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On and analysis
It goes from the basics, the analysis of simple terms in the Categories, the analysis of propositions and their elementary relations in On Interpretation, to the study of more complex forms, namely, syllogisms ( in the Analytics ) and dialectics ( in the Topics and Sophistical Refutations ).
On the advice of Cartan and Weil, he moved to the University of Nancy where he wrote his dissertation under Laurent Schwartz in functional analysis, from 1950 to 1953.
Although control systems of various types date back to antiquity, a more formal analysis of the field began with a dynamics analysis of the centrifugal governor, conducted by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1868 entitled On Governors.
On the satirical side, Thomas Carlyle ( 1849 ) coined ' the dismal science ' as an epithet for classical economics, in this context, commonly linked to the pessimistic analysis of Malthus ( 1798 ).
In his book On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History, Carlyle set out how he saw history as having turned on the decisions of " heroes ", giving detailed analysis of the influence of several such men ( including Muhammad, Shakespeare, Luther, Rousseau, and Napoleon ).
On the basis of his linguistic analysis, Samarin defined Pentecostal glossolalia as " meaningless but phonologically structured human utterance, believed by the speaker to be a real language but bearing no systematic resemblance to any natural language, living or dead ".
On many insulin pumps, this history can be uploaded to a computer and graphed for trend analysis.
John Sheppard, in his analysis of dreams titled On Dreams ( 1847 ), lamented Coleridge's drug use as getting in the way of his poetry but argued: " It is probable, since he writes of having taken an ' anodyne ,' that the ' vision in a dream ' arose under some excitement of that same narcotic ; but this does not destroy, even as to his particular case, the evidence for a wonderfully inventive action of the mind in sleep ; for, whatever were the exciting cause, the fact remains the same ".
He was awarded the Bôcher Memorial Prize in mathematical analysis in 1964 for his paper " On a conjecture by Littlewood and idempotent measures ", and lends his name to the Cohen-Hewitt factorization theorem.
On March 16, 2011, the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status issued a third report that reaffirned the legal position adopted by the three previous presidents over nearly a quarter century that Puerto Rico remains today " subject to the Territory Clause of the U. S. Constitution ( see Report at page 26 ), that the territory's long-term economic well-being would be enhanced by an early resolution of the political status problem ( p. 33 ) and devotes most of the report to extensive economic analysis and recommendations.
On the basis of this analysis, Krantz argues that a speed of 24 frames per second can be quickly dismissed and that " may safely rule out 16 frames per second and accept the speed of 18.
On this view, those who offer reliabilist theories of justification further analyze the ' justification ' part of the traditional analysis of ' knowledge ' in terms of reliable processes.
On the other hand, Sapir explicitly rejected strong linguistic determinism by stating, " It would be naïve to imagine that any analysis of experience is dependent on pattern expressed in language.
On December 20, 2001, German TV channel " Das Erste " broadcast an analysis of the White House's translation of the videotape.
On September 21, 1997, the exact 100th anniversary of the original publication of the editorial, The New York Times published an analysis of its enduring appeal.
On the other hand, constructive analysis does accept the existence of the completed infinity of the integers.
On the basis of the analysis of the skeletal remains of the consumed animals he concluded that hominids and early humans were mostly scavengers, not hunters, and this idea is popular among some archaeologists and paleoanthropologists.
On the other hand, an analysis of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality data published by America ’ s Health Insurance Plans found that Medicare Advantage enrollees spent fewer days in the hospital than Fee-for-Service enrollees, were less likely to have " potentially avoidable " admissions, and had fewer re-admissions.
The phenomenological tie-in with the sociology of knowledge stems from two key historical sources for Mannheim's analysis: Mannheim was dependent on insights derived from Husserl's phenomenological investigations, especially the theory of meaning as found in Husserl's Logical Investigations of 1900 / 1901 ( Husserl: 2000 ), in the formulation of his central methodological work: " On The Interpretation of Weltanschauung " ( Mannheim: 1993: see fn41 & fn43 )-this essay forms the centerpiece for Mannheim's method of historical understanding and is central to his conception of the sociology of knowledge as a research program ; and The concept of " Weltanschauung " employed by Mannheim has its origins in the hermeneutic philosophy of Wilhelm Dilthey, who relied on Husserl's theory of meaning ( above ) for his methodological specification of the interpretive act ( Mannheim: 1993: see fn38 ).
* On Interpretation, an analysis of simple categorical propositions, into simple terms, negation, and signs of quantity ; and a comprehensive treatment of the notions of opposition and conversion.
