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from Brown Corpus
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On and second
On the positivist theory, everything I sought to express by calling it evil in the first case is still present in the second.
On the second voyage, he had turned back at the frozen island of Novaya Zemlya and meekly given the crew a certificate stating that he did so of his own free will -- which was obviously not the case.
On the second landing he paused to look for Docherty, didn't see him, and accepted a glass of champagne.
On the second floor he saw the animated faces of the party guests ; ;
On the narrow fairway of a 508-yard hole, Arnold whipped into his second shot.
A second tale shows still more clearly the kind of powers a truly spiritual monk could possess: `` On one occasion Yang Shan ( Kyo-zan ) saw a stranger monk flying through the air.
On March 4, 1865, Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address.
The prototype for this model can be found in Bolos of Mendes ' second century BCE work, Physika kai Mystika ( On Physical and Mystical Matters ).
On January 26, 2000, van Vogt died in Los Angeles, USA from Alzheimer's disease, and was survived by his second wife, the former Lydia Bereginsky.
* On the second Saturday in August, people can wander through the Night Market in the balmy Summer evening.
A second book is known as the Supplement to On the Soul ( Mantissa ).
On 14 May 1234, Andrew, who had lost his second wife in the previous year, married Beatrice D ' Este, who was thirty years younger than himself.
On August 31, the Diamondbacks acquired former World Series MVP David Eckstein to fill the hole at second base which was opened after Orlando Hudson was placed on the disabled list.
On her second visit to Rank, Nin reflects on her desire to be “ re-born ,” feelingly, as a woman and artist.
On September 5, 1901 Patrick T. Powers, president of the Eastern League announced the formation of the second National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the NABPL or " NA " for short.
On graduation he joined the 1st Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment in September 1908 as a second lieutenant, and first saw service later that year in India.
On 18 November 2008 the band released The BBC Sessions, which features songs from the period of 1996 – 2001 ( including the last recordings featuring Isobel Campbell before she left the band ), along with a second disc featuring a recording of a live performance in Belfast from Christmas 2001.
* On 29 May 2010 Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws resigned from the Cabinet and was referred to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after the Daily Telegraph newspaper published details of Laws claiming around £ 40, 000 in expenses on a second home owned by a secret gay partner between 2004 and 2009 whilst House of Commons rules have prevented MPs from claiming second home expenses on properties owned by a partner since 2006.
On the second day of battle, most of both armies had assembled.
* On May 18, 1996, a second mutiny was led by 500 soldiers who refused to be disarmed and denounced the agreement reached in April.
The dealer flips a button to the " On " side and moves it to the point number signifying the second phase of the round.
On August 24, the Rockies faced the San Francisco Giants in what ended up being a 14 inning game which lasted close to 5 hours ( 4: 57 ), the second longest game in Rockies history.
On October 1, the Rockies beat the Milwaukee Brewers 9 – 2, completing a season sweep of the Brewers and clinching the Rockies ' second playoff appearance in three years.

On and occasion
On occasion it produces extraordinary novelties.
On the occasion of his 1922 indictment the $10,000 bond was furnished by an alderman, and the charge was nolle prossed.
On the third occasion -- another Big Four summit session at Paris a year ago -- there was no problem of an illusory `` spirit ''.
On the occasion of a pestilence in the 430s BCE, Apollo's first temple at Rome was established in the Flaminian fields, replacing an older cult site there known as the " Apollinare ".
On one occasion, Tiberius ordered a guard to flog her.
On one occasion, Galba's mother-in-law gave Agrippina, in a whole bevy of married women, a public reprimand and a slap in the face.
On one occasion he was separated from Ursicinus and took refuge in Amida during the siege of the city, which was then attacked by the Sassanid king Shapur II ; he barely escaped with his life.
On occasion, even the soldiers of national militaries are forced to adapt their civilian-type vehicles for combat use, often using improvised armor and scrounged weapons.
On occasion SPAAGs have been used as very effective direct fire weapons against infantry, for example by American forces during late World War II, in Korea against mass infantry assault, and extensively during the Vietnam War, where for example the U. S. M42 Duster SPAAG ( based on a light tank ) was employed purely for this purpose.
On one occasion, when his senior colleagues, Ḥiyya b. Abba, Rav Ammi, and Assi, had punished a certain woman, and feared the wrath of the proconsul, Abbahu was deputed to intercede for them.
On one occasion he ordered some Samaritan wine, but subsequently learning that there were no longer any strict observers of the dietary laws among the Samaritans, with the assistance of his colleagues, Ḥiyya b. Abba, Rav Ammi, and Rav Assi, he investigated the report, and, ascertaining it to be well founded, did not hesitate to declare the Samaritans, for all ritualistic purposes, Gentiles ( Yer.
On these occasions the reliable and yet unimaginative tactics Charles was fond of were not sufficient, except on one occasion at Aspern-Essling, to defeat the unpredictable Corsican.
On the Coast, rainfall, sometimes relentless heavy rain, dominates in winter because of consistent barrages of cyclonic low-pressure systems from the North Pacific, but on occasion ( and not every winter ) heavy snowfalls and below freezing temperatures arrive when modified arctic air reaches coastal areas, typically for short periods.
On more than one occasion, Judge told the writers that one of their ideas for an episode of King of the Hill would work well for Beavis and Butt-Head ; eventually he concluded, " Maybe we should just actually make some good Beavis and Butt-Head episodes.
:" On one occasion lie himself was sitting in an assembly of people, a stage having been arranged for a council on an open plain.
On Halgaver Moor ( Goats ' Moor ) near Bodmin there was once an annual carnival in July which was on one occasion attended by King Charles II.
On occasion, strong winds from the northeast produce violent sandstorms.
On the first occasion he went to Rome and received from Pope Gregory many sacred relics ( Stokes, Apennines, 132 ).
On one occasion in 1709, for instance, Frederick IV of Denmark, also paid them a visit and he was greeted as their King.
On one occasion, the show featured Martha Stewart as an in-studio guest, whom the Magliozzis twice during the segment referred to as " Margaret ".
On one occasion, crew members ransacked the trading ship Mary and tortured several of its crew members while Kidd and the other captain, Thomas Parker, conversed privately in Kidd's cabin.
On one occasion, Cyril sent the grammaticus Hierax to secretly discover the content of an edict that Orestes was to promulgate on the mimes shows, which attracted great crowds.
On occasion, the names of characters themselves actually seem to have been altered: the spelling of the name of Homer ’ s character Polydamas, Pouludamas, appears to be an alternative rendering of the metrically unviable Poludamas (“ subduer of many ”).

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