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:" and On
:" On one occasion lie himself was sitting in an assembly of people, a stage having been arranged for a council on an open plain.
:" On this account I have not the power, nor do I dare, to approve the objects of your mission until I can consult our gods by the casting of lots and until I can enquire the will of the people in regard to this matter.
On 19 May 1940 Ribbentrop met the new Italian Ambassador Dino Alfieri, who described the meeting as follows :" He commented at length on the " dazzling " successes of the German armies, extolling the military genius of the Führer ... who had " revealed himself as the greatest military genius since Napoleon "... He spoke of the inevitable clash between the young nations and the old ; of the necessity of breaking the ring with which the Judaeo-democratic-plutocratic powers were trying to encircle Germany and Italy ; and of the need to create a new European civilization.
On 10 July 1941 Ribbentrop ordered General Eugen Ott, the German Ambassador to Japan to :" Go on with your efforts to bring about the earliest possible participation of Japan in the war against Russia ... The natural goal must be, as before, to bring about the meeting of Germany and Japan on the Trans-Siberian Railroad before winter sets in.
:" On the 23rd 1834 Mr Telford was taken seriously ill of a bilious derangement to which he had been liable … he grew worse and worse … attended him twice a day, but it was to no avail for he died on the 2nd September, very peacefully at about 5pm.
This verse says, " Those who follow the Jewish ( scriptures ) and the Sabians, Christians, Magians and Polytheists — God will judge them On the Day of Judgement :" ( 22: 17 ).
:" Case 14 – On December 16, seven girls ( ages ranged from 16 to 21 ) were taken away from the Military College.
:" On coming to Argos he claimed the kingdom against Gelanor, the son of Sthenelas.
Norman described his marriage to Sarah in an interview in On Being magazine in 1985 :" In April I married a wonderful Christian woman ... She was raised in a wealthy family and privately educated.
:" Op 1 april verloor Alva zijn bril " translating into " On April 1st, Alva lost his glasses ",
:" On the contrary — the Holocaust has decisively disproven any possible faith in a human-based morality.
:" On the whole, benefits of high self-esteem accrue to the self while its costs are borne by others, who must deal with side effects like arrogance and conceit.
On 29 June 2011: " During Prime Minister ’ s questions ", " Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert asked :" " Does the Prime Minister believe that drugs policy has been failing for decades, as he said in 2005, and does he agree that the Government should initiate a discussion of alternative ways including the possibility of legalisation regulation to tackle the global drugs dilemma as he voted for in 2002.
:" On April 24, Langmuir and I were running the machine and as usual were trying to push the electron gun and its associated pulse transformer to the limit.
:" On a recent evening, sitting home alone suffering and brooding about my treatment at the police station because of an incident in a department store, and being replaced by Zsa Zsa Gabor in a motion picture ( imagine how that pleased the ego!
:" On that cold, overcast day, there were more than five thousand troops in the audience.
:" On Tuesday, May 11, 1813 ,, Mr. Gregory Blaxland, Mr. William Wentworth, and Lieutenant Lawson, attended by four servants, with five dogs, and four horses laden with provisions, ammunition, and other necessaries, left Mr. Blaxland's farm at the South Creek, for the purpose of endeavouring to effect a passage over the Blue Mountains ..."
:" On the first day, you must take for yourself a fruit of the citron tree, an unopened palm frond ( lulav ), myrtle branches, and willows grow near the brook.
An editorial in the final issue declared :" On Monday this newspaper takes its greatest step forward for many years.
:" You haven't heard that there is to be a torchlight race this evening on horseback in honor of the Goddess ?” “ On horseback ?” said I.
For example, in the 4th century, Marcellus of Ancyra, who taught the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were one person ( hypostasis ), said in his On the Holy Church, 9 :" Now with the heresy of the Ariomaniacs, which has corrupted the Church of God ... These then teach three hypostases, just as Valentinus the heresiarch first invented in the book entitled by him ' On the Three Natures '.
:" On Thursday died, in this city, aged 70, James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, an African prince, of Zoara.
:" On the afternoon of Sunday, May 25, 1986, almost seven million people joined hands to form a line that stretched – from New York City's Battery Park to the RMS Queen Mary pier in Long Beach, California.

:" and other
Hobbes said :" The Latines called Accounts of mony Rationes ... and thence it seems to proceed that they extended the word Ratio, to the faculty of Reckoning in all other things .... When a man reasoneth hee does nothing else but conceive a summe totall ... For Reason ... is nothing but Reckoning ... of the consequences of generall names agreed upon, for the marking and signifying of our thoughts ...."