Two books have been published specifically devoted to critique and analysis of his artwork: Riding Some Kind of Unusual Skull Sleigh: On The Arts Of Don Van Vliet ( 1999 ) by W. C. Bamberger and Stand Up To Be Discontinued, first published in 1993, a now rare collection of essays on Van Vliet's work.
" On another occasion, he outlines four types of appropriate answers to questions: yes or no, analysis, a counter-question, and putting the question aside.
On their return, the Canadian Corps staff officers produced a tactical analysis of the Verdun battles and delivered a series of corps and divisional-level lectures to promote the primacy of artillery and stress the importance of harassing fire and company and platoon flexibility.

On and abstract
On a more abstract level, model theoretic arguments hold that a given set of symbols in a theory can be mapped onto any number of sets of real-world objects — each set being a " model " of the theory — providing the interrelationships between the objects are the same.
On June 6, 1721, Mather sent an abstract of reports on inoculation by Timonius and Jacobus Pylarinus to local physicians, urging them to consult about the matter.
On Pappas reading, Berkeley ’ s two theses — that there are no abstract ideas and that sensible objects must be perceived in order to exist — entail one another.
) Darwin had initially decided to call it An abstract of an Essay on the Origin of Species and Varieties Through natural selection, but with Murray's persuasion it was eventually changed to the snappier title: On the Origin of Species, with the title page adding by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.
On the other hand, for instance, a triple consisting of the length, width, and height of a rectangular box could make up the three components of an abstract vector, but this vector would not be contravariant, since rotating the box does not change the box's length, width, and height.
His writing in The Blue Rider Almanac and the treatise " On the Spiritual In Art " ( which was released around the same time ) were both a defence and promotion of abstract art and an affirmation that all forms of art were equally capable of reaching a level of spirituality.
According to one text book: " On one plane the field is abstract, a set of analytical concepts about competition and monopoly.
On the later albums recorded by the remaining duo, the arrangements were sparse and heavily electronic, the singing evolved from abstract screams and mumbles to a very direct, rhythmic vocal style, and their live performances were delivered with such intensity that a 1980 concert in Düsseldorf had to be stormed by the police to bring the crowd under control.
On the other hand, especially in the " physics " chapter, many images look almost completely abstract.
On February 28, 1971, at the dedication, Dominique De Menil said, " We are cluttered with images and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine ," noting Rothko ’ s courage in painting what might be called " impenetrable fortresses " of color.
On this basis, many adherents of Hirsch's philosophy have preferred the natural sciences over the humanities as a subject of secular study, seemingly because they are easier to judge through the prism of Torah thought than the more abstract humanities.
On the other hand, for instance, a triple consisting of the length, width, and height of a rectangular box could make up the three components of an abstract vector, but this vector would not be contravariant, since rotating the box does not change the box's length, width, and height.
On a theoretical level, refinements to the abstract definition of scale-free have been proposed.
Of a third work On the Differences and Similarities of the Greek and Latin Verb, we only possess an abstract by a certain Johannes, doubtfully identified with Johannes Scotus Eriugena ( 9th century ).
* Athanassios Athanassiou, On a Deinotherium ( Proboscidea ) finding in the Neogene of Crete: abstract
On the other hand, Blanchot's own literary works, like the famous Thomas the Obscure, heavily influenced Levinas ' and Bataille's ideas about the possibility that our vision of reality is blurred because of the use of words ( thus making everything you perceive automatically as abstract as words are ).
On a more abstract application, its use points to welfare, for example, health, prosperity, and, peace.
On visits to Paris he met Mondrian, whose work in the neoplastic style was to influence him in an abstract direction, and Picasso, whose cubism would also find its way into his work.
* Samuel Eilenberg & Tudor Ganea, On the Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of abstract groups, Annals of Mathematics, 2nd Ser., 65 ( 1957 ), no.
In the liner notes for Deutsche Grammophon's release of Wing On Wing, he is quoted saying " Musical expression is bodily expression, there is no abstract cerebral expression in my opinion.
On the dome is the abstract painting known as Morning Star.
According to Mitchell Whitelaw in his Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life, " On the screen they are luminous, twisting, elastic shapes, abstract tangles and loops of glowing filaments.
On a more abstract level, BDDs can be considered as a compressed representation of sets or relations.
On October 25, 1945, she married artist Jackson Pollock, who was also influential in the abstract expressionism movement.

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