On the trip, Willis learned that despite knowing that he would be freed in five years, Bishop intended to buy his and his wife's and son's freedom and move to Liberia, a plan which never materialized.
On the advice of his parents, von Kammacher leaves Denmark to gain some respite from his wife's illness.
On 7 November 1924 Lloyd-Greame changed his surname to Cunliffe-Lister so as to be able to inherit property from his wife's family.
On January 4, 1990, the Tobin Bridge became infamous as the site where Charles Stuart, who was becoming the prime suspect in his pregnant wife's murder, committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.
On his wife's advice he saw a doctor who diagnosed physical fatigue and recommended a restful holiday, but in the middle of the season Barrington refused.

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