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from Brown Corpus
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On and trial
On Wednesday morning, November 2, 1859, the Providence Daily Journal stated that although Brown justly deserved the extreme penalty, no man, however criminal, ought to suffer the penalty without a fair trial.
On direct appeal, a prisoner challenges the grounds of the conviction based on an error that occurred at trial or some other stage in the adjudicative process.
On March 5, 1868, the impeachment trial began in the Senate and lasted almost three months ; Reps. George S. Boutwell, Ben Butler and Thaddeus Stevens acted as managers ( prosecutors ) for the House and William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis and Attorney General Henry Stanberry served as Johnson's counsel ; Chief Justice Chase served as presiding judge.
On the eve of trial, the case settled worldwide to the parties ' " mutual satisfaction "; the amount that CBS paid to the Orwell Estate was not disclosed.
On 31 October 1958, the Union of Soviet Writers held a trial behind closed doors.
On November 6, 1985, the M-19 stormed the Colombian Palace of Justice and held the Supreme Court magistrates hostage, intending to put president Betancur on trial.
On September 18, 1974, courts awarded Day $ 22, 835, 646 for fraud and malpractice in an hour-long oral decision by Superior Judge Lester E. Olson, ending a 99-day trial that involved 18 consolidated lawsuits and countersuits filed by Day and Rosenthal that involved Rosenthal's handling of her finances after she terminated him in July 1968.
On December 15, 2002, on the ensuing trial highlights the government's failure to demonstrate in court that the alleged coup attempt had ever actually taken place.
On May 1, 2007 Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London's Institute of Ophthalmology announced the world's first gene therapy trial for inherited retinal disease.
On the weekend of 30 June 1934, he gave order to the SS to seize Röhm and his lieutenants, and to execute them without trial ( known as the Night of the Long Knives ).
On April 19, 1988, Japanese telecommunications company NTT began offering nationwide ISDN services trademarked INS Net 64, and INS Net 1500, a fruition of NTT's independent research and trial from the 1970s of what it referred to the INS ( Information Network System ).
On 6 February 2005, the homes of two Sharman Networks executives and the offices of Sharman Networks in Australia were raided under a court order by ARIA to gather evidence for the trial.
On 31 January 2001, at the end of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial, Megrahi was convicted of murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison.
On 29 October, hijackers of a West German Lufthansa passenger jet demanded the release of the three surviving gunmen, who had been arrested after the Fürstenfeldbruck gunfight and were being held for trial.
On 3 September 1386, he was called to give evidence in the Scrope v. Grosvenor trial at Chester.
On 7 July a government decree ordering the arrest and trial of Vladimir Lenin was published.
On 4 October 2001, it is believed that the Taliban covertly offered to turn bin Laden over to Pakistan for trial in an international tribunal that operated according to Islamic shar ' ia law.
On 14 October 2001, the Taliban proposed to hand bin Laden over to a third country for trial, but only if they were given evidence of bin Laden's involvement in the events of 11 September 2001.
On the other hand, if clients plead based on their lawyers ' overly pessimistic advice, the cases do not go to trial and the clients are none the wiser.
On 21 May 1975, the Stammheim trial of Baader, Ensslin, Meinhof, and Raspe began, named after the district in Stuttgart where it took place.
On August 20, 2006, in Tampa, Florida, most of the state leadership members of the street gang, the Latin Kings, were arrested in connection with RICO conspiracy charges to engage in racketeering and currently await trial.
On the day of Parks ' trial — December 5, 1955 — the WPC distributed the 35, 000 leaflets.
After a trial that lasted a few months, he was convicted and hanged On 29 March 1970 in Freetown.
On November 14, 2011 the company conducting the trial announced that it will discontinue further development of its stem cell programs.

On and Jakarta
On the same day The US ambassador in Jakarta, Ralph Boyce, personally delivers to the Indonesian President a message of growing concern that Americans could become targets of terrorist actions in her country.
