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On and diagram
On this diagram the work that is generated for each cycle corresponds to the area within the loop.
( On the HR diagram, the evolving star moves up and to the right of the main sequence.
Charles Darwin talks about envisioning evolution as a " tangled bank " in On the Origin of Species ; however, the book's sole illustration is of a branched diagram that is very tree-like.
On a two-dimensional diagram, sometimes a vector perpendicular to the plane of the diagram is desired.
On the right of the Hubble sequence diagram are two parallel branches encompassing the spiral galaxies.
On the diagram on the right, the white chameleon moves g6-e6-c6, astoundingly capturing all seven black pieces except the king in one move and delivering check.
On a standard supply and demand diagram, consumer surplus is the area ( triangular if the supply and demand curves are linear ) above the equilibrium price of the good and below the demand
On this basis, the diagram opposite ( redrawn from their article ) showed the real ' kingdoms ' ( their quotation marks ) of the eukaryotes.
On instruments using decimal measure, as shown in the diagram below, the indicating scale would have 10 graduations covering the same length as 9 on the data scale.
On a phase diagram the intersection of the eutectic temperature and the eutectic composition gives the eutectic point.
On the other hand, the group velocity is equal to the slope of the wavenumber – frequency diagram:
On the top is the time-position diagram.
On a blank space in his copy of The New York Times, he recorded the diagram found in Figure 1, and the equations derived below.
On the other hand, because of the intersecting deferents of Mars and the Sun ( see diagram ), it went against the Ptolemaic and Aristotelian notion that the planets were placed within nested spheres.
On such a diagram, every possible future location of the object lies within the cone.
** On some maps intended for wilderness or navigational use, including the topographic maps of the U. S. Geological Survey ( USGS ), a diagram shows the relationship between magnetic north in the area concerned ( with an arrow marked " MN ") and true north ( a vertical line with a five-pointed star at its top ), with a label near the angle between the MN arrow and the vertical line, stating the size of the declination and of that angle, in degrees, mils, or both.
( On USGS maps, the diagram is near the lower left hand corner, and the information labelled " GN " ( grid north ) in the same diagram is irrelevant to this discussion.
On orthodox keyboards this would be an impossible stretch for most players, but as on the Viennese bass octave it would have been easy to play, with the fingers depressing keys that visually appeared as D / G / B ( see diagram above ).
On the diagram one can see the quantity called capacity for entropy.
On a pressure volume diagram, an isochoric process appears as a straight vertical line.
On a circuit diagram, the symbols for components are labelled with a descriptor or reference designator matching that on the list of parts.
On an Hertzsprung – Russell diagram subdwarfs appear to lie below the main sequence.

On and subducting
On the subducting side of the island arc is a deep and narrow oceanic trench, which is the trace at the Earth ’ s surface of the boundary between the downgoing and overriding plates.
On the subducting side of the island arc is a deep and narrow oceanic trench, which is the trace at the Earth ’ s surface of the boundary between the downgoing and overriding plates.

On and Slab
* On the Slab
The Cabinet War Rooms office-bedroom of Brendan Bracken, Churchill's Ministry of Information ( United Kingdom ) | Minister of Information. On 22 October 1940, during the Blitz bombing campaign against Britain, it was decided to increase the protection of the Cabinet War Rooms by the installation of a massive layer of concrete known as ' the Slab '.

On and geology
On Earth, the recognition of impact craters is a branch of geology, as opposed to astronomy on other worlds.
On a large scale, structural geology is the study of the three dimensional relationships of stratigraphic units to one another within terranes of rock or within geological regions.
On December 24, 1929, he married Mary Helen von Noé, daughter of Adolf Carl Noé, a geology professor at the University of Chicago.
On the whole the spectrum of the research ranges from fundamental research to experiments in physics, material science, chemistry, molecular biology, geology and medicine to industrial cooperations.
On coasts two different types of arches can form depending on the geology.
On his return he was appointed in 1860 professor of mineralogy and geology at the Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute in Vienna, and in 1876 he was made superintendent of the Imperial Natural History Museum.
On his return to Russia, Hess joined an expedition to study the geology of the Urals before setting up a medical practice in Irkutsk.
On the foundation of the Murchison professorship of geology and mineralogy at the University of Edinburgh in 1871, he became the first occupant of the chair.
On the latter voyage most of the naturalist's duties were performed by Joseph Dalton Hooker, with McCormick concentrating on geology and bird collecting.
Having become interested in geology through the teachings of Sedgwick, he utilized his opportunities and gathered many interesting facts on the geology of East Anglia which were embodied in a paper On the Geological Structure and Phenomena of Suffolk ( Trans.
On January 7, 2007 the National Center for Science Education reported that Grand Canyon: A Different View, edited by Tom Vail and published by Master Books, the publishing arm of the Institute for Creation Research, and described as promoting " a young-earth creationist view of the geology of the Grand Canyon ," was facing new scrutiny by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility ( PEER ) in December 2006.
On account of the minuteness with which it has been described and the important controversies on points of theoretical geology which have arisen regarding it, the granulite district of Saxony ( in the area of Rosswein and Penig ) in Germany may be considered the typical region for rocks of this group.
On the hillsides of the southwestern end of the valley, lie the Poleta Folds, a distinctly visible example of crustal folding frequently studied by geology students from the University of California and California State University educational systems.
On his return to England, he published a report on the geology of the region
On his return in 1875 he was appointed assistant in geology at the School of mines, and in 1878 he became assistant geologist on the United States geological and geographical survey west of the 100th meridian.
On his return he became professor of natural science in Oglethorpe University which was located in Midway, Georgia at the time ; and from December 1852 until 1856 professor of natural history and geology at Franklin College.
Appearing four months after Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, it summed up a three-quarter-century-long challenge to biblical history by the higher critics and to biblical prehistory by scientists working in the new fields of geology and biology.
# On the Mosaic Cosmogony by C. W. Goodwin —" a critique of the attempted ' Harmonies ' between Genesis and geology "
" He was the author of numerous essays on the geology of the Malvern country, notably of a paper " On the passage-beds from the Upper Silurian rocks into the Lower Old Red Sandstone at Ledbury " ( Quart.
On display in the gorge one can find a variety of unique geologic features and processes that exemplify the geology of the Appalachian Plateau, including the exposure of over of sandstone and shale, house-sized boulders scattered from rim to river, plant and invertebrate fossils, and steep channel drop-offs.
On his occasional visits to cities he sometimes gave scientific lectures, and wherever he went he was interested in the geology and natural history of the district.
On his return to China, he engaged in various business ventures, wrote, taught geology and literature.
On their suggestion, in 1831 or 1832 he went to England, where, with aid afforded him by his brother William, he studied chemistry in the laboratory of Edward Turner, and attended other scientific lectures in London, including those of De la Beche on geology.

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