:" Meanwhile it happened that Swedish ambassadors had come to the Emperor Louis the Pious, and, amongst other matters which they had been ordered to bring to the attention of the emperor, they informed him that there were many belonging to their nation who desired to embrace the Christian religion, and that their king so far favoured this suggestion that lie would permit God's priests to reside there, provided that they might be deemed worthy of such a favour and that the emperor would send them suitable preachers.
The British Statute of Anne ( 1710 ) further alluded to individual rights of the artist, beginning: " Whereas Printers, Booksellers, and other Persons, have of late frequently taken the Liberty of Printing ... Books, and other Writings, without the Consent of the Authors ... to their very great Detriment, and too often to the Ruin of them and their Families :" A right to benefit financially from the work is articulated, and court rulings and legislation have recognized a right to control the work, such as ensuring that the integrity of it is preserved.
:" This law of nature, being co-eval with mankind and dictated by God himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other.
:" Heuristic evidence and other considerations led Church 1936 to propose the following thesis.
:" Deprogrammers are people who, at the request of a parent or other close relative, will have a member of a religious sect seized, then hold him against his will and subject him to mental, emotional, and even physical pressures until he renounces his religious beliefs.
Gregory Nagy, on the other hand, sees both Persēs (" the destroyer ": / perthō ) and Hēsiodos (" he who emits the voice :" / hiēmi + / audē ) as fictitious names for poetical personae.
:" We worship ," replied Hengist, " our country gods, Saturn and Jupiter, and the other deities that govern the world, but especially Mercury, whom in our language we call Woden and to whom our ancestors consecrated the fourth day of the week, still called after his name Wodensday.
Bonnet had Havas issued a statement at midnight on 1 September saying :" The French government has today, as have several other Governments, received an Italian proposal looking to the resolution of Europe's difficulties.
:" More than any other single factor or incident, Mojave Desert incident from Frémont's second expedition report is where the Kit Carson legend was born ..."
:" Maidens performed rounds and other dances, each trying to outdo the other in showing their joy "
:" then they joined arms one upon the other, made a circle, went round the circle, with their feet stepping hard and stamping ; one sang first, with the others all following after.
:" a company of Greeks, often of ten or more persons, stepped forth to the open place, took each other by the hand, made a round circle, and now stepped backward, now forward, sometimes went around, singing in Greek the while, sometimes stamped strongly on the ground with their feet.
:" Hurricanes, cold stress, red tide poisoning and a variety of other maladies threaten manatees, but by far their greatest danger is from watercraft strikes, which account for about a quarter of Florida manatee deaths ," said study curator John Jett.
:" James's view is that the raw material out of which the world is built up is not of two sorts, one matter and the other mind, but that it is arranged in different patterns by its inter-relations, and that some arrangements may be called mental, while others may be called physical ".
:" The third " truth value " u is thus not on par with the other two t and f in our theory.
:" It has recently come to our ears, not without great pain to us, that in some parts of upper Germany, [...] Mainz, Koin, Trier, Salzburg, and Bremen, many persons of both sexes, heedless of their own salvation and forsaking the catholic faith, give themselves over to devils male and female, and by their incantations, charms, and conjurings, and by other abominable superstitions and sortileges, offences, crimes, and misdeeds, ruin and cause to perish the offspring of women, the foal of animals, the products of the earth, the grapes of vines, and the fruits of trees, as well as men and women, cattle and flocks and herds and animals of every kind, vineyards also and orchards, meadows, pastures, harvests, grains and other fruits of the earth ; that they afflict and torture with dire pains and anguish, both internal and external, these men, women, cattle, flocks, herds, and animals, and hinder men from begetting [...]"
:" The point really about all this from our perspective has been that the critical role we should play is to assist the Zimbabweans to find each other, really to agree among themselves about the political, economic, social, other solutions that their country needs.
:" I have been requested by one of my oldest and best friends in the Company's service to introduce to your and kind offices John Campbell of the Ship Scotia which vessel he has commanded since she was launched, but owing to change of owners and other he is now out of employ with a numerous family and very slender means to provide for them.
:" The zodiacal light is nothing but the solar atmosphere, a rare and subtile fluid, either luminous by itself, or made so by the rays of the sun surrounding its globe ; but in a greater quantity, and more extensively, about its equator, than any other.

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