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On and recording
* 1860 – On his phonautograph machine, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville makes the oldest known recording of an audible human voice.
In USA in July 1943, as a result of the American Federation of Musicians boycott of US recording studios, the a cappella vocal group The Song Spinners had a best-seller with " Comin ' In On A Wing And A Prayer ".
On 18 November 2008 the band released The BBC Sessions, which features songs from the period of 1996 – 2001 ( including the last recordings featuring Isobel Campbell before she left the band ), along with a second disc featuring a recording of a live performance in Belfast from Christmas 2001.
On the 40th anniversary of the July 1969 moon landing — and Bowie's accompanying commercial breakthrough with " Space Oddity "— EMI released the individual tracks from the original eight-track studio recording of the song, in a 2009 contest inviting members of the public to create a remix.
On early recording mediums ( until 1925 ) such as wax cylinders and discs carved with an engraving needle, sound balancing meant that musicians had to be literally moved in the room.
On October 26, 2010, popular free-software gnutella servent LimeWire was ordered shut down by Judge Kimba Wood of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York when she signed a Consent Injunction which LimeWire and recording industry plaintiffs had agreed upon.
On October 26, 2000, Brooks officially announced his retirement from recording and performing.
On his 7th solo album Finding Forever, Hip-Hop artist Common features harpist Brandee Younger on the introductory track, followed by a Dorothy Ashby sample from her 1969 recording of By the Time I Get to Phoenix.
On 7 April 2000, Delhi police revealed they had a recording of a conversation between Cronje and Sanjay Chawla, a representative of an Indian betting syndicate, over match-fixing allegations.
On 15 January 2008, the band confirmed that the recording process had begun.
Gary Smith, who produced the Pixies ' first recording, Come On Pilgrim, commented on the band's influence on alternative rock and their legacy in 1997:
On October 30, 2002, Jam-Master Jay was shot and killed at his recording studio in Queens.
On special teams, multi-talented wide receiver Rick Upchurch led the NFL with 653 punt return yards, while also catching 12 passes for 245 yards and recording 456 yards returning kickoffs.
On defense, White continued to be a weapon, recording 29 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries, and led the team with 8. 5 sacks.
On 2 October 1978, Bradley and Sharkey agreed to an increased advance fee of £ 10, 000 offered by Stein upon the recording contract and signed to Sire Records on a five-year contract.
On 4 January 1981, the band began recording their third album, Positive Touch, again at Wisseloord Studios.
On 12 September 1859 the Radical MP Richard Cobden visited Gladstone, with Gladstone recording in his diary: "... further conv.
* May 26 – Acker Bilk's Stranger On The Shore becomes the first British recording to reach number one in the US Billboard Hot 100.
On May 20, 2008, Lange confirmed that he had completed recording dialogue for the game.
On his last recording session, in New York, on September 15, 1930, Beiderbecke played on the original recording of Hoagy Carmichael's new song, " Georgia on My Mind ", with Carmichael doing the vocal, Eddie Lang on guitar, Joe Venuti on violin, Jimmy Dorsey on clarinet and alto saxophone, Jack Teagarden on trombone, and Bud Freeman on tenor saxophone.
On July 18, 2012, Jonathan Davis told Billboard. com that Korn was getting ready to start recording their eleventh studio album, which will be released independently.
In 1997, Jones did the soundtrack for the comedy film The Full Monty, recording " You Can Leave Your Hat On ".
On July 9, 1955, " Rock Around the Clock " became the first rock and roll recording to hit the top of Billboard's Pop charts, a feat it repeated on charts around the world.
On Friday, July 13, 1973, during a preliminary interview, the Deputy Minority Counsel Donald Sanders asked White House assistant Alexander Butterfield if there was any type of recording system in the White House.

On and Dupree
On their next drive, Dallas drove 89 yards in 8 plays, including an 18-yard scramble by Staubach on 3rd and 11 and a 29-yard run by Dorsett, to score on Staubach's 7-yard touchdown pass to Dupree.
On the opposite side, it required a noise barrier wall north of Dupree Road because of its proximity to existing homes.
On June 30, 2005, Grenier and Dupree were last minute trades in the 2005 WWE Draft, which saw Grenier leave Raw to go to SmackDown!
On July 29, 1975, District Judge Franklin T. Dupree Jr. denied MacDonald's double jeopardy and speedy trial arguments and allowed the trial date of August 18, 1975 to stand.
On March 1, 1985, Dupree rejected all defense motions for a new trial.
On July 8, 1991, Judge Dupree, after hearing arguments that MacDonald should be granted a new murder trial on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, denied the petition.
On October 3, 1991, MacDonald's defense counsel appealed Judge Dupree's ruling on the grounds of judicial bias due to Dupree's rulings in favor of the prosecution during the trial, and of the harshness of MacDonald's prison sentence that Dupree imposed.
On 5 April 1968, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound appeared alongside Amen Corner, Gene Pitney, Don Partridge and Status Quo at The Odeon Theatre, Lewisham, London, on the first night as part of a twice nightly UK tour.
On February 12, 1982, Dupree announced he would attend Oklahoma instead of the other finalists, Texas, UCLA and Southern Miss.
On May 21, 2010 Dupree performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as part of Jimmy's ongoing tribute to Yacht Rock: the smooth West Coast sound of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
On the January 28, 2006 episode of the OVW television show, The Miz wrestled his first singles match against Rene Dupree, but lost by countout.
On September 23, 2009 USA Basketball announced to the public that Dupree is one of 14 athletes who were invited to attend the fall training camp of the U. S. women's national team at American University in Washington.

On and alternately
On contraction, these alternately pass the blood to a single ventricle which pumps it both into both the systemic vessels ( which service the body at large ) as well as the pulmonic vessels ( which return to the lungs for oxygenation ).
On 13 May 1992, Li Hongzhi gave his first public seminar on Falun Gong ( alternately called Falun Dafa ) in the northeastern city of Changchun.
On April 30, 2008, the team signed a three year deal with WGN Radio ( 720 AM ), with games airing alternately instead on WIND ( 560 AM ) in scheduling conflict situations during the baseball season due to the Cubs having contractual preference to air on WGN.
On the MUD Sojourn, which several creators of EverQuest played, " twink " was alternately used to refer to powerleveling and metagaming.
On Uranus, meanwhile, the extreme tilt of the planet's axis leads to the poles alternately pointing almost directly at the Sun.
On 22 November 1918, eleven days after the Armistice, he assumed command of Flagship Division 3, Battleship Force 1, Atlantic Fleet, flying his " flag " alternately in yachts and.
On the division of the West Saxon see in 703, Wiltshire was included in the diocese of Sherborne, but in 905 a separate diocese of Wilton was founded, the see being fixed alternately at Ramsbury, Wilton and Sonning in Berkshire.
On flowering plants the leaves are alternately arranged up the stem.
On the arms of the ' T ' are angled surfaces called pallets which alternately engage the teeth of the escapement's escape wheel.
On the Guardians ' homeworld, the Green Lanterns fought alternately against and alongside the L. E. G. I. O. N.

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