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On and lower
On the other hand, the appellate court normally gives less deference to a lower court's decision on issues of law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the wrong legal standard.
On the other side of the northern Black Forest were the Chatti about where Hesse is today, on the lower Main.
On the other hand, the Bastarnae maintained a separate name-identity into the late 3rd century AD, possibly implying retention of their Germanic cultural heritage, distinctive in the lower Danube, until the arrival of the Goths.
On the lower Danube, which was given priority over the upper Danube, this required the annexation of Moesia and Thrace ; the latter, however, was spared annexation as it was in the hands of a friendly king.
On the other hand, taking a longer-term view, the number of journeys in 2002 – 3 was lower than for the 1950 – 60 period.
On the other hand, were surface regions with lower energy available, the water occupying surface locations of higher potential energy would move to occupy these positions of lower energy, inasmuch as there is no barrier to lateral movement in an ideal liquid.
On 22 May 2011, The Blue Angels were performing at the Lynchburg Regional Airshow in Lynchburg, Virginia, when the Diamond formation flew the Barrel Roll Break maneuver at an altitude that was lower than the required minimum altitude.
On the lower and drier islands the vegetation before human colonization consisted of savanna or steppe vegetation, with the flattest inland portion supporting semi-desert plants.
On the most basic level, electronegativity is determined by factors like the nuclear charge ( the more protons an atom has, the more " pull " it will have on negative electrons ) and the number / location of other electrons present in the atomic shells ( the more electrons an atom has, the farther from the nucleus the valence electrons will be, and as a result the less positive charge they will experience — both because of their increased distance from the nucleus, and because the other electrons in the lower energy core orbitals will act to shield the valence electrons from the positively charged nucleus ).
On the other hand, whole blood glucose levels ( e. g., by fingerprick meters ) are about 10 %- 15 % lower than venous plasma levels.
On Earth, the cold side of any heat engine is limited to being close to the ambient temperature of the environment, or not much lower than 300 Kelvin, so most efforts to improve the thermodynamic efficiencies of various heat engines focus on increasing the temperature of the source, within material limits.
On the lower Garonne the people spoke Aquitanian, an archaic language related to Basque whereas a Belgian language was spoken north of Lutecia.
On 11 October 2003, the Prime Minister Koizumi dissolved the lower house after he was re-elected as the president of the LDP.
On one occasion, a hotel manager called Moon in his room and asked him to lower the volume on his cassette music player ; the manager said The Who were making " too much noise.
On the other hand, urban audiences are more profitable to newspapers because of lower delivery costs.
On 7 December, a baby was born with a fleece, which enveloped it from its head to its knees, leaving only its face, arms and lower part of its legs free.
On the other hand, in a pure stock for stock transaction ( financed from the issuance of new shares ), the company might show lower profitability ratios ( e. g. ROA ).
On February 5, 2008, the city, under mayor Michael Bloomberg, threw a ticker tape parade in honor of the Giants ' Super Bowl XLII victory at the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan.
On the highway side of the Pastaza, a tributary river occurs about every 3 – 4 km for a stretch of about 50 km ; on the opposite bank, the number of tributaries is slightly lower.
On 28 April 2007, the lower house of Bahraini Parliament passed a law banning unmarried migrant workers from living in residential areas.
On the other hand LACE-like precooled airbreathing designs such as the Skylon spaceplane ( and ATREX ) which transition to rocket thrust at rather lower speeds ( Mach 5. 5 ) do seem to give, on paper at least, an improved orbital mass fraction over pure rockets ( even multistage rockets ) sufficiently to hold out the possibility of full reusability with better payload fraction.
On the other hand, fertility depending on female characteristics is impossible ; although the external genitalia may be female, the vagina consists of only the lower two-thirds of a normal vagina, creating a blind-ending vaginal pouch.
On both sides, the lower ventricles are thicker and stronger than the upper atria.

On and slopes
On the morning of 12 September the Christian forces drew up in line of battle on the south-eastern slopes of the Wienerwald, looking down on the massed enemy camp.
On calm spring days the walleye are more often located at the deep side of the shoreline drop-off and around shore slopes around or deeper than ten feet.
On Fox Green, at the eastern end of Omaha, four sections of L / 16 had survived their landing intact and were now leading elements of I / 16, K / 16 and E / 116 up the slopes.
On the north and east benches, the houses sometimes climb as far as halfway up the mountain, to the boundary of the national forest, and new communities are also being constructed on the southern and western slopes.
On the seaward side the land slopes more gently.
On the slopes one finds vines and fruit trees.
On the lower slopes of the acropolis was a sanctuary of Demeter.
On the seaward facing slopes are Swamp she-oak, native hibiscus tree and Pandanus palms.
On 11 November 2000, 161 passengers and one conductor boarded the funicular train for an early morning trip to the slopes.
On 13 May 2005, a new, very eruptive process began on this island, when an ash and water vapour cloud rose to a height of and lava flows descended the slopes of the volcano on the way to the sea.
On the southern slopes of Mount Naranco, near the city of Oviedo, Ramiro I ordered the construction of the palace of Santa María del Naranco, and a church known as San Miguel de Lillo or Liño.
On the east and northeast the slopes rise steeply to the heights, then fall away gradually to the west toward the Garigliano River.
On hillsides, most of the granite and schist is found in the upper slopes with the lower slopes having more stone and clay composition.
On the western summit of the Zugspitze itself is the Münchner Haus and on the western slopes is the Wiener-Neustädter Hut.
On the morning of October 1, 1995, pyroclastic material which clung to the slopes of Pinatubo and surrounding mountains rushed down because of heavy rain, and turned into a lahar.
On either side, the army was protected by natural obstacles ( in this case, creeks and steep slopes ).
On the slopes of Mount Pion ( Mount Coelian ) near Ephesus ( near modern Selçuk in Turkey ), the " grotto " of the Seven Sleepers with ruins of the church built over it was excavated in 1927 – 28.
On the western slopes near Bendemeer, Bundarra, Kentucky and Tenterfield the country is granite, with extensive sandy loams.
On Réunion only small relict patches remain at altitudes up to 750 metres on the western slopes.
On short, low angled slopes, one can use an ice axe to chop steps.
On the mountain's slopes, there is biological diversity ; starting at the lower slopes, the prominent tree type is standard pine, eventually changing to a landscape of mountain hemlock, western white pine, and Shasta fir.
On the slopes of the mountain, elk are common and wolverines have been sighted.

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