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One and White
One of the vexatious problems to first confront President Kennedy was the property lying just across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.
One of the offices slated for reconstruction is the aged Court of Claims, diagonally across the street from the White House.
One of the most interested `` students '' on the tour which the Brevard group took at the National Gallery yesterday following their concert at the White House, was Letitia Baldrige, social secretary to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
One such example is the a cappella release of Jay-Z's Black Album, which Danger Mouse mixed with The Beatles ' White Album to create The Grey Album.
* Paul Johner vs Aron Nimzowitsch, Dresden 1926, NimzoIndian Defence, Rubinstein Variation ( E47 ), 0 – 1 One of Nimzowitsch's most famous games sees White fall deep into passivity and get squeezed.
One national landmark in the Bronx is the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, overlooking the Harlem River and designed by the renowned architect Stanford White.
One was his visit as a Boys Nation senator to the White House to meet President John F. Kennedy.
One of these clubs, the Chicago White Stockings, won the championship in 1870.
One of his most notable achievements was to initiate the process of breaking down the preferential White Australia policy by ending the distinction between Asian and European migrants and by permitting skilled Asians to settle with their families.
One critic charged that presidents could appoint a " virtual army of ' czars ' – each wholly unaccountable to Congress yet tasked with spearheading major policy efforts for the White House.
* 3: 58 p. m .: FBI announces they have evidence showing the White House and Air Force One were intended targets of the attacks.
For instance, the residents of Camp Skagway Number One included: William Howard Taft, who went on to become a U. S. President ; Frederick Russell Burnham, the celebrated American scout who arrived from Africa only to be called back to take part in the Second Boer War ; and W. W. White, author and explorer.
One of the results was a dinner invitation to the White House in 1901 by President Theodore Roosevelt.
Heckart was familiar to television audiences with starring roles in The Five Mrs. Buchanans, Annie McGuire, Out of the Blue, Trauma Center, Partners in Crime, Backstairs at the White House ( Emmy nomination as Eleanor Roosevelt ), and guest spots on The Fugitive, The Mary Tyler Moore Show ( two Emmy nominations as journalist Flo Meredith, a role she carried over to a guest appearance on MTM's spinoff Lou Grant ), Rhoda, Alice, Murder One, Hawaii Five-O, Gunsmoke, Cybill, The Cosby Show, and many other shows.
Over the course of the game, a lone Aes Sedai must track down a robber following an assault on the White Tower, and prevent the Dark One from being released prematurely.
One side of the chess set is referred to as " White " and the other as " Black " ( White and Black in chess ).
One bullet hit the driver, Linda White, in the arm.
One police officer then drove down the road past Seascape and past the disabled car of Mrs. White.
White produced, wrote and arranged their classic soul ballad, " Walking In The Rain With The One I Love ", which climbed to # 14 in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop chart and # 6 on the Billboard R & B chart in late 1972.
One block south of the Capitol is the First White House of the Confederacy, the 1835 Italianate-style house in which President Jefferson Davis and family lived while the capitol of the Confederacy was in Montgomery.
One of the most obvious differences is the use of the aspirated / m / in White Hmong by the sound of " H ", which is used when it is written in Romanized Popular Alphabet.
Recent examples include Under the Net ( 1954 ) by Iris Murdoch, Jerzy Kosinski's The Painted Bird ( 1965 ), Thomas Berger's Little Big Man ( 1964 ), Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle ( 1973 ), John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces ( 1980 ), Isabel Allende's Eva Luna ( 1987 ), Edward Abbey's The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel ( 1988 ), Robert Clark Young's One of the Guys ( 1999 ), Helen Zahavi's Dirty Weekend ( 1991 ), C. D. Payne's Youth in Revolt ( 1993 ), Christian Kracht's Faserland ( 1995 ), Umberto Eco's Baudolino ( 2000 ), Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver ( 2003 ), and Aravind Adiga's " The White Tiger " ( Booker Prize 2008 )
Image: White Rock Forge Covered Bridge First Approach 2900px. jpg | One of the approaches to the bridge