" On July 1942, Sukarno was sent back to Jakarta, where he re-united with other nationalist leaders recently released by the Japanese, including Mohammad Hatta.
On 22 June, the Islamic and nationalist elements of BPUPKI created a small committee of nine, which formulated Sukarno's ideas into the five-point Pancasila, in a document known as the Jakarta Charter:
On 19 September, Sukarno addressed a crowd of one million people at the Ikada Field of Jakarta ( now part of Merdeka Square ) to commemorate one month of independence, indicating the strong level of popular support for the new republic, at least on Java and Sumatera.
On that day, Sukarno flew from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, making a triumphant speech at the steps of the governor-general's palace, immediately renamed the Merdeka Palace (" Independence Palace ").
On 30 November 1957, an assassination attempt was made by grenade attack against Sukarno when he was visiting a school function in Cikini, Central Jakarta.
On February 1958, the remaining dissident commanders in Central Sumatera ( Colonel Ahmad Hussein ) and North Sulawesi ( Colonel Ventje Sumual ) declared PRRI-Permesta Movement aimed at overthrowing the Jakarta government.
On the night of 30 September 1965 six senior army generals were kidnapped and executed in Jakarta by a battalion of soldiers from the Presidential Guard.
On 4 January 2008, Suharto was taken to the Pertamina hospital, Jakarta with complications arising from a weak heart, swelling of limbs and stomach, and partial renal failure.
On November 6, 2007, Viva Art International Ltd and Maz Concerts Inc. sued Copperfield for nearly $ 2. 2 million for breach of contract and the Indonesian promoter of David Copperfield's canceled shows in Jakarta held on to $ 550, 000 worth of Copperfield's equipment in lieu of money paid to Copperfield that had not been returned.
On the second trip, he commanded two ships and in October 1613 was appointed accountant-general of all VOC offices in Indonesia and president of the head office in Bantam ( Indonesian: Banten ) and of Jakarta.
On 28 April 1656, the Vergulde Draeck ( Gilt Dragon ) en route to Batavia ( now Jakarta ) was shipwrecked 107 km north of the Swan River near Ledge Point.
On their arrival in Batavia ( Jakarta ) they discovered that the Japanese had handed over their weapons to Indonesian nationalists who attacked the British force when they tried to wrest control, knowing that the British intended to return Batavia to the Dutch.
On a refueling stop in Jakarta, Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus are on their way to Sydney when they unexpectedly meet their old friend Piotr Skut ( first encountered in The Red Sea Sharks ), now the chief pilot for eccentric millionaire Laszlo Carreidas.
On the morning of 27 July 1996, Suryadi threatened to take back PDI's Headquarters in Jakarta.
* On July 2, 2004, Colin Powell, then the U. S. Secretary of State, performed a modified version of " YMCA " for his fellow foreign government officials at the ASEAN security meeting in Jakarta.
On Nov. 23, 1942, the German ship Ramses attempted unsuccessfully to sail from Batavia ( now called Jakarta ), the ship being in the Pacific when the war started, to Bordeaux with a cargo of rubber.
On 15 October 2004, he was arrested by the Indonesian authorities and charged with involvement in the bomb attack on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta on 5 August 2003, which killed 14 people.
On June 29, 1965, Koes Plus, a leading Indonesian pop group in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, was imprisoned in Glodok, West Jakarta, for playing Western-style music.
On 22 March 1942, Hatta and Syahrir were again transferred to Jakarta.
On November 20, 2011 the Jakarta administration inaugurated the city's first railways tourism package aimed at attracting more tourists and reducing traffic congestion from Gambir Railway Station to the Tanjung Priok Station.
On November 15, 2005, a South Jakarta court dismissed the suit on technical grounds, saying the government had breached the terms of its contract with Newmont when it took legal action before seeking arbitration.
On 11 August 1948 Musso returned to Jakarta after twelve years in the Soviet Union.
On 30 September Pemuda Rakyat and Gerwani, both PKI-associated organizations, held a mass rally in Jakarta against the inflation crisis.

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