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On and latter
On the other hand, the null space of Af and the null space of Af together span V, the former being the subspace spanned by Af and the latter the subspace spanned by Af and Af.
On the day's schedule are a flower show, 4-H horsemanship contest and clown shows, the latter at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m..
On publication of the latter, Poirot was the only fictional character to be given an obituary in the New York Times ; 6 August 1975 " Hercule Poirot is Dead ; Famed Belgian Detective ".
On 6 January 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in Britain when Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle ( and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica ) engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher with the latter winning the prize.
On the lower Danube, which was given priority over the upper Danube, this required the annexation of Moesia and Thrace ; the latter, however, was spared annexation as it was in the hands of a friendly king.
On icy as opposed to rocky bodies, other morphological forms appear which may have central pits rather than central peaks, and at the largest sizes may contain very many concentric rings – Valhalla on Callisto is the type example of the latter.
On 24 June 1501 his troops stormed the latter, causing the collapse of Aragonese power in southern Italy.
He says that Afer and Julius Africanus were the best orators he had heard, and that he prefers the former to the latter, Quintilian refers to a work of his On Testimony, to one entitled Dicta, and to some of his orations, of which those on behalf of Domitilla, or Cloantilla, and Volusenus Catulus seem to have been the most celebrated.
On the latter Jacob Grimm does not make a direct association to the elves, but other researchers see a possible connection to the shining light elves of Old Norse.
On the other hand, < sup > 2 </ sup >⁄< sub > 4 </ sub > is not irreducible since it is equal in value to < sup > 1 </ sup >⁄< sub > 2 </ sub >, and the numerator of the latter ( 1 ) is less than the numerator of the former ( 2 ).
On the latter there is a Muslim shrine dedicated to that prophet.
Throughout the country, two minutes of silence are observed at 8 p. m. On May 5th, the liberation is celebrated and festivals are held at most places in the Netherlands, with a parade of veterans and day-long musical festival in Wageningen, the latter with an estimated attendance of 100, 000.
On 7 September, Stalin called Georgi Dimitrov, and the latter sketched a new Comintern line on the war.
The latter are mentioned by Aristotle in On the Parts of Animals as being free-floating and insensate.
On policy matter issues, Musharraf befriended with senior justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Rafiq Tarar ( later president ) and held common beliefs with the latter.
On the following day, 31 July 1944, in view of the likely invasion by German forces, the state sent three letters of protest: one to Joachim von Ribbentrop, German Foreign Minister, one to Adolf Hitler and one to Benito Mussolini, the latter delivered by a delegation to Serafino Mazzolini, a high-ranking diplomat in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
" On the latter topic, guest worker programmes feature prominently.
On 6 September, Admiral Graves issued a memorandum justifying his use of the conflicting signals, indicating that " the signal for the line of battle ahead is out at the same time with the signal for battle, it is not to be understood that the latter signal shall be rendered ineffectual by a too strict adherence to the former.
Lansky's 1979 computer music piece " Her Song ", from the Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion ( re-released on the album Fantasies and Tableaux, 1994 ), has also been sampled by Caural for his song " I Won't Race You ", from his 2006 album Mirrors For Eyes, with the main synthesized vocal line of Lansky's piece being used ( and being the basis for the title of the latter ).
On the other hand, while Confucianism was introduced as both a philosophy and as a ritual tradition in Japan, the latter did not become popular in Japan.
On 16 August 1290, the latter married his daughter Margaret to Charles of Valois, son of Philip III the Bold, giving her Anjou and Maine for dowry, in exchange for the kingdoms of Aragon and Valentia and the countship of Barcelona given up by Charles.
On the obverse side of the hilt, the pommel bears a large stylized letter T on top of a letter C or G ( the latter could be just a decorative element of the letter T ) between the Greek letters Α and ω ( alpha and omega ) surmounted with little crosses.