One and House
( One big question: If Colmer was to be purged, what should the House do about the other three senior Mississippians who supported the maverick electors??
Seven stories are inspired by a nursery rhyme: And Then There Were None by Ten Little Indians ; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by One, Two, Buckle My Shoe ; Five Little Pigs by This Little Piggy ; Crooked House by There Was a Crooked Man ; A Pocket Full of Rye by Sing a Song of Sixpence ; Hickory Dickory Dock by Hickory Dickory Dock, and Three Blind Mice by Three Blind Mice.
He declines to solve a case for the Home Secretary because he is retired in Chapter One of Peril at End House ( 1932 ).
One of the most famous contemporary buildings by an anthroposophical architect is ING House, an ING Bank building in Amsterdam, which has received several awards for its ecological design and approach to a self-sustaining ecology as an autonomous building and example of sustainable architecture.
One notable use was during the French Revolution, when the dethroned King Louis XVI ( a member of the House of Bourbon and a direct male-line descendant of Hugh Capet ) and Queen Marie Antoinette ( a member of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine ) were referred to as " Louis and Antoinette Capet " ( the queen being addressed as " the Widow Capet " after the execution of her husband ).
One of the first uses of the term green conservatism was by former United States Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, in a debate on environmental issues with John Kerry.
One such fatal poison is secretly administered by the Harkonnens to Thufir Hawat, the Mentat of House Atreides, in order to keep Hawat's allegiance as the only provider of the antidote ( in the 1984 movie version, it is shown that Hawat has to milk a gruesome captive cat for the antidote every day ).
Zone One is the Historic Center, ( Centro Histórico ), lying in the very heart of the city, the location of many important historic buildings including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura ( National Palace of Culture ), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, the Casa Presidencial ( Presidential House ), the National Library and Plaza de la Constitución ( Constitution Plaza, old Central Park ).
One of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl, Rietveld is famous for his Red and Blue Chair and for the Rietveld Schröder House, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Similar to the British system, Article One of the United States Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try impeachments.
One of the reasons that the Liberal government under Gladstone wanted to abolish the judicial aspect of the House of Lords was that it was concerned for the poor quality of judges at this court.
One involved John Bonham riding a motorcycle through a rented floor of the Riot House, while another involved the destruction of a room in the Tokyo Hilton, leading to the band being banned from that establishment for life.
One of her sisters married Count Wichmann the Elder, a member of the House of Billung.
It reopened on 31 August 1928 as the Haus Vaterland, offering " The World in One House ," and could now hold up to 8, 000 guests at a time.
One of the most successful was The Hobbit, an award-winning computer game published in 1982 by Beam Software and published by Melbourne House with compatibility for most computers available at the time.
However, the Supreme Court has interpreted the provision of Clause One that Representatives shall be elected " by the People " to mean that, in those states with more than one member of the House of Representatives, each congressional election district within the state must have nearly identical populations.

One and dog
One even gave my little dog a biscuit.
One canid, the domestic dog, a subspecies of the gray wolf, long ago entered into a partnership with humans and today remains one of the most widely kept domestic animals in the world and serves humanity in many important ways.
One CDC physician involved in the United States ' DDT spraying campaign said of the effort that " we kicked a dying dog.
One may define " dog " as a species of the genus " animal ", while " puppy " is a species of the genus " dog ".
One such occasion saw her goading Victor into taking a dog whose owner had just died.
One common concern which led to the widespread extermination of prairie dog colonies was that their digging activities could injure horses by fracturing their limbs.
The One causes things to exist by donating unity, and the particular manner in which a thing is one is its form ( a dog and a house are one in different manners, for example ).
In 1996 a tribute album titled A Small Circle of Friends appeared that featured tracks by Mike Watt, Free Kitten, The Melvins, Meat Puppets, that dog., L7, The Posies, NOFX, Flea, Gumball, and others along with a version of " Circle One " performed by Pat Smear with Hole under the name " The Holez ".
One can find numerous representations of small greyhound-like hounds in art dating back to Roman times but the first written English use of the word " whippet " with regard to a type of dog was in 1610.
One of them, Mrs. Landesman, sensed that something was dreadfully wrong and sent one of her roomers to the garage to see what was upsetting the dog.
One of his Enigma Variations was inspired by a bulldog named Dan falling into the River Wye at Hereford, and the dog is similarly honoured with a wooden statue beside the river.
One oft-cited quote of Newkirk's is: " When it comes to feelings like hunger, pain, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.
One 9-year ( 1979 – 1988 ) review of fatal dog attacks in the United States determined that, of the 101 attacks where breed was recorded, pit bulls were implicated in 42 of those attacks ( 41. 6 %).
One 5-year ( 1989 – 1994 ) review of fatal dog attacks in the United States determined that pit bulls and pit bull mixed breeds were implicated in 24 ( 28. 6 %) of the 84 deaths where breed was recorded.
One 15-year ( 1991 – 2005 ) review of dog attack fatalities investigated by the Kentucky Medical Examiner determined that pit bulls were implicated in 5 of the 11 fatal attacks ( 45. 4 %).
One 5-year ( 2001 – 2005 ) review of dog attack victims admitted to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia determined that pit bull terriers were implicated in more than half of bites.
One review of the medical literature found that pit bulls and pit bull cross-breeds were involved in between 42 and 45 % of dog attacks.
In " Two Dozen and One Greyhounds " ( season six, 1995 ), he runs away to the dog racing track where he mates with a female greyhound named She's the Fastest.
For example, Santa's Little Helper fathering 25 puppies in " Two Dozen and One Greyhounds " is a parody of the Disney film One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and Mr. Burns ' technique of brainwashing him into an attack dog in " Dog of Death " parodies A Clockwork Orange.
One should not look another person in the face while speaking “ like a dog ,” they believed.
One of the Somerset Patriots ' official mascots is an anthropomorphic dog named Sparkee.

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