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Page "editorial" ¶ 496
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

One and is
One of my virtues or vices is a sort of three-dimensional imagination complete with sound effects and glorious living color.
One is tempted to say that, on the difference between the concepts of sovereignty in these two preambles, the worst war of the Nineteenth century was fought.
One is not more true than the other.
One can only speak of what is in front of him, and that now is simply the mess ''.
One is that they were established, or gained eminence, under pressure provided by these same immigrants, from whom the old families wished to segregate their children.
The assumptions upon which the example shown in Figure 3 is based are: ( A ) One man can direct about six subordinates if the subordinates are chosen carefully so that they do not need too much personal coaching, indoctrinating, etc..
One of the obvious conclusions we can make on the basis of the last election, I suppose, is that we, the majority, were dissatisfied with Eisenhower conservatism.
One way to determine whether we have so dangerous a technology would be to check the strength of our society's organs to see if their functioning is as healthy as before.
One thing you can say about Mr. Lyford is that he does not suffer from any insecurity as an American.
One is so accustomed to think of men as the privileged who need but ask and receive, and women as submissive and yielding, that our sympathies are usually enlisted on the side of the man whose love is not returned, and we condemn the woman as a coquette.
One who invites such trials of character is either foolhardy, overconfident or too simple and childlike in faith in mankind to see the danger.
One fame is precious and luminous ; ;
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
F.S.C. Northrop, in his discussion of The `` Functions And Future Of Poetry '', suggests this: `` One of the things which makes our lives drab and empty and which leaves us, at the end of the day, fatigued and deflated spiritually is the pressure of the taxing, practical, utilitarian concern of common-sense objects.
One of the most frequent views of the value of literature is the education of sensibility that it is thought to provide.
One might argue that the ultimate purpose of literary scholarship is to correct this spontaneous provincialism that is likely to obscure the horizons of the general public, of the newspaper critic, and of the creative artist himself.
One is Greece is not yet suffering from overpopulation.
One of them is that it gives meaning and purpose to life.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
One such is Abraham Meyer, the writer of a recent book, Speaking Of Man.

One and impressed
One of his simpler designs became the PDP-11, although when they first viewed the proposal, management was not impressed and almost cancelled it.
One medium apparently made contact with a deceased cousin of Gardner's, an event which impressed him greatly.
One of the guest analysts for the network's studio pregame show was former Oakland Raiders coach John Madden ; he impressed CBS executives so much that he replaced Brookshier as lead game analyst in 1981.
That year, he also played three games with the Peterborough Petes in the Ontario Hockey Association as an emergency call-up, and even then the Great One impressed scouts with his abilities despite his small stature and youth.
One hundred years later, Charles I of England was, it was reported, so impressed by the " frozen snow " that he offered his own ice cream maker a lifetime pension in return for keeping the formula secret, so that ice cream could be a royal prerogative.
One of the robbers, dressed very similarly to the future Indiana and impressed by the young man's tenacity, gives him his fedora and some encouraging words.
The first-century historian Flavius Josephus was so impressed by the area that he wrote, " One may call this place the ambition of Nature.
Their performance at the award show impressed the BBC's Head of Light Entertainment Bill Cotton and Controller of BBC One Paul Fox, who were sitting in the audience.
After Villeneuve impressed James Hunt by beating him and several other Grand Prix stars in a non-championship Formula Atlantic race at Trois-Rivières in 1976, Hunt's McLaren team offered Villeneuve a Formula One deal for up to five races in a third car during the 1977 season.
One of the sagas claims that he sailed for Norway, and greatly impressed the Norwegian king and his court, managing to sway a decidedly unenthusiastic Harald, who had just concluded a long and inconclusive war with Denmark, into raising a levy to take the throne of England.
One of the former Tally Ho jazz players, Barry Richardson, was so impressed he formed Bees Make Honey, who were also given a Tally Ho residency, alongside a mix of new and existing bands, such as Max Merritt and the Meteors and Brinsley Schwarz.
Nimoy had admired Christopher Lloyd's work in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Taxi, and was impressed by his ability to play powerful villains.
One of those who had seen the show was publisher Michael Hall, and impressed by Spare's work, he commissioned him to help provide illustrations for his new periodical, The London Mystery Magazine.
One struggles to be impressed.
One morning, deeply impressed by this scripture, the fourteen-year-old Smith went to a grove of trees behind the family farm, knelt, and began his first vocal prayer.
One court impressed upon the importance of wiretap evidence from CSIS in establishing guilt.
Enright and Freedman were impressed by Van Doren's polite style and telegenic appearance, thinking the youthful Columbia teacher would be the man to defeat their incumbent Twenty One champion, Herb Stempel, and boost the show's slowing ratings as Stempel's reign continued.
Ralph Lauren is impressed by her work and in " The One With Rachel's Assistant " she is promoted to merchandising manager where she memorably has an affair with her assistant, Tag Jones ( although she can't recall his last name ).
One advocate of the democratic peace explains that his reason to choose a definition of democracy sufficiently restrictive to exclude all wars between democracies are what " might be disparagingly termed public relations ": students and politicians will be more impressed by such a claim than by claims that wars between democracies are less likely.
One came from Greek poet Nicolas Calas, who recalled that he and Tanguy accompanied Surrealist leader André Breton to the Surindépendants exhibit and were impressed enough by Sage ’ s paintings to seek her out.
One of the largest impressment operations occurred in New York City in the spring of 1757 when three thousand British troops cordoned off the city and impressed nearly eight hundred persons they found in taverns and other gathering places of sailors.
One legend has it that Haridas was passing through the forests when the five-year old Ramtanu's imitation of a tiger impressed the musician saint.
One of the captives was a remarkably beautiful girl named Yrsa, and Snorri writes that everyone was soon impressed with the well-mannered, pretty and intelligent girl.
One of the reasons was that he played so well that they were that impressed.

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