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On and surface
On the surface, the whole question was purely feudal.
On the surface of the right kidney there were also 2 yellow, firm, friable raised areas measuring up to 2 cm. in diameter.
On the surface, this seems a sound approach to Christian mission: members of the congregation show by their friendly attitudes that they care for new people ; ;
On the surface of the ground or in water they move by undulating their body from side to side.
On average, the Atlantic is the saltiest major ocean ; surface water salinity in the open ocean ranges from 33 to 37 parts per thousand ( 3. 3 – 3. 7 %) by mass and varies with latitude and season.
On the surface, Andrew Carnegie appears to be a strict laissez-faire capitalist and follower of Herbert Spencer, often referring to himself as a disciple of Spencer.
On the Sandberg, the Schnaitberg and the Schradenberg hills, all in the west of Aalen, the Eisensandstein ( Iron Sandstone ) formation emerges to the surface.
On the long-term average, the Baltic Sea is ice-covered for about 45 % of its surface area at the maximum annually.
On the other hand, were surface regions with lower energy available, the water occupying surface locations of higher potential energy would move to occupy these positions of lower energy, inasmuch as there is no barrier to lateral movement in an ideal liquid.
On other planets and moons that experience more-active surface geological processes, such as Earth, Venus, Mars, Europa, Io and Titan, visible impact craters are less common because they become eroded, buried or transformed by tectonics over time.
On October 11, 1955, Muller & Bahadur ( Pennsylvania State University ) observed individual tungsten ( W ) atoms on the surface of a sharply pointed W tip by cooling it to 78 K and employing helium as the imaging gas.
On the surface, an inventor named Goro Ibuki, his nephew Rokuro and their friend Hiroshi Jinkawa are off on an outing near a lake when Seatopia makes itself known to the Earth by drying up the lake the trio was relaxing nearby and using it as a base of operation ( unknown to our heroes.
" On the surface this implies that Matthew was written in Hebrew and translated into Greek, but Matthew's Greek " reveals none of the telltale marks of a translation.
On the flat surface of the ground.
On the surface of any body of ice at a temperature above about − 20 ° C (− 4 ° F ), there is always a thin film of liquid water, ranging in thickness from only a few molecules to thousands of molecules.
On the surface of Earth, it occurs naturally only in meteorites.
On May 28, 2002, NASA reported that Odyssey's GRS had detected large amounts of hydrogen, a sign that there must be ice lying within a meter of the planet's surface.
On the surface of the Earth, an object with a mass of 50 kilograms weighs 491 Newtons ; on the surface of the Moon, the same object still has a mass of 50 kilograms but weighs only 81. 5 Newtons.
On the surface it seems baffling.
On the surface, the crew would have at their disposal 2 Dragon spacecraft with inflatable modules as habitats, 2 ERVs, 2 Mars ascent vehicles and 8 tonnes of cargo.
On stony meteorites, the heat-affected zone is at most a few mm deep ; in iron meteorites, which are more thermally conductive, the structure of the metal may be affected by heat up to 1 cm below the surface.
On the surface, a game need not seem mathematical or complicated to still be a mathematical game.

On and Young
On the border of the insignia, there are sixteen stars, representing the mission number, and the names of the crew members: Young, Mattingly Duke.
On first driving the lunar rover, Young discovered that the rear steering was not working.
On November 14, it was announced that RHP Brandon Webb was the recipient of the Cy Young Award for the National League.
On the last day of the season, Young won both games of a doubleheader.
On September 18, 1897, Young pitched the first no-hitter of his career in a game against the Cincinnati Reds.
On August 13, 1908, the league celebrated " Cy Young Day.
On September 22, 1911, Young shut out the Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 – 0, for his last career victory.
On November 4, 1955, Cy Young died on his farm at the age of 88.
Some tracks were composed using Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies cards: " Boys Keep Swinging " entailed band members swapping instruments, " Move On " used the chords from Bowie's early composition " All the Young Dudes " played backwards, and " Red Money " took backing tracks from " Sister Midnight ", a piece previously composed with Iggy Pop.
On Saturday, 11 June 1183, the Young King realized he was dying and was overcome with remorse for his sins.
* " Kappa ", a track by the band Mogwai on their 1999 album Come On Die Young
On the special, Nancy and her father danced and sang a duet, " You Make Me Feel So Young / Old ".
On November 15, Jake Peavy won the National League Cy Young Award by unanimous ballot.
On 15 November 2007, at the launch of the book, Young Brave and Beautiful: The Missions of Special Operations Executive Agent Lieutenant Violette Szabo, at The Jersey War Tunnels, the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey said of her, " She's an inspiration to those young people today doing the same work with the risk of the same dangers ".
On 28 March 1981 Powell gave a speech to Ashton-under-Lyne Young Conservatives where he attacked the " conspiracy of silence " between the government and the opposition over the prospective growth through births of the immigration population and added, "' We have seen nothing yet ' is a phrase that we could with advantage repeat to ourselves whenever we try to form a picture of that future ".
On film, he was Igor ( pronounced " EYE-gore "-an ironic response to Wilder's claim that " it's pronounced FRONK-EN-STEEN ") in Young Frankenstein where many lines were improvised.
On the DVD commentary of Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks cites factors that may have contributed to Feldman's death: thumb " He smoked sometimes six packs of cigarettes daily, drank copious amounts of black coffee, and ate a diet rich in eggs and dairy products ".
On 25 January 1989 Renny Cunnack, General Manager of Channel 10 Melbourne, officially announced to the media that Young Talent Time would " not be resuming production in 1989 ".
On Saturday 6 May 1989 Johnny Young and his company Television House held a private party at Channel 10's Studio A, YTT's 18 year home-base studio, as an official " thank you to the YTT Family "-the cast and crew and their families who had worked on the show over the years.
On 28 June 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student and member of Young Bosnia, assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
On 17 October 2008 at the Volksbuehne in Berlin, Nico's ex-boyfriend Lutz Ulbrich presented another tribute concert, which featured Marianne Rosenberg, Soap & Skin, Marianne Enzensberger and James Young, the keyboardist from The Faction, Nico's last band.
On 8 September 2011, Rio 2016 made the announcement that Ernst & Young will be a tier 2 official sponsor of the XXXI Olympic Summer Games to be held in Brazil, as the exclusive provider of professional services – consulting and auditing – for Rio 2016 organizing committee.
Interesting that this concept is similar to the one described in the short story of Robert F. Young called " On the River " ( 1965 ).
On 31 July 1975, coincidentally the night following the Miami Showband killings, Wright was sworn in as a member of the Young Citizen Volunteers ( YCV ), the UVF's youth wing.

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