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One and characteristic
One characteristic of the spirit in community is its givenness.
One characteristic of American cooking is the fusion of multiple ethnic or regional approaches into completely new cooking styles.
One characteristic of the city is its painted gables, for which Aarau is sometimes called the " City of beautiful Gables ".
One characteristic of the Missileer ancestry was that the radar sent it mid-course corrections, which allowed the fire control system to " loft " the missile up over the target into thinner air where it had better range.
One of these was the property, an essential universal true of the species, but not in the definition ( in modern terms, some examples would be grammatical language, a property of man, or a spectral pattern characteristic of an element, both of which are defined in other ways ).
One characteristic that can be used to distinguish a small city from a large town is organized government.
One important characteristic of many normative moral theories such as consequentialism is the ability to produce practical moral judgements.
One characteristic shared by many clitics is a lack of prosodic independence.
Upham shows a balanced and complicated view of Cotton Mather such as this first mention: " One of Cotton Mather's most characteristic productions is the tribute to his venerated master.
One usage refers to a variety of a language that is a characteristic of a particular group of the language's speakers.
One unifying characteristic the membranes share is a lipid bilayer, with proteins attached to either side or traversing them.
One rodent characteristic that can be highly visible in hamsters is their sharp incisors ; they have an upper pair and lower pair which grow continuously throughout life, so must be regularly worn down.
One result of these studies was that Lorenz " realized that an overpowering increase in the drives of feeding as well as of copulation and a waning of more differentiated social instincts is characteristic of very many domestic animals.
One characteristic feature is a tripartite singulative – collective – plurative number system, which Blench ( 2010 ) believes is a result of a noun-classifier system in the protolanguage.
One of the greater problems with Modernist-style of planning was the disregard of resident or public opinion, which resulted in planning being forced upon the majority by a minority consisting of affluent professionals with little to no knowledge of real ' urban ' problems characteristic of post-Second World War urban environments ; slums, overcrowding, deteriorated infrastructure, pollution and disease, among others ( Irving 1993 ).
One general characteristic of games that Wittgenstein considers in detail is the way in which they consist in following rules.
The particular characteristic of Proclus ' system is his insertion of a level of individual ones, called henads between the One itself and the divine Intellect, which is the second principle.
One such article was from the Daily Express, in which the interviewer noted " a lightening change came over her face ", which was the first public mention of the rapid changes in mood that became characteristic of her.
One Wobbly characteristic since their inception has been a penchant for song.
One striking and innovative characteristic of this opera has been noted:
One characteristic by which domestic and feral animals are differentiated is their coats.
One of the individuals was found to carry the F2a maternal lineage, and the other the D lineage, both of which are characteristic of East Eurasian populations.
One characteristic of Wing Tsun is its structured teaching system.
One of the principles of relational database design is that the fields of data tables should reflect a single characteristic of the table's subject, which means that they should not contain concatenated strings.

One and style
One might expect that in a poetic career of seventy-odd years, some changes in style and method would have occurred, some development taken place.
One uncommon alternative is " Usonian ", which usually describes a certain style of residential architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
One of the cookbooks that proliferated in the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy written by Hannah Glasse, wrote of disdain for the French style of cookery, stating “ the blind folly of this age that would rather be imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook !” Of the French recipes, she does add to the text she speaks out flagrantly against the dishes as she “… think it an odd jumble of trash .” Reinforcing the anti-French sentiment was the French and Indian War from 1754-1764.
* In episode 17, season 5 of " Family Guy ", entitled " It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One ", the Griffin family is wearing powdered wigs in their living room and Stewie Griffin begins playing several classical compositions, including those by Joseph Haydn and George Frideric Handel, when Peter Griffin, as Salieri, says " Play Peter Griffin ", alluding to the 1984 film Amadeus, when the disguised Salieri character requests that Mozart imitate his compositional style.
One prominent style of mask is called the Black Forest Style, originating from the Black Forest Region.
The channel was criticised at launch for its style of presentation, with accusations of it being less authoritative than the BBC One news bulletins, with presenters appearing onscreen without jackets.
One composer who was influential in spreading the more serious style that Mozart and Haydn had formed is Muzio Clementi, a gifted virtuoso pianist who tied with Mozart in a musical " duel " before the emperor in which they each improvised and performed their compositions.
One style may favour the use of lots of garlic and shallots over lots of chilli and spices, while another may favour preparing seafood over other meats and fowl.
One of the knives required of an American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith is the construction of an " Art Knife " or a " European style " dagger.
One of the most famous Imperial coronation ceremonies was that of Napoleon, crowning himself Emperor in the presence of Pope Pius VII ( who had blessed the regalia ), at the Notre Dame de Paris | Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The painting by Jacques-Louis David | David commemorating the event is equally famous: the gothic cathedral restyled Empire ( style ) | style Empire, supervised by the Letizia Ramolino | mother of the Emperor on the balcony ( a fictional addition, while she had not been present at the ceremony ), the pope positioned near the altar, Napoleon proceeds to crown his then wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais as Empress.
* < span style =" background: khaki ; border: thin solid ; padding: 2px ;"> One sentence </ span > Cheeses are mentioned in one sentence, with only one reply
One of the more notable groups on the roster of SST Records ( who released most of their albums ), the Meat Puppets started as a punk rock band, but like most of their SST peers, the Meat Puppets established their own unique style, blending punk with country and psychedelic rock, and featuring Curt's warbling vocals.
" His portrayal of the gang leader Johnny Strabler in The Wild One has become an iconic image, used both as a symbol of rebelliousness and a fashion accessory that includes a Perfecto style motorcycle jacket, a tilted cap, jeans and sunglasses.
One notable trait of Doohan's post-crash riding style was the use of a thumb-operated rear brake developed during 1993.
One of the qualities most admired by his contemporaries was his terribilità, a sense of awe-inspiring grandeur, and it was the attempts of subsequent artists to imitate Michelangelo's impassioned and highly personal style that resulted in Mannerism, the next major movement in Western art after the High Renaissance.
" One plausible view is that Nazōraean ( Ναζωραῖος ) is a normal Greek adaptation of a reconstructed, hypothetical term in Jewish Aramaic for the word later used in Rabbinical sources to refer to Jesus .< ref > G. F. Moore, ‘ Nazarene and Nazareth ,’ in The Beginnings of Christianity 1 / 1, 1920 pp. 426-432, according to which Hebrew Nôṣri the gentilic used of Jesus from the Tannaitic period onwards, would have corresponded to a hypothetical Jewish Aramaic * Nōṣrāyā, which would have in turn produced * N < sup >< span style =" font-size: 80 %"> e </ span ></ sup > ṣōrāyā.
Wilson and Renwick felt that Gernon's experience of working with Belbin on earlier series of One Foot as a production secretary and assistant, as well as other shows, meant that her style was similar to Belbin's, aiding the transition between directors.
One notable citation as an influence was by Kurt Cobain, on influencing Nirvana's " Smells Like Teen Spirit ", which he admitted was a conscious attempt to co-opt the Pixies ' style.
< td style =" vertical-align: top ; width: 180px ;"> One of these models the first 924 to be bought into Australia and is located in Queensland under private ownership.
One of the concerns of the age was to find a suitable style for the discussion of scientific topics, which needed above all a clear exposition of facts and arguments, rather than the ornate style favored at the time.
One advantage of writing code in a referentially transparent style is that given an intelligent compiler, static code analysis is easier and better code-improving transformations are possible automatically.
< div style =" text-align: center ; border: none "> Bob Holman </ div > One of the goals of a poetry slam is to challenge the authority of anyone who claims absolute authority over literary value.

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