* At the Moulin Rouge, Mistinguett created many songs that will endure for ever, including “ Valencia ”, " Ça c ' est Paris ", both by Jose Padilla, " Il m ' a vue nue ", " On m ' suit ", " La Java de Doudoune ", the latter with Jean Gabin.
On 16 February 1993, Bergkamp agreed a £ 7. 1 million move to the latter club in a deal which included his Ajax teammate Wim Jonk.

On and front
On the forward slope in front of his own post stretched two rows of barbed wire.
On the economic front, the first priority of these countries is to mobilize a vastly increased volume of resources.
On one wall was the brass front of a row of mailboxes ; ;
On the Latin American front, the President held talks with Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon before sending him to Uruguay and the Inter-American Economic and Social Council ( which the President himself had originally hoped to attend ).
On the software front, work was being done to implement the replacement for the aging " user interface " of CP / M, ( the Command Console Processor CCP ) with the more modern ZCPR.
On the internal front the discontented Muladi families ( Muslims of Iberian origin ) represented a constant danger for the Córdoban emir.
On modern keyboards, the key is usually labeled Pause with Break below, sometimes separated by a line, or Pause on the top of the keycap and Break on the front.
On March 21, 2005, Lenny Kravitz performed there in front of 300, 000 people, on a Monday night.
On these vehicles, the hull deck comprises the main portion of the tread way while ramps extend from the front and rear of the vehicle to allow other vehicles to climb over the bridging vehicle and cross obstacles.
On 17 March 2007 the band played a live show at their rehearsal studio in front of around fifty fans, friends and family.
On the NASDAQ the identifying fifth letter " Q " at the end of a stock symbol indicates the company is in bankruptcy ( formerly the " Q " was placed in front of the pre-existing stock symbol ; a celebrated example was Penn Central, whose symbol was originally " PC " and became " QPC " after the company filed Chapter 11 in 1970 ).
On the following day, 29 April, Mussolini's and Petacci's bodies were taken to the Piazzale Loreto in Milan and hung upside down in front of a petrol station.
On the front
On the domestic front, he covertly opposed Joseph McCarthy but contributed to the end of McCarthyism by openly invoking the modern expanded version of executive privilege.
On November 18, von Hindenburg testified in front of this parliamentary commission, and cited a December 17, 1918 Neue Zürcher Zeitung article that summarized two earlier articles in the Daily Mail by British General Frederick Barton Maurice with the phrase that the German army had been ' dagger-stabbed from behind by the civilian populace ' (" von der Zivilbevölkerung von hinten erdolcht .").
On the oil front, the new government in Ecuador has reversed the earlier revenue-sharing arrangements with western oil companies and is now keen on striking new partnerships with state-owned ONGC Videsh of India.
On 29 June, he ordered XXX Corps — South African 1st, Indian 5th and 10th Infantry Divisions — to take the coastal sector on the right of the front and XIII Corps — New Zealand and Indian 5th Divisions — to be on the left.
On 12 July, the 21st Panzer Division launched a counter-attack against Trig 33 and Point 24, which was beaten off after a 2½-hour fight, with more than 600 German dead and wounded left strewn in front of the Australian positions.
On July 12, 2012, for one night only, Brooks performed in front of a sold out audience at Scotiabank Saddledome to help the Calgary Stampede celebrate its centennial anniversary.
On Tuesday 9 May 2006, Banks was the first " legend " to be inducted into a new Walk of Fame, by having a plaque installed in the pavement in front of the Town Hall.
On this sign in Russian memorializing an anniversary of the city of Balakhna, the word Balakhna on the right is in the nominative case, while the word Balakhne is in the dative case in Balakhne 500 Let (' Balakhna is 500 years old ') on the front of the sign.
On the domestic front Bismarck tried to stem the rise of socialism by anti-socialist laws, combined with an introduction of health care and social security.
On the eastern front, the Turks continued to loom large as a threat, although war would mean further compromises with the Protestant princes, and so the Emperor sought to avoid that.
On the international front, the Honduran government, after years of negotiations, finally concluded an agreement with the British bondholders to liquidate most of the immense national debt.

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