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Page "adventure" ¶ 693
from Brown Corpus
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One and bombs
Bishop rushed on deck to grab a 20-mm gun, pumping out 400 rounds before sticks of three bombs each crashed into Holds One, Three and Five.
One after another, prominent officials were shot or killed by bombs.
One police officer present that day described the first bomb as one of " the most dangerous pipe bombs he had ever seen " and went on to say:
** One of 4 bombs detonated in Lusaka, Zambia, destroys the Angolan Embassy.
One of the largest U. S. MIRVed missiles, the LGM-118A Peacekeeper, could hold up to 10 warheads, each with a yield of around — all together, an explosive payload equivalent to 230 Hiroshima-type bombs.
One state ( Arizona ) permits residents to purchase and use all non-aerial fireworks such as novelties, fountains, sparklers, and smoke bombs, while still prohibiting firecrackers.
During WWII Japan experimented with " Balloon Bombs " that floated across the pacific to the U. S. One of these bombs dropped and exploded near Timnath, Colorado making it the only continental U. S. town to bombed by a foreign country.
One example is the BootBanger, deployed under the rear compartment of cars suspected to be carrying bombs.
One of the largest steel plants in Germany, more than 10, 000 high-explosive and 130, 000 incendiary bombs were stored there, setting off a conflagration that destroyed the surrounding neighbourhoods.
One division joined in the attack on Japanese carrier Shōkaku and, diving from 17, 000 feet through broken cloud cover, dropped bombs which bent the enemy carrier's deck sufficiently to prevent the launching of her aircraft.
One of the first plowshare nuclear blast cratering proposals that came close to being carried out was Project Chariot, which would have used several hydrogen bombs to create an artificial harbor at Cape Thompson, Alaska.
Once there, Petacchi is killed and the plane, with bombs, are taken by Emilio Largo ( aka SPECTRE Number One ) on board the cruiser yacht Disco Volante.
Later publications tell of the full story, about how Zeon dropped a Space colony ( Gundam ) onto Earth and during the process, killed half of the population of the whole Earth sphere, including the space colonies, which was retconned to be the One Week Battle and the civilian casualties estimated to be much higher ( 4. 8 ~ 5 billion during the war and 3 billion after the war ) during the war due to the aftermath of the disastrous event, just like the atomic bombs and communication interference by the introduction of Minovsky particle.
One of the bombs exploded an hour after the first, although no casualties resulted from the second blast, as the second device was discovered and the area cleared before the explosion.
One of the pitches " looked as if bombs had been dropped on it " and Shankly asked if the Germans had " been over " in the war.
One of the mortar bombs landed inside the battery and exploded the stored charges, putting the guns out of action.
Yousef thought of several ways to kill the president, including placing nuclear bombs on Clinton's motorcade route, firing a Stinger missile at Air Force One or the presidential limousine, launching theater ballistic missiles at Manila and or killing him with phosgene, a chemical weapon.
One of the German bombers saw Pokryshkin firing the only machine gun in the area and flew straight at him, dropping small bombs in a shallow dive.
One of the bombs exploded, a tree burst above the center of the position, where the combined command groups, the wounded, and the medics were all located.
One British and ten Australian planes had dropped a hundred bombs on Magdhaba on 22 December and during the battle bombed and machine gunned the area, but targets were difficult to find.
One hardpoint under each wing can be used to carry practice bomb racks ( can carry up to 12 Mk-76 practice bombs ), rocket pods, or fuel tanks.
One or more bombs laid on the track were detonated from a nearby orange grove.
One raid fails, but the other, by No. 617 Squadron Lancasters employing 12, 000-pound ( 5, 443-kg ) bombs, damages its target.
One of the Wellingtons mistakenly bombs Esbjerg in neutral Denmark, killing two people.

One and hung
One shawl was so tremendous that she could not wear it, so she draped it over the banister on the second floor, and it hung over the stairway.
One went around and under his arms and hung on a spike on the back side of the post to prevent his body from slumping following the volley.
One of Odadjian's 26 abstract paintings that hung as a backdrop for Ozzfest 2006.
One green hued room was outfitted with a red velvet swing, which hung from the ceiling suspended by ivy-twined ropes.
One reason riders can become hung up is due to improper stirrup sizing.
One end zone was painted in Saints colors, Saints banners were hung on the walls around the sidelines, and the Saints wore their home jerseys.
One of the rooms, the Spanish room ( named by reason of the Murillo paintings which hang there ), has walls hung with gilded leather.
One of the propellers from the Vickers Vimy was given to Arthur Whitten Brown and hung for many years on the wall of his office in Swansea before he presented it to the RAF College Cranwell.
One logical problem with the story is that, Pseudo-Plutarch asserts in the third paragraph subsequent, Tayegete, having been deflowered by Jupiter, hung herself at the top of Mt.
One official received a hung jury and was not retried.
One might plokta when the abort procedure for a program is not known, or when trying to figure out if the system is just sluggish or really hung.
One proposal for dealing with the difficulties associated with hung juries has been to introduce supermajority verdicts.
One is reputed to have been drawn by Sir Francis Dashwood himself, while the Tapestry Room, once ante-room to the adjoining former principal bedroom, is hung with tapestries given to the 1st Duke of Marlborough to celebrate his victories in the Low Countries.
One handle can also be folded down while the other remains up to allow the stack of papers to be hung up.
One design, used in New Guinea, resembles a small Mayan-style hammock, in which an infant or child is either carried in a net on the back of an adult, or hung on a tree branch or house beam.
One of them, Anna Strong, signaled the message's location with a code involving laundry hung out to dry.
One of the skaters hung out with was Todd Walker, who started writing songs with me .” Meade was also fed up with 80s corporate rock.
One of the techniques investigated was the " wall of sound ", which used an enormous array of microphones hung in a line across the front of an orchestra.
Harlow hung onto Division One on the final day of the season, winning 5 – 2 away at relegation rival Leatherhead.
One of Olsen's most successful murals, Salute to Five Bells, is currently hung in the Sydney Opera House.
One is that the name derived from the shape ; the clock resembles a rectangular lantern of that period, and like a lantern was hung on the wall.
One was recast by William Tosier of Salisbury in 1728 and another by Mears and Stainbank in 1882 but the third mediaeval bell still hung in the tower in 1927.
One method of preserving the blood after draining it from the hare ( since the hare itself is usually hung for a week or more ) is to mix it with red wine vinegar in order to prevent it coagulating, and then to store it in a freezer.
One of the highest Baronial Halls in England, almost high, adorned by intricately carved oak panelling lit by stained glass windows and with galleried landings whose walls are hung with portraits.

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