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On and hit
On some early versions of the game, it was also possible to hide the ship in the score area indefinitely without being hit by asteroids.
On September 11, 2001, Nami boarded United 93 and assisted in the hijacking of the plane, which crashed into a field in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after a passenger uprising, due to the passengers receiving information from their families of the 3 other hijacked planes that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
* OBP — On base percentage: times reached base ( H + BB + HBP ) divided by at bats plus walks plus hit by pitch plus sacrifice flies ( AB + BB + HBP + SF ).
On August 18, 1967, Red Sox batter Tony Conigliaro was hit almost directly in the left eye by a fastball thrown by Jack Hamilton of the California Angels.
On April 6, 2006, in a case arising from a game involving community college baseball teams, the Supreme Court of California ruled that baseball players in California assume the risk of being hit by baseballs even if the balls were intentionally thrown so as to cause injury.
On their turn, players must choose whether to " hit " ( take a card ), " stand " ( end their turn ), " double " ( double wager, take a single card and finish ), " split " ( if the two cards have the same value, separate them to make two hands ) or " surrender " ( give up a half-bet and retire from the game ).
On February 1, 1999, Barış Manço died of a sudden heart attack before the release of his just finished last work Mançoloji ( Mançology or Manchology ) ( 1999 ), a double album containing the new recordings of his hit songs along with an unfinished instrumental song " 40.
" The year 1979 saw the Commodores score another Top Five ballad hit, " Sail On ", before reaching the top of the charts once again with another ballad, " Still ".
The single " People Hold On " became another UK Top 20 hit.
On August 10, Troy Tulowitzki hit the team's 5th franchise cycle.
On July 30, the Rockies hit an MLB record-setting 11 consecutive hits against the Chicago Cubs.
Bring It On was a surprise hit and earned nearly $ 70 million domestically.
In 2006, Hayden Panettiere, star of Bring It On: All or Nothing, took another cheerleading role as Claire Bennet, the cheerleader with an accelerated healing factor on NBC's hit sci-fi TV series Heroes, launching cheerleading back into the limelight of pop culture.
On 16 May 2003, 33 civilians were killed and more than 100 people were injured when Casablanca was hit by a multiple suicide bomb attack carried out by Moroccans and claimed by some to have been linked to al-Qaeda.
Many original television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as " Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow " ( theme from Baretta, performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. and later a hit single for Rhythm Heritage ), Theme from " S. W. A. T.
On August 17, 2007, Hurricane Dean, a Category 1 at the time, hit the island.
On November 20, 1955, Bo Diddley was asked by Sullivan to sing Tennessee Ernie Ford's hit " Sixteen Tons ".
On May 22, the Marlins hit bottom with a major league worst record of 19 – 29, having lost 6 straight games.
On February 29, the Marlins were recognized on Sports Illustrated's magazine for the 5th time ( 11 / 3 / 1997, Edgar Renteria who had a walk-off hit in Game 7 of the World Series ; 5 / 25 / 1998, Mike Piazza after his trade from the Dodgers ; 11 / 3 / 2003 ; Josh Beckett, after winning World Series MVP and 3 / 12 / 07 Dontrelle Willis, chronicling global warming with Willis in a flooded Sun Life Stadium.
On 22 September 1955 Hurricane Janet hit Grenada killing 500 people and destroying 75 % of the nutmeg trees.
On September 7, 2004, Grenada was hit directly by category four Hurricane Ivan.
On July 8, 1994, Kildall fell at a Monterey, California, biker bar and hit his head.
On similar note, John Carpenter's The Thing ( 1982 ) was also a mix of horror and sci fi, however unlike Alien it was neither a box-office nor critical hit.
On September 19, 1937, he hit the first-ever homer into the center field bleachers at Yankee Stadium.
On April 15, Aaron collected his first major league hit, a single off Cardinals ' pitcher Vic Raschi.

On and ABC
On 23 October 2008 ABC Television broadcast the one-hour docu-drama The Prime Minister is Missing, starring 1960s pop idol Normie Rowe as Holt.
On August 1, 1988, after achieving success in Sacramento and drawing the attention of former ABC Radio President Edward F. McLaughlin, Limbaugh moved to New York City and began his national radio show.
On January 20, 2000 the SOAPnet network began retransmitting soap operas originally aired on ABC, NBC and CBS.
On August 4, 2011, Gellar confirmed she will be returning as a guest star on the ABC soap opera All My Children before the show's ending in September but not as Kendall Hart.
It was intended that Ray would become a recurring Carry On star, but he had been dropped after just one film because of contract problems ( he was contracted to ABC films who had never used him ).
On the Tuesday prior to the Super Bowl, the ABC sitcom Full House aired an episode called " Super Bowl Fun Day " involving two main characters actually at the game.
" On Monday, August 30, 1982, ABC shut down Rusty's IGA supermarket in Lawrence's Hillcrest Shopping Center from 7 a. m. until 2 p. m. to shoot a scene representing panic buying.
On its original broadcast ( Sunday, November 20, 1983 ), ABC and local TV affiliates opened 1-800 hotlines with counselors standing by.
On May 19, 1997, Blaine's first television special, David Blaine: Street Magic aired on the ABC network.
On 21 February 2011, ABC Four Corners revealed that significant concerns were being expressed about depletion and chemical damage to the Great Artesian Basin as a result of coal seam gas extraction.
* On the ABC series Defying Gravity, the mission to Mars took place in this year, ten years before the Antares Mission in 2052.
On September 23, 1962, ABC began televising the animated television series The Jetsons in color.
On May 29, 2009, Oscar the Grouch appeared in an ABC television special on economics called Un-broke: What You Need To Know About Money.
On June 18 2012 the Salvation Army was featured in an ABC news report that stated " Salvos back away from anti-gay comments " in which the army stated " The Salvation Army in Australia is distancing itself from a statement by its international parent organisation that homosexuality is " an unacceptable urge ".
On Wellington Street the Woolwich Grand Theatre ( formerly the ABC Regal Cinema and Flamingo's Nightclub ) has recently reopened as an arts centre with a cafe.
On ABC in Australia, it was called The King's Outlaw.
On May 30, 2008, ABC News reported that Khan, who previously confessed to his involvement with Iran and North Korea, now denies involvement with the spread of nuclear arms to those countries.
In early 1999, " And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story ", directed by David Burton Morris and starring Jay Underwood and Renee Faia, was broadcast on ABC.
On May 4, 2006, the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Bergenfield to build a home for the Llanes family on New Bridge Road.
* WCTI-TV, the ( 12 ), New Bern ( ABC Affiliate, independent " ENC-TV " On Digital )
* On December 8, 2008 it was announced that ABC had picked up the rights to develop a pilot of Fables for the 2009-2010 Television Season.
On July 5, 1986, Ma performed on the New York Philharmonic's tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, which was televised live on ABC Television ..
On May 11th Reba tweeted that ABC has picked up the series and will start shooting in August, which is set to air in mid to late November.
Reaching an impasse with the parent band, Crosby and Nash decided to re-activate their partnership, inaugurating the duo act Crosby & Nash, touring regularly, signing to ABC Records and producing two additional studio albums, Wind On The Water in 1975 and Whistling Down The Wire in 1976.
On September 5, 1988, ABC aired a special called " The Best of SCTV ".

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