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On and way
On the way they tried to discover all they could about Burma, and they were disturbed to find that Michael Symes's book had not presented an altogether true picture.
On the way out Mr. Sakellariadis detoured up a special hill from which one may obtain a matchless view of the Acropolis lighted by night.
On December 5 he paced a mile in 55 on the twice-around, out in third position all the way.
On the following pages and in the following issues we take you every step of the way to your vacation cottage, from choosing the proper site to applying the final trim.
On their way, they stopped at every gas station along the main boulevards to question the attendants.
On C, from the point P at Af to the point Q at Af, we construct the chord, and upon the chord as a side erect a square in such a way that as S approaches zero the square is inside C.
On the whole, it appears that they do not favor their own social classes in an explicit way.
On my way out I told her, `` If you should eh just happen to see your husband, get him to give himself up.
On the way I'll give you the scoop ''.
On the way I gave him the scoop.
On this issue, the President received a detailed report from his U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, who had just returned from Paris, and Mr. Kennedy asked Stevenson to search for a face-saving way -- for both Paris and Tunis -- out of the imbroglio.
On the contrary, even in the heart of `` the Bible belt '' itself, as can be attested by any one who is called to work there, the industrial and technological revolutions have long been under way, together with the corresponding changes in man's picture of himself and his world.
On their way to the Heavenly City the children of God make use of the pax-ordo of the earthly city and acknowledge their share in responsibility for its preservation.
On the way he stopped at the desk to receive his mail.
On her way to the airport, on her way to Paris -- you bet, Lucy said to herself.
On my way to the elevator, I ran into Pete.
On 10 September 2009, following an Internet campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for " the appalling way he was treated ".
On his way home Agesilaus died in Cyrenaica, around the age of 84, after a reign of some 41 years.
On his way towards Barcelona, he destroyed Marseille, a possession of Louis III.
On the way home, he negotiated with King Levon I of Armenia, the Emperor Theodore I Laskaris of Nicaea and Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria and arranged several marriage contracts between his children and the courts he visited.
On the way back after giving up the siege he fell ill from dysentery, which was ameliorated by doctors but turned into a fever in Jerusalem.
On the way, they set a lunar speed record, travelling an estimated downhill.
On the way to Zion, Uzzah, one of the drivers of the cart whereon the Ark was carried, put out his hand to steady the Ark, and was smitten by God for touching it.
On 15 December 1840, brought back to France from Saint Helena, Napoleon's remains passed under it on their way to the Emperor's final resting place at the Invalides.

On and fort
On Big Stone Lake near the headwaters of the Red River, Robert Dickson, Superintendent of the Western Indian Department of Canada, had a trading post and planned in 1818 to build a fort to be defended by twenty men and two small artillery pieces.
On March 1, Davis appointed General P. G. T. Beauregard to command all Confederate troops in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina, where state officials prepared to take possession of Fort Sumter ; Beauregard was to prepare his forces but avoid an attack on the fort.
On 2 September 1967, the fort was occupied by Major Paddy Roy Bates, a British subject and pirate radio broadcaster, who ejected a competing group of pirate broadcasters.
On October 31, Dimmitt sent a group of men under Adjutant Ira Westover to take the fort.
On March 5, 1899, the Chicago Tribune publicized a Chicago Historical Society replica of the original fort.
On 30 March 1808, during the Gunboat War, the Cruizer class brig-sloop HMS Clio entered Tórshavn and briefly captured the fort at Skansin.
The river Mazarus, which at that time appears to have formed the boundary between the two states, was only about 25 km west of Selinunte ; and it is certain that at a somewhat later period the territory of Selinunte extended to its banks, and that that city had a fort and emporium at its mouth On the other side its territory certainly extended as far as the Halycus ( modern Platani ), at the mouth of which it founded the colony of Minoa, or Heracleia, as it was afterward termed It is evident, therefore, that Selinunte had early attained to great power and prosperity ; but we have very little information as to its history.
On Christmas night 1672, local Antanosy tribesmen, perhaps angry because fourteen French soldiers in the fort had recently divorced their Malagasy wives to marry fourteen French orphan-women sent out to the colony, massacred the fourteen grooms and thirteen of the fourteen brides.
On June 23 the fort of Huayna Pucará surrendered to Spanish artillery fire.
On the day of the speech, the Queen left her bodyguard before the fort at Tilbury and went among her subjects with an escort of six men.
On the east shore of the St. Johns River in Volusia, in present day Debary, General Winfield Scott established a fort / depot in 1836 named Fort Florida.
On hearing the story, Rhiannon too went into the fort and found Pryderi stuck rigid and speechless to a golden bowl in the middle of the floor.
On March 25, 1864, the Dakhovsky fort was established on the site of the Navaginsky fort.
On November 17, 1866, the fort was renamed Fort Harker in honor of General Charles Garrison Harker who had died on June 27, 1864, from wounds received in an abortive offensive action in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
On the afternoon of 4 May when the final attack on the fort was led by Baird, he was again met by " furious musket and rocket fire ", but this did not help much ; in about an hour's time the Fort was taken ; perhaps in another hour Tipu had been shot ( the precise time of his death is not known ), and the war was effectively over.
On that date, approximately 136 British marines and sailors under the command of Richard Coote ( or Coot ) rowed six boats from four British warships anchored in Long Island Sound, six miles up the Connecticut River, past the unmanned fort in Old Saybrook, arriving at the boat launch at the foot of Main Street in Essex close to 4 A. M.
On January 8, 1861, two days before Florida's secession, Confederate sympathizers ( the Third Regiment of Florida Volunteers ) took control of Fort Clinch, already abandoned by Federal workers who had been constructing the fort.
On December 25, 1837, a force of 2, 000 U. S. Army soldiers and Alabama Volunteers arrived in the area to construct a fort, which they named Fort Christmas.
On July 29, 1863, at Goodrich's Landing south of Lake Providence, Confederate partisan Rangers surprised two companies of black troops in a small fort located on an Indian mound ; they seized 200 prisoners.
On 28 November 1729, the Natchez attacked the fort and plantations in and around the present-day city of Natchez, killing several hundred settlers, including the Jesuit Father Paul Du Poisson, and carrying off a number of women and children.
On Sept. 21, 1812, Col. William Jennings, with his regiment of Kentucky riflemen, was ordered by Gen. W. H. Harrison to cut a road from Fort Barbee at St. Marys to a point midway between that place and Defiance, and there establish a fort.
On 28 June 1776, an incomplete fort was held by colonial forces under Colonel William Moultrie against an onslaught by the British under General Sir Henry Clinton's army sailing with Commodore Sir Peter Parker's men-of-war.
On Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836, in what was later called the Goliad Massacre, 303 were marched out of the fort to be executed, 39 were executed inside the presidio ( 20 prisoners were spared because they were either physicians or medical attendants ).

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