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Page "adventure" ¶ 766
from Brown Corpus
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On and truck
On 27 August 1939, after two days of packing, truck convoys began to leave Paris.
On 5 March 1975, a Montoneros bomb detonates in the underground parking at Plaza Colón of the Argentine Army High Command and a garbage truck driver, Alberto Blas García is killed and 28 others are wounded, including four colonels and 18 other ranks. On 3 June 1975, Montoneros guerrillas murdered Raul Amelong, manager of the Acindar steel firm in Rosario, in reprisal for alleged repression against striking employes.
On land or over water the manned kite's moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat ; parasailing just by kiting in heavy winds is highly discouraged.
On April 19, 1995, McVeigh drove the truck to the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building just as its offices opened for the day.
On 26 May 2012 Thai customs officials rescued 138 pangolins being smuggled in a pickup truck.
* On February 18, 2006, an Australian built Mack truck with 112 semi-trailers, and long, pulled the load to recapture the record for the longest road train ( multiple loaded trailers ) ever pulled with a single prime mover.
On the morning of June 14, 2002, a truck with a fertilizer bomb driven by a suicide bomber was detonated outside the United States Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.
On April 23 a report was published stating the company would be dropping the Pontiac brand while preserving the GMC truck line, as well as the Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick brands.
On 19 September 1998, while leaving for the ranch where she kept ponies, the Rover 75 she was driving collided with a Renault catering truck on a two-lane highway in flat countryside.
On November 12, 1976, as Fox was driving home to Port Coquitlam, he became distracted by nearby bridge construction, and crashed into the back of a pickup truck.
On August 5, 1958, after an evening of baccarat at the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes, Warner's Alfa Romeo roadster swerved into the path of a coal truck on a stretch of road located near the seaside villa of Prince Aly Khan.
On September 19, 1964, the southbound Cannonball struck a truck loaded with concrete blocks at a crossing in Johnsonville.
On 19 June 2008, the Taliban in Sadda, Lower Kurram, Pakistan burnt alive three truck drivers of the Turi tribe after attacking a convoy of trucks enroute from Kohat to Parachinar.
On the morning of August 1, Whitman rented a hand truck from Austin Rental Company and cashed $ 250 of worthless checks at the bank before driving to a hardware store, where he purchased a Universal M1 carbine, two additional ammunition magazines and eight boxes of ammunition, explaining to the cashier that he planned to hunt wild hogs.
United States presidential election, 2000 | Election 2000 ; Close-up view of satellite truck s parked by the Florida Capitol during the 2000 Presidential election vote dispute On November 8, 2000, the Florida Division of Elections reported that Bush won with 48. 8 % of the vote in Florida, a margin of victory of 1, 784 votes.
On January 13, 2012, actor Gene Hackman was struck by a pickup truck while riding his bicycle in Islamorada.
On the ninth of December, longstanding band member Mary Hansen was killed when hit by a truck while riding her bicycle.
On February 27, 1967 Wharlest Jackson Sr. was killed when a car bomb went off in his truck as he drove home from work at the Armstrong Rubber Company, where he had recently received a promotion and was working in a position previously " reserved " for whites.
On July 10, 1981 Ken McElroy was shot while sitting in his truck in front of the pool hall in town.
On a hot Memorial Day weekend in 1934, Greek immigrant and ice cream salesman Tom Carvelas was selling ice cream from his truck around roads in Westchester, when he broke down with a flat tire along Central Avenue in Hartsdale.
On February 2, 2011 a truck was hit by a train at the crossing west of the depot.
* On February 26, 1993, Islamist terrorists led by Ramzi Yousef detonated a Ryder truck filled with explosives in the parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City.
On October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber driving a truck filled with 6 tons of TNT crashed through a fence and destroyed the Marine barracks, killing 241 Marines ; seconds later, a second bomber leveled a French barracks, killing 58.

On and bed
On 5 September 1879, Camille Monet died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty-two ; Monet painted her on her death bed.
On 3 November Thomas spent most of the day in bed drinking.
On 24 December 1850, Bastiat called those with him to approach his bed.
On his death bed in 1850, Bastiat described Molinari as the continuator of his works.
On Brighid's Eve, they gather in one house, make a bed for the Brideog to lie in and stay up with it all night.
On another occasion, she found a. 357 Magnum under his bed.
On 24 August 1975 their frogmen planted a mine on the river's bed below the hull of a navy destroyer, the ARA Santísima Trinidad, as she remained docked at Rio Santiago before her commissioning.
On the western side is a worthy bed, on the ground, a stone chimney, a wardrobe and a certain other small chamber ; at the eastern end is a pantry and a buttery.
* The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor — Whyfiles. org – On a bed of pebbles
On the first day of the Festival of Ploughing, where the goddess Isis appeared in her shrine where she was stripped naked, paste made from the grain were placed in her bed and moistened with water, representing the fecund earth.
On the market are also prefab raised garden bed solutions which are made from long lasting polyethylene that is UV stabilized and food grade so it will not leach undesirable chemicals into the soil or deteriorate in the elements.
On his death bed Peuerbach made Regiomontanus promise to finish the book and publish it.
In the same year in Carry On Doctor James was shown mainly lying in a hospital bed, owing to his real-life health scare.
* On his death bed, Trajan adopts Hadrian and designates him as his successor.
On 23 December 1863, after returning from dining out and before dressing for bed, Thackeray suffered a stroke and was found dead in his bed in the morning.
On 27 July, in Manchester, Dalton fell from his bed and was found lifeless by his attendant.
On the morning of 6 February, George VI was discovered dead in bed at Sandringham House in Norfolk.
On his arrival in Jamaica, Bond soon realises that he is being watched, as his hotel room is searched, a basket of poisoned fruit is delivered to his hotel room ( supposedly a gift from the colonial governor ) and a deadly centipede is placed in his bed while he is sleeping.
" On 20 August 1589, Anne was married by proxy to James at Kronborg Castle, the ceremony ending with James's representative, George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal, sitting next to Anne on the bridal bed.
On his return to the center of the room, where he noisily concentrates his tap barrage, the camera cranes down to discover Rogers in bed, awake and irritated.
On average the falls, which flow over a resistant sandstone bed, are 68 feet ( 21 m ) high and 125 feet ( 38 m ) wide, with an average water flow of 3, 600 cubic feet per second ( 100 m³ / s ).
On 7 June 1376, a week before his forty-sixth birthday, he died in his bed at Westminster.
On his death bed, Abu Bakr dictated his will to Uthman, saying that his successor was to be Umar.

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