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One and newspaper
One might argue that the ultimate purpose of literary scholarship is to correct this spontaneous provincialism that is likely to obscure the horizons of the general public, of the newspaper critic, and of the creative artist himself.
One Illinois newspaper derisively nicknamed him " spotty Lincoln ".
One of the two head offices of the Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland's fifth largest newspaper, is located in Aarau, as are the Tele M1 television channel studios, and several radio stations.
One of the few positive reviews came from Joel Siegel of Good Morning America, who is quoted on New World's newspaper ads as saying, " Hysterical fun ... the best Godzilla in thirty years!
One bird common in the shire is the Royston Crow, which is the eponymous name of the regional newspaper, the Royston Crow published in Royston.
He is the only one of the surviving terrorists to consent to interviews since 1972, having granted an interview in 1992 to a Palestinian newspaper, and having briefly emerged from hiding in 1999 to participate in an interview for the film One Day in September, during which he was disguised and his face shown only in blurry shadow.
One newspaper reported that most riders believed erroneously that there was no license or regulation required by law for motorbikes under 50cc in engine size, although these had been regulated in law since 2002 but not enforced.
One can physically hand over the object ( e. g. handing over a newspaper bought at the newsstand ) but it is not always necessary for the party to literally grab the object for possession to be considered transferred.
One newspaper quipped that he'd probably stay for another year once he realised " that Dundee rhymes with 1893 ".
One newspaper alleged that ' ASIS regularly flouted laws, kept dossiers on Australian citizens ... and hounded agents out of the service with little explanation '.
One Western diplomat, quoted by a British newspaper, offered an opinion on the state of negotiations: " I wouldn ’ t say it was game, set and match to the Russians but it is game and set ".
One of the earliest cases in which the Supreme Court addressed punishment after material was published was 1907's Patterson v. Colorado in which the Court used the bad tendency test to uphold contempt charges against a newspaper publisher who accused Colorado judges of acting on behalf of local utility companies.
One of Pearlasia Gamboa ’ s ( president of the micronation of Melchizedek ) franchise fraud schemes was described by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica as “ one of the most diabolical international scams ever devised in recent years .”
One study based on recognition of 19th-and early 20th-century newspaper pages concluded that character-by-character OCR accuracy for commercial OCR software varied from 71 % to 98 %; total accuracy can be achieved only by human review.
" As a testament to his unchallenged leadership of the Arab people, following his death, a Beirut-based newspaper stated, " One hundred million human beings — the Arabs — are orphans.
One newspaper article estimated there were approximately 1. 3 million Haredi Jews as of 2011.
One newspaper said it was the worst weather for 34 years, and the forecast is for more snow in the coming days.
One newspaper that carries the Archie comic strip, the Haverhill edition of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, calls the strip " Haverhill's Archie ".
Warners remade the film in 1936 as Two Against the World, also known as One Fatal Hour, starring Humphrey Bogart in Robinson's part and set in a radio station instead of a newspaper.
One of Sengstacke's most striking accomplishments occurred on February 6, 1956, when the Defender became a daily newspaper and changed its name to the Chicago Daily Defender, the nation's second black daily newspaper.
One of Pym's major clients runs a large newspaper advertisement every Friday morning.
One day, she sees Charles ' picture in a newspaper and manages to become his executive assistant, calling herself Margaret ( Paula being her stage name ), hoping that her presence will jog his memory.
One quote of his in particular, from an article he wrote for Le Monde and published in that newspaper on 15 June 2007, that " public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals we dare not present to them directly ", was consistently highlighted by " No " campaigners as evidence of an alleged insidious agenda to fool the European public into accepting the text.
One Soviet newspaper stated that Egypt and Israel were now " gendarmes of the Pentagon ".

One and wrote
One wrote: `` ( I am so hungry ) I could eat a rider off his horse & snap at the stirups ''.
One Federal soldier wrote: `` the docters is no aconte -- hell will be filde with do(c)ters and offersey when this war is over ''.
One way to explain much of the confusion concerning Ammonius is to assume that there were two people called Ammonius: Ammonius Saccas who taught Plotinus, and an Ammonius the Christian who wrote biblical texts.
One particular contribution towards formalizing these differences came from Noah Webster, who wrote the first American dictionary ( published 1828 ) with the intention of showing that people in the United States spoke a different dialect from Britain, much like a regional accent.
To promote the fellowship, Wilson and other members wrote the initially-titled book, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism, from which AA drew its name.
One of the cookbooks that proliferated in the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy written by Hannah Glasse, wrote of disdain for the French style of cookery, stating “ the blind folly of this age that would rather be imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook !” Of the French recipes, she does add to the text she speaks out flagrantly against the dishes as she “… think it an odd jumble of trash .” Reinforcing the anti-French sentiment was the French and Indian War from 1754-1764.
One early example is that of Leonor López de Córdoba ( 1362 – 1420 ) who wrote what is supposed to be the first autobiography in Spanish.
" One of the few strips ever taken seriously by students of American culture ," wrote Professor Berger, " Li ' l Abner is worth studying ... because of Capp's imagination and artistry, and because of the strip's very obvious social relevance.
The Count of Mérode-Westerloo, commander of the Flemish troops in Tallard's army wrote" One thing is certain: we delayed our march from Alsace for far too long and quite inexplicably.
One account suggests that his writings are a prophecy written in about 615 BC, just before the downfall of Assyria, while another account suggests that he wrote this passage as liturgy just after its downfall in 612 BC.
One account suggests that his writings are a prophecy written in about 615 BC, just before the downfall of Assyria, while another account suggests that he wrote this passage as liturgy just after its downfall in 612 BC.
One of the senior Polish commanders on the day, Duke Bogusław Radziwiłł, wrote that the Polish army had had 80, 000 soldiers.
One journalist wrote: " Nobody in the world but Charlie Chaplin could have done it.
One young Belgian officer wrote home: " Happily Gongo's men ate them up a few hours.
One explanation for the origin of obligatory celibacy is that it is based on Christ's example and on the writings of Paul, who wrote of the advantages celibacy allowed a man in serving the Lord, Celibacy was popularized by the early Christian theologian Origen and Augustine.
One scholar wrote about the detective novels of Tony Hillerman, set among the Native American population around New Mexico, " many American readers have probably gotten more insight into traditional Navajo culture from his detective stories than from any other recent books.
One such person wrote, " This is horrible.
Making a comparison to the Sun's planets, he wrote " And if the fixed stars are the centers of similar systems, they will all be constructed according to a similar design and subject to the dominion of One.
In " The Meaning of Relativity ," Einstein wrote, " One can give good reasons why reality cannot at all be represented by a continuous field.
One possible construction of the " internal evidence " states that the Beloved Disciple wrote an account of the life of Jesus.
One of his teachers wrote on his report card that he " concentrates too much on football " and that he would " never make a living at that ".
Sidney Parker is a British egoist individualist anarchist who wrote articles and edited anarchist journals from 1963 to 1993 such as Minus One, Egoist, and Ego.
One of the most widespread is the international organization Theatresports, which was founded by Keith Johnstone, an English director who wrote what many consider to be the seminal work on the relationship between status, story telling and improvisational acting, Impro.
One opponent wrote: " I am surprised that one would go looking for a Chinese architect in America to deal with the historic heart of the capital of France.
One ought always to be a soldier ,' wrote Michael-Goebbels.

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