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On and opposite
On the opposite side of the continent,
On this ship he took a detachment of troops from Rio de Janeiro to Colonia do Sacramento on the Rio de la Plata ( opposite Buenos Aires ) to relieve the garrison there.
On an anemometer with four cups it is easy to see that since the cups are arranged symmetrically on the end of the arms, the wind always has the hollow of one cup presented to it and is blowing on the back of the cup on the opposite end of the cross.
On 9 August 48 BC at Pharsalus in central Greece, Gaius Julius Caesar and his allies formed up opposite the army of the republic under the command of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (" Pompey the Great ").
On the other hand, free software and proprietary software are opposite traits, and an application can be one or the other but never both, contingent upon the availability of the source code under certain minimum freedoms.
On 12 December, Irgun placed a car bomb opposite the Damascus Gate, killing 20 people.
On the Wheel of the Year, it is opposite Imbolc, which is celebrated on February 2 in the northern hemisphere, and late July / early August in the southern hemisphere.
On the opposite side is the " survivor tree ", part of the building's original landscaping that survived the blast and fires that followed it.
On the highway side of the Pastaza, a tributary river occurs about every 3 – 4 km for a stretch of about 50 km ; on the opposite bank, the number of tributaries is slightly lower.
On the Broncos ' first play after receiving the opening kickoff, quarterback John Elway faked a handoff, then spun around and ran in the opposite direction for a 10-yard gain to the Denver 34-yard line.
On 14 July 2011, a copy of the Yuri Gagarin Statue from outside his former school in Lyubertsy was unveiled at the Admiralty Arch end of The Mall in London, opposite the permanent sculpture of James Cook.
On 28 April that year he was given a golden turtle badge by the famous Italian writer Gabriele d ' Annunzio which symbolised the opposite of his speed.
On the opposite movement, the mandibles are pushed deeper into the skin by levering against the maxillae.
On an board, there are exactly 26, 534, 728, 821, 064 directed closed tours ( i. e. two tours along the same path that travel in opposite directions are counted separately, as are rotations and reflections ).
On the opposite ends of the crossguard, there are again the symbols of Saints John and Matthew.
On the opposite ( west ) bank is the town of Nordenham at the foot of the Butjadingen Peninsula ; thus, the mouth of the river is located in Lower Saxony.
On the other hand, when the Speaker and the President belong to opposite parties, the public role and influence of the Speaker tend to increase.
On the other hand, the black pawn on b2 and the Black Chameleon on d1 are safe from the Long Leaper because there is no square on the opposite side on which the Long Leaper could land.
On an aircraft so equipped, the wing is designed to rotate on center pivot, so that one tip is swept forward while the opposite tip is swept aft.
On the opposite side of the coast of the Biscay Bay, in Brittany, there are traditions related with the city of Ker-Ys, situated in the Douarnenez gulf, in lands claimed from the sea and protected by a dam.
On the opposite wall, the observer would view the inverted image of the outside.
On the battle screen, the enemy appears on the opposite side of the characters ; each battle uses the familiar Active Time Battle system that was first featured in Final Fantasy IV.
On the other hand, the Colombian government has recently moved in the opposite direction.
On this basis, the diagram opposite ( redrawn from their article ) showed the real ' kingdoms ' ( their quotation marks ) of the eukaryotes.

On and extreme
On this basis, certain extreme kinds of networks will be discussed for illustrative purposes.
On Wednesday morning, November 2, 1859, the Providence Daily Journal stated that although Brown justly deserved the extreme penalty, no man, however criminal, ought to suffer the penalty without a fair trial.
On the morning following the Pratt Hall meeting the editor of the Providence Daily Journal wrote that although the meeting was milder and less extreme than those held in other areas for similar purposes, it could have been avoided completely.
On the other extreme but more rarely, some performers omit elements from even the basic setup, also dependent on the style of music.
On one extreme is logical positivism, which denies the validity of any beliefs held by faith ; on the other extreme is fideism, which holds that true belief can only arise from faith, because reason and physical evidence cannot lead to truth.
On the other hand, for Rommel the situation continued to be grave as, despite successful defensive operations, his infantry had suffered heavy losses and he reported that " the situation is critical in the extreme ".
On several more recent occasions, Iceman has also undergone another transformation due to his defeat in battle, or by extreme circumstances involving heat.
On the other hand, when beliefs are heterogeneous, news providers differentiate their offer and segment the market, by providing news stories that are slanted towards the two extreme positions in the spectrum of beliefs.
On the other hand, one-third of the subjects reported extreme anxiety.
On the surface it appears that Eratosthenes altered the base line to pass through the northern extreme of Celtica.
On the other extreme, a pawnshop with a huge inventory has several disadvantages.
On their return journey, Scott and his four comrades all perished from a combination of exhaustion, starvation and extreme cold.
* On the Southwest: A line running from Cape Lilibeo ( West extreme of Sicily ) to the South extreme of Cape Teulada ( 8 ° 38 ' E ) in Sardinia.
On the other extreme, separation of fissile plutonium-239 from the common impurity plutonium-240, while desirable in that it would allow the creation of gun-type nuclear weapons from plutonium, is generally agreed to be impractical.
On his return to Marburg he was forced to abandon his studies to support the family, whose poverty was so extreme that food was often scarce.
On August 19, 2007, the American Psychology Association ( APA ) voted to bar participation, to intervene to stop, and to report involvement in a wide variety of interrogation techniques as torture, including " using mock executions, simulated drowning, sexual and religious humiliation, stress positions or sleep deprivation ", as well as " the exploitation of prisoners ' phobias, the use of mind-altering drugs, hooding, forced nakedness, the use of dogs to frighten detainees, exposing prisoners to extreme heat and cold, physical assault and threatening the use of such techniques against a prisoner or a prisoner's family.
On the other extreme, when playing extremely loudly a cymbal designed as a ride may serve well as a very loud, long crash.
* 2012: On February 25, an extreme dust storm attacked Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it became totally dark at only 4: 00 P. M. local time.
On April 8, 2008, she hosted the annual gala of the Trickle Up Program, a non-profit organization focusing on those in extreme poverty, mainly women and the disabled, in the Rainbow Room.
On the strength of his family name, and despite his extreme nearsightedness and poor health history, he was admitted to the highly selective institution.
On 5 January 1919 Anton Drexler, who had developed links between the Thule Society and various extreme right workers ' organizations in Munich, together with the Thule Society's Karl Harrer, established the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ( DAP ), or German Workers ' Party.
On the extreme east of the site was King's Cross York Road, with suburban trains from Finsbury Park calling here, then using the York Road curve to join the City Widened Lines to Farringdon, Barbican and Moorgate.

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