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One and contemporary
One is impressed with the dignity, clarity and beauty of this new translation into contemporary English, and there is no doubt that the meaning of the Bible is more easily understandable to the general reader in contemporary language in the frequently archaic words and phrases of the King James.
One of the most widespread features of contemporary thought is the almost universal disbelief in the reality of spirit.
One of the most famous contemporary buildings by an anthroposophical architect is ING House, an ING Bank building in Amsterdam, which has received several awards for its ecological design and approach to a self-sustaining ecology as an autonomous building and example of sustainable architecture.
One account has it that the cannonball flew between the Captain-General ’ s legs before hitting the unfortunate colonel, whose torso fell at Marlborough ’ s feet – a moment subsequently depicted in a lurid set of contemporary playing cards.
One of the best-known contemporary horror writers is Stephen King who is best known for writing Carrie, The Shining, It, Misery and many more.
One big focus is put on film, video, contemporary music and architecture, room installments and big presentations of contemporary paintings, sculptures and video art.
* In the fourth chapter of Chronicles: Volume One, Bob Dylan says he knew Blow, and that it was Blow who introduced Dylan to the rap genre of the time ( mentioning contemporary artists like Ice-T, N. W. A.
One contemporary French account described the barrage at Agincourt against French knights wearing plate armour as a " terrifying hail of arrow shot ".
One could either define the physical with respect to the entities stipulated by contemporary physics or with respect to some future complete physics.
" Some contemporary Finns nicknamed him Suuri vaikenija ( The Great Silent One ), and Ron Clarke noted that Nurmi's persona remained a mystery even to Finnish runners and journalists: " Even to them, he was never quite real.
One of the most famous contemporary guides, in Western Europe, is the Michelin series of guides which accord from 1 to 3 stars to restaurants they perceive to be of high culinary merit.
Other names of Tlaloc were Tlamacazqui (' Giver ') and Xoxouhqui (' Green One '); and ( among the contemporary Nahua of Veracruz ) Chaneco.
Prominent One Nation Conservatives in the contemporary party include Kenneth Clarke, Malcolm Rifkind and Damian Green ; they are often associated with the Tory Reform Group and the Bow Group.
One contemporary writer critical of the scuttling of the Terrible wrote that " she made no more water than she did before battle ", and, more acidly, " If an able officer had been at the head of the fleet, the Terrible would not have been destroyed.
One author asserts that " few would argue with the notion that the institutions of the mass media are important to contemporary politics ... in the transition to liberal democratic politics in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe the media was a key battleground.
One of the most commonly used phrases in contemporary China, by legal scholars and politicians alike, is fǎzhì ( 法治 ).
One contemporary example of suspension of disbelief is the audience's acceptance that Superman hides his identity from the world by simply donning a pair of glasses, conservative clothing, and acting in a " mild-mannered " fashion.
One contemporary treatment for GID consists primarily of physical modifications to bring the body into harmony with one's perception of mental ( psychological, emotional ) gender identity, rather than vice versa.
One literature professor writes, " The use of the contemporary, revised genre idea social action is a breath of fresh air, and it has opened important doors in language and literature pedagogy " ( Bleich 130 ).
One contemporary chronicle claimed that his death was due to " melancholy ," but it is widely suspected that Edward ordered Henry's murder in order to completely remove the Lancastrian opposition.
One of his pupils was Lodewijk Elzevir ( 1547 – 1617 ), who established the largest bookshop and printing works in Leiden, a business continued by his descendants through 1712 and the name subsequently adopted ( in a variant spelling ) by contemporary publisher Elsevier.
One theory was later recounted in Edward Hall's chronicle, written a few decades after the event, but partly from first-hand sources, and the contemporary Burgundian Jean de Waurin's chronicle.

One and who
One is so accustomed to think of men as the privileged who need but ask and receive, and women as submissive and yielding, that our sympathies are usually enlisted on the side of the man whose love is not returned, and we condemn the woman as a coquette.
One who invites such trials of character is either foolhardy, overconfident or too simple and childlike in faith in mankind to see the danger.
One finds it difficult to pass censure on the lonely figure who waited for days for a saving word from his zealously served idol, W.R. Hearst.
One fellow who had liver spots held out his hands to the great healer.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
One of the people who was afraid of Alfred was his own brother, Lew.
One day he was visited by a delegation of would-be imitators who wanted to know his secret.
One knows better, now, who has bone and who has jelly in his spine.
One part of her audience was totally engaged, the connoisseur witnessing a peculiarly fine performance of some ancient classic, the other part, the guest of the connoisseur, attentive as one who must take an intelligent interest in that which he does not fully understand.
One prediction had been made about the difference in security or self-confidence between those subjects who shifted their Kohnstamm reactivity when informed and those who did not.
One Kohnstamm-positive subject who had both arms rise while being tested in the naive condition described her subjective experience as follows: `` You feel they're going up and you're on a stage and it's not right for them to do so and then you think maybe that's what's supposed to happen ''.
One who needed no such threats was a French financier.
One who had been a boy in Auschwitz had to tell how children had been selected by height for the gas chambers.
One who could be linked to anti-Semitism only by overcoming his objections is scarcely a good specimen of the Jew-baiter throughout the ages.
One who, for a time, succeeded best and was still the sorriest of all was Charles Arthur Shires, who called himself, in the newspapers, Art the Great, or The Great Shires.
One manufacturer who held an allegedly basic patent said: `` I would readily put over $50,000 into the manufacture of the device, but it is so easy to make that we would enter immediately into a prolonged ordeal of patent litigation which would eat up all our profits ''.
One, by Sen. Louis Crump of San Saba, would aid more than 17,000 retailers who pay a group of miscellaneous excise taxes by eliminating the requirement that each return be notarized.
( One big question: If Colmer was to be purged, what should the House do about the other three senior Mississippians who supported the maverick electors??
One day last week, Nixon faced a painful constitutional chore that required him to officiate at a joint session of Congress to hear the official tally of the Electoral College vote, and then to make `` sufficient declaration '' of the election of the man who defeated him in the tight 1960 presidential election.
( `` One of the reasons they get along fine '', says a sportswriter who is friendly with the two men, `` is that both realize Mantle is head-and-shoulders above Maris ''.
But as the One who called you is holy, be you also holy in all your behavior ; ;
One is not sure who emerges as the main personality of this book -- Mijbil, with his rollicking ways, or Maxwell himself, poet, portrait painter, writer, journalist, traveller and zoologist, sensitive but never sentimental recorder of an unusual way of life, in a language at once lyrical and forceful, vivid and unabashed.

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