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One and former
One of these men is former Fire Chief John A. Laughlin, he said.
One of Alexander's radical associates manages to extract a confession from Alex after removing him from F. Alexander's home and then locks him in a flatblock near his former home.
One year later Guthrum, or Athelstan by his baptismal name, Alfred ’ s former enemy and king of East Anglia, died and was buried in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
One of the recent attractions is the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, a museum ship now moored at the former Naval Air Station as the USS Hornet Museum.
One legacy of the previous era is a greatly overstaffed military industry ; under former leader Josip Broz Tito, military industries were promoted in the republic, resulting in the development of a large share of Yugoslavia's defense plants but fewer commercially viable firms.
One example is The New York Times's former ownership of WQXR Radio and the Chicago Tribunes similar relationship with WGN Radio ( WGN-AM ) and Television ( WGN-TV ).
One located at 1100 Wright Street, the former home of Kysor Industrial Corp.
One of the first uses of the term green conservatism was by former United States Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, in a debate on environmental issues with John Kerry.
Initially, on 1 July 1867, there were four provinces in confederation as " One dominion under the name of Canada ": Canada West ( former Upper Canada, now Ontario ), Canada East ( former Lower Canada, now Quebec ), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.
The World State in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Airstrip One in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four are both fictional examples of command economies, albeit with diametrically opposed aims: The former is a consumer economy designed to engender productivity while the latter is a shortage economy designed as an agent of totalitarian social control.
* Dutch Grand Prix, a former Formula One car race
One of the first building was the Asmara President's Office: this former " Italian government's palace " was built in 1897 by Ferdinando Martini, the first Italian governor of Eritrea.
One of its former students is Gerard Kleisterlee, a former CEO of Philips.
One day, the trio discover that one of Reodor's former assistants, Rudolf Blodstrupmoen ( En.
One of his former pupils recalled being beaten so hard he could not sit down for a week.
One of the most important parts of Moore's philosophical development was his break from the idealism that dominated British philosophy ( as represented in the works of his former teachers F. H. Bradley and John McTaggart ), and his defence of what he regarded as a " common sense " form of realism.
* Efforts to improve fairness by reducing first-move advantage include the rule of swap, generalizable as " swap -( x, y, z )" and characterizable as a partially compounded and partially iterated version of the pie rule (" one person slices ; the other chooses "): One player places on the board x stones of the first-moving color and a lesser number y stones of the second-moving color (" slicing " in the pie metaphor ); the other player is entitled to choose between a ) playing from the starting position, in which case the selecting player is also entitled to choose which color to play, and b ) placing z ( usually-y ) + 1 ) more stones on the board at locations of that player's choice (" reslicing " in the pie metaphor, with limitations created by the board's existing setup akin to limitations arising from the existing slices in the pie ), in which case the former player is entitled to choose which color side to play.
Doreen Valiente, a former High Priestess of the Gardnerian tradition, claimed that Gerald Gardner's Bricket Wood coven referred to the god as Cernunnos, or Kernunno, which is a Latin word, discovered on a stone carving found in France, meaning " the Horned One ".
One day, the trio discover that one of Theodore's former assistants, Rudolph Gore-Slimey (), has stolen his design for a race car engine, and has become a world champion Formula One driver.
Sir John Arthur " Jack " Brabham, AO, OBE ( born 2 April 1926 ) is an Australian former racing driver who was Formula One champion in, and.
One possible place of birth is Venice's former contrada of San Giovanni Crisostomo, which is sometimes presented by historians as the birthplace, and it is generally accepted that Marco Polo was born in the Venetian Republic with most biographers pointing towards Venice itself as Marco Polo's home town.
One of the songs strongly influenced by Poland Is Not Yet Lost is Hey Slavs, a former national anthem of Yugoslavia.

One and prisoner
One reason for the writ to be sought by a person other than the prisoner is that the detainee might be held incommunicado.
One of the main provisions of the convention makes it illegal to torture prisoners and states that a prisoner can only be required to give their name, date of birth, rank and service number ( if applicable ).
One prisoner, Julian Ernesto Guevara Castro, a police officer, died of tuberculosis on 28 January 2006.
One thousand prisoner workers were killed.
One former Buchenwald prisoner, Armin Walter, calculated the number of executions by shooting in the back of the head.
One day, Andy hears from another prisoner, Tommy Williams, whose former cellmate had bragged about killing a rich golfer and a lawyer's wife ( Andy latches onto the idea that the word " lawyer " could easily have been mixed up with " banker ," the professions being similarly viewed by the general public ), and framing the lawyer for the crime.
One chapter of the third volume of the book is written by a prisoner named Georg Tenno, whose exploits enraptured Solzhenitsyn to the extent that he offered Tenno a position as co-author of the book ; Tenno declined.
One prisoner, Charles Francois Bourchier, stabbed a civilian Alexander Halliday while attempting to escape on 9 September 1808.
One woman was taken prisoner, and six survivors made it to the fort.
One Urartian army had been completely annihilated, and the general Qaqqadanu taken prisoner.
One prisoner, Zhang Xianliang, wrote thatthe parasites on a single inmate ’ s underpants would be as numerous as the words on the front page of a newspaper .” He also noted fleas would be so numerous that they would “ turn his quilt purplish black with their droppings .” Roundworms are also a common threat to the prisoners health, especially in laogai farms where human excrement is used as fertilizer.
One U. S. unit promptly issued orders that " No SS troops or paratroopers will be taken prisoner but will be shot on sight.
One Mi ’ kmaq was killed and 16 were taken prisoner to Quebec.
One day, Zapotec warriors brought a prisoner, a Mixtec prince named Nucano, to Mitla.
One Royalist officer taken prisoner at Nantwich was Colonel George Monck ( in command of Michael Warren's regiment ), who later changed sides and was to play a prominent part in the Commonwealth of England and the Restoration.
One prisoner was captured, while lines of observation were set up, which maintained a close watch over the country east and south of the town.
One of their notable achievements in Iraq was the rescue of American prisoner of war POW Private First Class Jessica Lynch.
One German guard was killed as he returned fire from an upstairs window, and two more were taken prisoner by the airborne troops ; upon interrogation, the prisoners revealed that the majority of the garrison were stationed further inland.
One prisoner, left with a single good eye, led them into the village as a warning.
One of the islands contains a castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots, was once held prisoner.
One Australian, who was dazed after having his horse shot from under him, recovered to find his five attackers with their hands up, waiting to be taken prisoner.
One prisoner ( whose name has never been discovered ) escaped, but was recaptured and personally beheaded by Sakaibara.
One of the most frequently utilized tasks on social decision making is the prisoner ’ s dilemma.
One prisoner recalled that Goerdeler was often " groaning aloud from hunger ".

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