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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 76
from Brown Corpus
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One's and is
One's daily work becomes sacred, since it is performed in the field of influence of the moral law, dealing as it does with people as well as with matter and energy.
With annual spending totalling billions of US dollars, Formula One's economic effect and creation of jobs is significant, and its financial and political battles are widely reported.
One's subjectivity exists, " always already " and is discovered through the process of interpellation.
Season One's " The Valley Of Fear " is an episode which caused controversy, when Victor finds a frozen cat in his freezer.
One's number of outs is often used to describe a drawing hand: " I had a two-outer " meaning you had a hand that only two cards in the deck could improve to a winner, for example.
One's patriline is thus a line of descent from a male ancestor to a descendant ( of either sex ) in which the individuals in all intervening generations are fathers.
One's desktop is updated by first installing a current grimoire.
The Sangha: " The Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples ( Savakas ) is:
that is, the four pairs of persons, the eight types of individuals-This Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples is:
CBC Radio One's flagship national talk program is the weekend Cross Country Checkup, which has been broadcast since 1965.
One's confusion about whether some vague word does or does not apply in a borderline case is explained as being due to one's ignorance.
One's biological sex is directly tied to specific social roles and expectations.
The Eye of the World was created by Aes Sedai who sacrificed themselves to create a pool of Saidin untouched by the Dark One's taint, and is hidden in the Blight.
The Eye of the World is protected by Someshta ( the Green Man ) and contains one of the seven seals on the Dark One's prison, the Dragon banner of Lews Therin Telamon and the Horn of Valere.
The book's title is a reference to the increasing coldness of Rand al ' Thor's personality and to the return of winter following the reversal in the previous book, The Path of Daggers, of the unnatural heat caused by the Dark One's manipulation of climate.
One's heredity is the " sum " of one's genes, and their expression, passed on by one's parents.
Spaceball One's secret weapon is its ability to transform, in parody of various transforming robot toys ( Barf describes it as " a Transformer "), into Mega Maid, a colossal cleaning woman holding a gigantic vacuum cleaner used to extract air from other planets and take it back to planet Spaceball.
* One's dance role is less synonymous with one's actual sex: People more often dance the opposite gender's role than in the general western square dance community.
He attempts to acquire a legendary crystal that would allow him to wield even greater power, but, although Moriarty acquires the crystal, boosting his powers and healing his injuries, he is defeated when it is revealed that Holmes is partly possessed by the spirit of the Dark One's old rival, allowing Holmes to wield similar powers to Moriarty's and delay him long enough for Holmes's ally, Huree Chunder Mockerjee, to knock the crystal away from Moriarty and into Holmes's hands, allowing Holmes to turn Moriarty's powers against him, vaporising his body and destroying him once and for all.
One's soul, however, is confined to 8. 4 million life cycles before taking birth as a human, the point of human life being one where one attains salvation, the salvation being sach khand.
One's agnate may be male or female provided that the kinship is calculated patrilineally ; i. e., only through males back to a common ancestor.

One's and was
Sauron's plan was not completely successful ; for the Elves hid their rings and did not use them while Sauron held the One, and the Dwarves ' rings did not respond to the One's control as Sauron expected.
In 2001 the railway was featured in the finale of ITV's comedy series The Grimleys, named The Grimley Curse, and then in 2007 on the finale of BBC One's award-winning drama series Life on Mars.
Ignus is a pyromaniacal mage who was the apprentice of one of The Nameless One's past selves.
Meanwhile, a top ten charting holiday album, Merry, Merry Christmas, was released in the fall — spawning another top 10 hit, " This One's for the Children " and going double platinum in the U. S. The proceeds were donated to United Cerebral Palsy, the New Kids ' favorite charitable cause.
The Japanese military and most audiences found the first part to be too serious, but the studio and Mizoguchi both regarded it as so important that Part Two was put into production, despite Part One's lukewarm reception.
BBC One's daytime line-up was a major factor in it overtaking ITV as the most popular channel in 2000, a position it has held ever since.
Historically, BBC One's most popular daytime programme was Neighbours, with audience figures approaching five million.
A 2007 revival of the London Palladium production at the Adelphi Theatre was the subject of BBC One's second search for a West End star, capitalizing on the success of the BBC's 2006 Lloyd Webber talent search series, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria ?.
That megamix, a pastiche of loops from several disco records, particularly the bassline from Player One's " Space Invaders " ( 1979 ), had been Saunders ' " signature " tune as a DJ ; it was one that other DJs in the city didn't have or didn't play.
His power was used to encode some part of The One's being onto them, creating the powerful, pale-skinned " N30 Ag3nts ".
It was also home to writers such as Catherine Johnson ( who went on to pen Mamma Mia, the ABBA musical ) and Matthew Graham ( This Life, Doctor Who and co-creator of BBC One's Life on Mars ).
Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy and All Smiles replaced Marr as guitarist, when Marr left the band after joining The Cribs, beginning with the support of No One's First and You're Next, which was released on August 4, 2009, composed of unreleased tracks from the recording sessions of Good News for People Who Love Bad News and We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.
It was a far cry from the 14 mile Nürburgring that most were used to seeing, and was initially unpopular during Formula One's return.
Although aware his father was born in Calcutta, India, Alistair and his sister Kay were unaware of the fact that their father had a Anglo-Indian background until McGowan explored his ancestry on BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are?
In October 2008, the island was featured on BBC One's annual Autumn Watch programme.
One's race was the only limiting factor on the " class " or " profession " that could be played by your character.
Langford was a featured dancer in BBC One's popular light entertainment series The Hot Shoe Show which she co-presented with Wayne Sleep.
Audio of the channel was also simulcast on AM radio stations across the country via Westwood One ; all of CNN's U. S. radio operations ( including the HLN simulcast ) were discontinued April 1, 2012 as part of Westwood One's dissolution into Dial Global.
Robert Jordan is very clear that the world before the Breaking was much different geographically, and thus physical descriptions must first differentiate between the planet ’ s appearance in the Age of Legends or “ The World Since the Breaking ” ( after insane male Aes Sedai and the Dark One's minions shattered the world, drastically altering it geographically ).
Kraken was originally not a judge but one of the Judda, a rogue army of clones created by the renegade Judge Morton Judd from the DNA of Mega-City One's greatest judges, and hidden in a secret base within Ayers Rock.
But it was Jeremy Bentham that defended the rights for homosexuality with his essay " Offence against One's Self " but could not be published until in 1978.
Having ready access to what, for many years, was Formula One's most lavish paymaster helped sustain the Italian's career through some depressing troughs.

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