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On and these
On the downstream, or `` pavilion '', side these vaults give out onto terraces twice as wide as the bridge itself.
On these posts the gates swung open with a squeak and shut with a metallic clang.
On this issue, then, as on so many in these months, Steele and Swift took rigidly opposed points of view.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On these they feel they can rely.
On these excursions, Papa instructed him on man's chief end, which was his duty to God and his own salvation.
On April 30, ceremonies commemorating the departure of these volunteers will take place at 1:00 P.M. at the Dexter Training Grounds in Providence.
On the remainder of the clear channels, the dominant ( class 1 ) -- B stations are protected as described above, and the relatively small number of secondary ( class 2 ) ) stations permitted to operate on these channels at night are required to operate directionally and/or with reduced power so as to protect the class 1, stations.
On these generators let Af and Af be, respectively, the harmonic conjugates of Af and Af with respect to the two points in which the corresponding generator meets Aj.
On the economic front, the first priority of these countries is to mobilize a vastly increased volume of resources.
On these bonds, price rises since February 21 easily outnumber price declines.
On contraction, these alternately pass the blood to a single ventricle which pumps it both into both the systemic vessels ( which service the body at large ) as well as the pulmonic vessels ( which return to the lungs for oxygenation ).
Additional works by Alexander are preserved in Arabic translation, these include: On the Principles of the Universe, On Providence, and Against Galen on Motion.
On November 21, 1867, the House Judiciary Committee produced a bill of impeachment: it had a broad collection of complaints against him, but as stated, these were not thought to be easily provable under the Constitution, which required evidence " as treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.
On the basis of these traditions, the churches in question often claim to have inherited specific authority, doctrines and / or practices on the authority of their founding apostle ( s ), which is understood to be continued by the bishops of the see ( seat ) or throne of the church that each founded and whose original leader he was.
On the varying strength of these two monsoons the rainfall of the district depends.
On these occasions the reliable and yet unimaginative tactics Charles was fond of were not sufficient, except on one occasion at Aspern-Essling, to defeat the unpredictable Corsican.
On Broadway, three people played all of these roles.
On these days almost all shops will remain closed.
In addition to these works on astronomical timekeeping, he also wrote De natura rerum, or On the Nature of Things, modelled in part after the work of the same title by Isidore of Seville.
On the right of these French and Bavarian positions, between Oberglauheim and Blenheim, Tallard deployed 64 French and Walloon squadrons ( 16 drawn from Marsin ) supported by nine French battalions standing near the Höchstädt road.
On the other hand, these accelerators have limited capabilities to probe into such high energy regimes.
On early keyboards without a key ( before the introduction of 101-key keyboards ) the Pause function was assigned to, and the Break function to ; these key-combinations still work with most programs, even on modern PCs with modern keyboards.

On and pillars
On this passage the theologian Joseph Barber Lightfoot ( Apostolic Fathers, 1885, II, p. 84 ) noted: " Clement may possibly be referring to some known, but hardly accessible land, lying without the pillars of Hercules.
On becoming Prime Minister Major had promised to keep Britain " at the very heart of Europe ", and claimed to have won " game, set and match for Britain " – by negotiating the social chapter and single currency opt-outs from the Maastricht Treaty, and by ensuring that there was no overt mention of a " Federal " Europe and that foreign and defence policy were kept as matters of inter-governmental cooperation, in separate " pillars " from the supranational European Union.
On 6 March 2009, however, as part of a massive new public works program, Silvio Berlusconi's government announced that plans to construct the Messina Bridge had been fully revived, pledging EUR 1. 3 billion as a contribution to its estimated cost of EUR 6. 1 billion Some 3. 3 km long and 60 m wide, the bridge would be supported by two 382 m pillars, each higher than the Empire State Building, and accommodate six freeway lanes, a railway ( for up to 200 trains a day ), and two walkways.
On the capital of one of the pillars beneath the west gallery W. D. Gough carved a representation of the architect, and a shield inscribed " Aegidio architecto " ( By Giles the architect ) – possibly the only depiction of Scott in stone.
On the central part, there is a loggia with five arcades and pillars made of curved stone, having at the top three ogives.
" On the basis of circumstantial evidence, historical accounts, gazetteers 361 and other epigraphical documents, it is established that after demolishing the temple, the disputed structure was constructed as a mosque and even pillars of the old temple were re-used, which contained the images of Hindu gods and goddesses against the tenets of Islam ".
On the other hand, his unsparing reviews made bad blood with the pillars of the university.
On the left is the mausoleum of Ascia, with an exterior wall painting of vine shoots rising from kantharoi up trompe-l ' œil pillars.
On the top of the spinae stood small tables or frames supported on pillars, and also small pieces of marble in the shape of eggs or dolphins.
On 9 November 1678, Charles promised that he would sign any bill that would make them safe during the reign of his successor, so long as they did not impeach the right of his successor ; this speech was widely misreported as Charles ' having agreed to name the Duke of Monmouth as his successor, leading to celebratory bonfires throughout London, with crowds drinking the health of " the King, the Duke of Monmouth, and Earl of Shaftesbury, as the only three pillars of all safety.
On the pillars of the inner passage, female figures are engraved in high relief.
On the opposite side of the court the few Osiride pillars and columns still left can furnish an idea of the original grandeur.
# On the platform was what is variously called a portal, or door frame, or portico with pillars, of limestone.
On the opposite wall is a mural of a man using the golden sextant outside the temple facing a metal tower and a strange formula for using the sextant This safe's combination results from solving the ritual " Hermat's pillars ".
On the pillars are carved female figurines playing musical instruments and 16 Vidhyadevis, or the goddesses of knowledge, each one holding her own symbol which is believed to be memorial of victorious Brahma Kumaris follower from last Kalpa.
On the tops of the spandrel pillars, girders extend length-wise, from which other stretch at right-angles across the arched ribs.
On the front they routinely bore the image of the goddess Athena standing between two pillars on which roosters perched ; on the back there was a sports scene.
On the ground floor the central bays contain three entrances, separated by pillars, which lead to a recessed porch.
( 2 ) On stately pillars builded high | of yellow burnished gold
On the reverse is a lion, symbol of Buddhism, as also seen on the pillars of the Mauryan King Ashoka.
The print featured on the platform pillars and glass barrier is of farmland which used to exist in the Ma On Shan area.
On either side of the High Altar are two pillars, countercharged in black and white.
On one of the pillars inside the temple she is shown offering flowers to the goddess Anuqet.
On the sides of the elevator, the walkway is articulated by means of bearings, as well as on the pillars, which is articulated at the base.

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