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from Brown Corpus
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On and surfaces
On other examples, interior surfaces were built up with any mixture of clay, peat, stone, timber or brush-what ever was available.
On exposed surfaces, small features may include flutes, runnels, clints and grikes, collectively called karren or lapiez.
On the opposed surfaces of the labia minora are numerous sebaceous glands not associated with hair follicles.
On the other hand, there are surfaces, such as the Klein bottle, that cannot be embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space without introducing singularities or self-intersections.
On local scales, temperature differences can occur because different surfaces ( such as oceans, forests, ice sheets, or man-made objects ) have differing physical characteristics such as reflectivity, roughness, or moisture content.
On high-traction surfaces such as bitumen, or concrete, many ( though not all ) ABS-equipped cars are able to attain braking distances better ( i. e. shorter ) than those that would be easily possible without the benefit of ABS.
On these surfaces, locked wheels dig in and stop the vehicle more quickly.
On the other hand, an ant living on a cylinder would not detect any such departure from Euclidean geometry, in particular the ant could not detect that the two surfaces have different mean curvatures ( see below ) which is a purely extrinsic type of curvature.
On curved surfaces, the formula for C ( r ) will be different, and the Gaussian curvature K at the point P can be computed by the Bertrand – Diquet – Puiseux theorem as
On aircraft, static dischargers are used on the trailing edges of wings and other surfaces.
On the east side of town, hot water surfaces at a temperature of 168 ° F and a rate of about 200 gallons per minute.
On flat surfaces, like pavement, the needed air pressure was so low that hovercraft were able to compete in energy terms with conventional systems like steel wheels.
: On January 31, 2007, several magnetic boxes with blinking LED cartoon figures were attached to metal surfaces in and around Boston, Massachusetts to promote the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
On loose surfaces these differences are absorbed by the tire slippage on the road surface.
On aircraft they are installed on the front third of a wing in order to maintain steady airflow over the control surfaces at the trailing edge.
On the other hand, since a sphere of radius R has constant positive curvature R < sup >− 2 </ sup > and a flat plane has constant curvature 0, these two surfaces are not isometric, even locally.
On their upper surfaces the main colours of huntsman spiders are inconspicuous shades of brown or grey, but many species have undersides more or less aposematically marked in black-and-white, with reddish patches over the mouthparts.
On surfaces any almost complex structure is integrable, so this turns the given surface into a Riemann surface.
The verses refer to the subjects investigated in several of Cayley's most elaborate memoirs ; such as, Chapters on the Analytical Geometry of dimensions ; On the theory of Determinants ; Memoir on the theory of Matrices ; Memoirs on skew surfaces, otherwise Scrolls ; On the delineation of a Cubic Scroll, etc.
On level ground they remain creeping, not exceeding 5 – 20 cm height, but on suitable surfaces for climbing, including trees, natural rock outcrops or man-made structures such as quarry rock faces or built masonry and wooden structures, they can climb to at least 30 m above the ground.
On the other hand the crystalline water ice on the surfaces of TNOs should be completely amorphized by the galactic and Solar radiation in about 10 million years.
On Earth various chemical-and flame-associated powdering processes are adopted in part to prevent serious degradation of particle surfaces by atmospheric oxygen.
: On undisturbed submerged bodies, pressure acts along all surfaces of a body in a liquid, causing equal perpendicular forces in the body to act against the pressure of the liquid.

On and both
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On this issue, the President received a detailed report from his U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, who had just returned from Paris, and Mr. Kennedy asked Stevenson to search for a face-saving way -- for both Paris and Tunis -- out of the imbroglio.
On contraction, these alternately pass the blood to a single ventricle which pumps it both into both the systemic vessels ( which service the body at large ) as well as the pulmonic vessels ( which return to the lungs for oxygenation ).
The numeral system came to be known to both the Persian mathematician Al-Khwarizmi, whose book On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals written about 825 in Arabic, and the Arab mathematician Al-Kindi, who wrote four volumes, " On the Use of the Indian Numerals " ( Ketab fi Isti ' mal al -' Adad al-Hindi ) about 830.
On his deathbed Amalric bequeathed Nablus to Maria and Isabella, both of whom would retire there.
On 6 November, both parties of the dispute met with Constantine I in Constantinople.
On both sides of the road, the local settlement, Bonna, grew into a sizeable Roman town.
On March 3, 1764, a charter was filed to create the College in Warren, Rhode Island, reflecting the work of both Stiles and Manning.
On the other hand most macropods, smaller birds, lemurs and bipedal rodents move by hopping on both legs simultaneously.
On May 6, the Orioles played a 17-inning game against the Boston Red Sox, the first game since 1925 in which both teams used a position player as a pitcher.
On the other hand, total destruction of both king and people will result if they turn to wickedness.
On this topic, Malachi deals with divorce both as a social problem (" Why then are we faithless to one another ...
In 2010, characters from On the Fastrack and Safe Havens began appearing in both strips.
On 29 ( 16 ) June 1913 General Savov, under direct orders of tsar Ferdinand I, issued attacking orders against both Greece and Serbia without consulting the Bulgarian government and without any official declaration of war.
On the second day of battle, most of both armies had assembled.
On 6 November 2008 both officers were found guilty at an admiral's mast on unspecified charges but the resulting punishment was not disclosed.
On the day of the Berlin Blockade, a Soviet representative told the other occupying powers " We are warning both you and the population of Berlin that we shall apply economic and administrative sanctions that will lead to circulation in Berlin exclusively of the currency of the Soviet occupation zone.
On November 26, 2006, the Chadian government claimed to have recaptured both towns, although rebels still claimed control of Biltine.
On a clear day, it is possible to see both the Caribbean and the Pacific from the peak.
On longer timescales they may be both sources and sinks – during ice ages levels decrease to ~ 180 ppmv, and much of this is believed to be stored in the oceans.
On the other hand, French lait and Spanish leche ( both meaning " milk ") are less obviously cognates of Ancient Greek gálaktos ( genitive singular of gála, " milk "), a relationship more evidently seen through the intermediate Latin lac " milk ", as well as the English word lactic and other terms borrowed from Latin.
On the last day of the season, Young won both games of a doubleheader.

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