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On and good
On net balance, in spite of Controller Gerosa's opposition to the new Charter as an invasion of his office, the Controller will have the opportunity for greater usefulness to good government than he has now.
On the other hand, in a more favorable vein, general business activity should receive some stimulus from rising Federal spending, and the reduction in business inventories has probably run a good part of its course.
On that view, nothing good or bad happened in the case until I came on the scene and made my remark.
On the other hand, to greet them with delight would convert what before was neutral into something good ; ;
On this side of the Bay, Miami Beach cops had no more legal rights than any ordinary citizen, and Shayne's pistol permit was just as good as theirs.
On an impulse, she turned back and said good morning.
On the other hand, it is quite possible for this anchor to find such a good hook that, without a trip line from the crown, it is impossible to retrieve.
On more than one occasion, Judge told the writers that one of their ideas for an episode of King of the Hill would work well for Beavis and Butt-Head ; eventually he concluded, " Maybe we should just actually make some good Beavis and Butt-Head episodes.
On the supply side, Brazil's arms exports were designed for developing world markets and were noted for their high quality, easy maintenance, good performance in adverse conditions, and low cost.
On his father's final years and death, Chaplin's son Eugene stated in a 2002 interview that " Up to the age of 85 he was in really good health.
On human nature, Boethius says that humans are essentially good and only when they give in to “ wickedness ” do they “ sink to the level of being an animal .” On justice, he says criminals are not to be abused, rather treated with sympathy and respect, using the analogy of doctor and patient to illustrate the ideal relationship between prosecutor and criminal.
On the other hand, " Her grades are so good that she's either very bright or studies hard " allows for the possibility that the person is both bright and works hard.
On the other hand, other properties, such as being good and being right, are not so obvious.
On proving to be a good nurse, she was allowed to attend an outpatients ’ clinic, then her first operation.
* On October 4, 1906, the Carlisle Indians beat Susquehanna University 40 – 0, as " the forward pass was used for a number of good gains.
On the other hand, cheap calls are usually not considered to be throwing good money away, especially when calling an unknown player.
On Moore's view, " intuitions " revealed not the rightness or wrongness of specific actions, but only what things were good in themselves, as ends to be pursued.
On the one and the same account they glorify them and they degrade and diminish them ; yes, further, they openly condemn them to disgrace and civil degradation ; they keep them religiously excluded from council chamber, rostrum, senate, knighthood, and every other kind of office and a good many distinctions.
On some shows contestants compete against other players or another team while other shows involve contestants playing alone for a good outcome or a high score.
On the other hand, he retained their traits of good manners, articulateness, punctuality, modesty, and a dislike of being touched.
On some islands, major rivers provide a key transportation link in the absence of good roads.
On the other hand Ellington's friend Earl Hines's twenty solo " transformative versions " of Ellington compositions were described by Ben Ratliff, the New York Times jazz critic, as " as good an example of the jazz process as anything out there.
" On June 10, 2009, on the topic of Voight's fundraiser speech, Glenn Beck told Voight in a radio interview: " It's good not to be alone.

On and side
On the downstream, or `` pavilion '', side these vaults give out onto terraces twice as wide as the bridge itself.
On his father's side he was of German descent, on his mother's he came of the old Swedish nobility.
`` On each side of the Hoogli, where we are now sailing, are the Hindoo cottages, as thick together as the houses in our seaports.
On the social side, the chore Mama had at the formal receptions at the White House thrilled her the most.
On Christmas Eve, students brought out two small Christmas trees which I placed on either side of the tent.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
Even so, it adds up to impossible odds, except that the question arises, On whose side would the Mainland Chinese army fight??
On the other side of the church was a quiet, well-kept house with shutters and recently painted.
On the east side of the island of Manhattan the indifferent hawk knew the East River that connected New York Bay with Long Island Sound.
On the other side of the Golden Horn I rode through Eminonu Square, with Yeni Cami, or the New Mosque, which dates from the Seventeenth Century, just across from the entrance to the bridge.
On each side of the motor well there's storage for battery, bumpers, line and spare props with six-gallon gas tanks below.
On C, from the point P at Af to the point Q at Af, we construct the chord, and upon the chord as a side erect a square in such a way that as S approaches zero the square is inside C.
On the one side we have the university professors and their students, trained in Teutonic methods of research, who have sought out, collected and studied the true products of the oral traditions of the ethnic, regional and occupational groups that make up this nation.
On the other side of the ledger is the fact that he did see his niece and the woman with whom she was staying.
On his side of the road there were two farm hands, well back in a field, leaning against a plow.
On the negative side of the balance sheet must be set some disappointment that the United States leadership has not been as much in evidence as hoped for.
More: On the free world side.
On the positive side, recent Federal action has largely undermined the legal sanction so long enjoyed by the segregationist position ; ;
`` On the side toward the horizon -- the southern hemisphere -- it is spring ; ;
" On the biological or physical side, human measurements, genetic samples, nutritional data may be gathered and published as articles or monographs.
On the surface of the ground or in water they move by undulating their body from side to side.
On September 13, 1861, in view of the decision of the Kentucky legislature to side with the Union after the occupation of Columbus by Polk, Johnston ordered Brig.
On the opposite side of the continent,

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