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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 338
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

On and face
On the eve of the `` great debate '' on the proposal to give the President broad powers to make across-the-board tariff concessions which could practically bring us into the Atlantic Community, we should face the alternatives on this proposition.
On the contrary, he was pleased that his face showed a neglect of several days.
On such occasions he had not had the courage to look at the face above the hand, whatever face it might be.
On all sides doors were being slammed in his face.
On its face this merely provides a federal forum ; ;
On the bare floorboards a man lay face down.
On one occasion, Galba's mother-in-law gave Agrippina, in a whole bevy of married women, a public reprimand and a slap in the face.
On the opening date of Lollapalooza in 1995, Love notoriously got into a physical fight backstage with Kathleen Hanna and punched her in the face.
On November 1, 2007, Valderrama accused a referee of corruption by waving cash in the face of Oscar Julian Ruiz when the official awarded a penalty to América de Cali.
On the news of the killing of his son, the enraged Gallienus started gathering forces to face the usurper.
On his gravestone is written: " May your spirit live, May you spend millions of years, You who love Thebes, Sitting with your face to the north wind, Your eyes beholding happiness " and " O night, spread thy wings over me as the imperishable stars ".
On December 31, 2001, he was transferred to the USS Bataan, where he was held until January 22, 2002, when he was flown off the Bataan to begin the journey back to the United States to face criminal charges.
On a stone slab a face appears which Lupo talks to.
On 7 December, a baby was born with a fleece, which enveloped it from its head to its knees, leaving only its face, arms and lower part of its legs free.
* On the TV show Smash, Eileen Rand ( Anjelica Huston ) has a habit of throwing a Manhattan in her ex-husband's face every time she sees him.
On the other hand, some algorithms, typically those that don't index, require only sequential access, such as mergesort, and face no penalty.
On the reverse side of each piece, other than the king and gold general, are one or two other characters, in amateur sets often in a different colour ( usually red ); this side is turned face up during play to indicate that the piece has been promoted.
On those with a weaker immune system, the host becomes a more fertile breeding ground for the mites, which spread over the host's body, except the face.
On the two longer elevations they are flush with the face of the façade and imply heaviness and support, but on the shorter sides they are set back giving a floating effect that emphasises the horizontal feeling of the house.
On March 24, 1961, Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall warned Marshall to hire black players or face federal retribution.
On various occasions, commemorative coins are minted, often using gold and silver with face values as high as 100, 000 yen.
On lighter to medium skin tones, solar lentigenes emerge as small-to medium-sized brown patches of freckling that can grow and accumulate over time on areas of the body that receive the most unprotected sun exposure, such as the back of the hands, forearms, chest, and face.
On 6 June 1944, in the face of great adversity, the NCDUs at Omaha Beach managed to blow eight complete gaps and two partial gaps in the German defenses.

On and is
On Fridays, the day when many Persians relax with poetry, talk, and a samovar, people do not, it is true, stream into Chehel Sotun -- a pavilion and garden built by Shah Abbas 2, in the seventeenth century -- but they do retire into hundreds of pavilions throughout the city and up the river valley, which are smaller, more humble copies of the former.
On the one hand, he does not work for a large agency, but is almost always self-employed.
In answer to a New York Times query on what is fame ( `` Thoughts On Fame '', October 23, 1960 ), Carl said: `` Fame is a figment of a pigment.
On April 11th he wrote an open letter in The Advocate, making it known `` to the world that Jas. W. Robinson is by his own admission a base liar and a slanderer ''.
On the contrary it is my duty to make my own decision as between the two ''.
On the other hand, the consensus of opinion is that, used with caution and in conjunction with other types of evidence, the native sources still provide a valid rough outline for the English settlement of southern Britain.
On the other hand, the bright vision of the future has been directly stated in science fiction concerned with projecting ideal societies -- science fiction, of course, is related, if sometimes distantly, to that utopian literature optimistic about science, literature whose period of greatest vigor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries produced Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and H. G. Wells's A Modern Utopia.
On the contrary, the frenzy and furor of combat is only the sombre foil against which the sudden illuminations of the human flash forth with the piercing radiance of a Caravaggio.
On a team a man feels he is a part of it and akin to the men next to him.
On the other hand, it is no interference with sovereignty to point out defects where they exist, such as that a plan calls for factories without power to run them, or for institutions without trained personnel to staff them.
On the ground floor the radiation would be about half what it is outside.
On the other hand, the new authority of $3,825 million proposed for missile procurement ( excluding research and construction ) in 1961 is $581 million higher than for 1960.
On the contrary, if this be an apocalyptic era as is commonly said, we see it as an era of opportunity.
On those rare occasions when a faculty member on tenure is not meeting the standards of the institution, the president must also bear the ultimate burden of decision and action.
Torrid Freight ( Torrid-Breeze On Hal ) is a very rugged, strong-made colt with a wonderful stride who has done with ease everything asked of him.
On most drill presses, it is impossible to get the exact speed, but you can come close by adjusting the drive belt on the step-cone pulleys.
Chapter 8, is entitled `` On Magnetism '' and in it are included such remarks as, `` One has always been tempted to compare the magnetic forces with the electrical forces.
On the other hand, the process of obsoleting an old product and introducing the new one is usually mighty expensive.
On this first venture the central storage is 20,000 gallons, in two tanks, or an average of 400 gallons for each of the 50 homes.
On this, she builds an `` egg compartment '' or `` egg cell '' which is filled with that famous pollen-and-nectar mixture called beebread.
On the basis of its life history, we like to think that Andrena is more primitive than the bumblebees.
On chemical grounds it seems most likely that iodide is first converted to Af and then to Af as the active iodinating species.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored.

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