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One and biggest
One of the highlights came on August 5, when the Indians completed the biggest comeback in MLB History.
" One of the biggest stories of the season transpired as the club made a midseason deal for Fred McGriff, which was drawn out for nearly a month as McGriff debated waiving his no-trade clause, as the Cubs led the wild card race by 2. 5 games in early September.
One of the biggest challenges in international decisions is to determine an adequate compensation for environmental damages.
As a result, the period between 1815 and 1871 saw a large number of revolutionary attempts and independence wars. One of the biggest revolutions was in Greece.
One of Microsoft's biggest advances initially developed for Windows NT was a new 32-bit API, to replace the legacy 16-bit Windows API.
* 1921 – Irish War of Independence: One of the biggest engagements of the war takes place at Crossbarry, County Cork.
One of the system's biggest issues was battery life ; while better than earlier color backlit systems, its 4 hour battery life ( 5 hours on later models ) using 6 alkaline batteries was still not as good as the Game Boy's 10 – 14 hours of four-AA battery lifespan ( due to that system's monochrome screen and lack of a backlight ).
One of the biggest areas of research and a topic still full of unsolved questions is the recurring disturbance of fire and the role it plays in propagating the lichen woodland.
One of the biggest of such translation errors being that of the Greek word αιών ( Lit.
One of the biggest problems with measuring on single molecules is to establish reproducible electrical contact with only one molecule and doing so without shortcutting the electrodes.
One of the biggest hindrances for single molecule electronics to be commercially exploited is the lack of techniques to connect a molecular sized circuit to bulk electrodes in a way that gives reproducible results.
Called " One of the biggest shows of the Earth ", the festival attracts millions of tourists, both Brazilians and foreigners who come from everywhere to participate and enjoy the great show.
One of Harrison's biggest enemies was Charles Yerkes, whose plans to monopolize Chicago's streetcar lines were vigorously attacked by the mayor.
Some of the of the biggest hits of the 1990s were Father Ted, Men Behaving Badly, Absolutely Fabulous, The Vicar of Dibley and One Foot in the Grave.
One of his biggest prizes was gangster Dutch Schultz, whom he had battled as both a federal and state prosecutor.
One of the biggest responsibilities in Sikhism is to worship God as " The Creator ", termed Waheguru who is shapeless, timeless, and sightless, i. e., Nirankar, Akal, and Alakh Niranjan.
One of the biggest parts of this debate is to allow the surrounding Horse Heaven Hills to be subdivided into residential areas or to leave them alone.
One of the biggest record labels of death metal in Poland is Empire Records.
On paper, it was his biggest hit, easily surpassing It Happened One Night.
One of her novels, La Bicyclette bleue (" The Blue Bicycle "), published in 1981, was France's biggest bestseller.
Dunnigan went on to run what was to become Avalon Hill's biggest competitor: Simulations Publications, Inc. One offering was Blitzkrieg.
One of Basie's biggest regrets was never recording with Louis Armstrong, though they shared the same bill several times.
One of her biggest commercial successes came in 1988 when she starred in Bull Durham.
One of Patchen's biggest literary supporters was the novelist Henry Miller who wrote a long essay on Patchen, entitled Patchen: Man of Anger and Light in 1946.

One and differences
One such disagreement, which will receive attention in this next chapter, concerns the question whether rates for different kinds of service, in order to avoid the attribute of discrimination, must be made directly proportional to marginal costs, or whether they should be based instead on differences in marginal costs.
One of the main differences is that while animists believe everything to be spiritual in nature, they do not necessarily see the spiritual nature of everything in existence as being united ( monism ), the way pantheists do.
One particular contribution towards formalizing these differences came from Noah Webster, who wrote the first American dictionary ( published 1828 ) with the intention of showing that people in the United States spoke a different dialect from Britain, much like a regional accent.
One of the most significant differences between the adversarial system and the inquisitorial system occurs when a criminal defendant admits to the crime.
One of the most obvious differences was the 5200's lack of a keyboard.
One review concluded there were no differences while another found that atypicals were " only moderately more efficacious ".
One of the more obvious differences is that crochet uses one hook while much knitting uses two needles.
One of critical psychology's main criticisms of conventional psychology is that it fails to consider or deliberately ignores the way power differences between social classes and groups can impact the mental and physical well-being of individuals or groups of people.
One view which attempts to bridge the differences holds that the Iliad was composed by " Homer " in his maturity, while the Odyssey was a work of his old age.
One of the most notable researchers arguing for a strong genetic influence on these average score differences is Arthur Jensen.
One of the most noticeable differences between HTML and XHTML is the rule that all tags must be closed: empty HTML tags such as < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > must either be closed with a regular end-tag, or replaced by a special form: < code >< nowiki > < nowiki >/></ nowiki ></ code > ( the space before the '< code >< nowiki >/</ nowiki ></ code >' on the end tag is optional, but frequently used because it enables some pre-XML Web browsers, and SGML parsers, to accept the tag ).
One of the other differences with CTF is the fact that the flag is not returned automatically when a player drops it: running over one's flag in Threewave CTF would return the flag to the base, and in TF the flag remains in the same spot for preconfigured time and it has to be defended on remote locations.
One of the differences is that the room is decorated with a unique fresco of dancing rats on the ceiling, rat wall paper, rat carpet, and so on, which is stated to have the effect of making people " feel as if they need a wash " after a few minutes.
One of the main differences between video slot machines and reel machines is in the way payouts are calculated.
One of the differences between patents and trademarks, on the one hand, and trade secrets, on the other, is that trade secret is protected only when the secret is not disclosed.
One of the key differences between video art and theatrical cinema is that video art does not necessarily rely on many of the conventions that define theatrical cinema.
To diminish the differences between the two regions, the government decided to reorganize the country into two distinct provinces under the One Unit policy announced by Prime Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Ali on November 22, 1954.
However, there early appeared significant differences of practice between the Australian IWW and its US parent ; the Australian IWW tended to co-operate where possible with existing unions rather than forming its own, and in contrast with the US body took an extremely open and forthright stand against involvement in World War One.
To illustrate how one may use Newton's formula in actual practice, consider the first few terms of the Fibonacci sequence f = 2, 2, 4 ... One can find a polynomial that reproduces these values, by first computing a difference table, and then substituting the differences which correspond to x < sub > 0 </ sub > ( underlined ) into the formula as follows,
One of the major differences between a death drop and a regular flying sit spin is the position the skater attains in the air, which is almost horizontal to the ice in the death drop.
One of the main differences between random and deterministic jitter is that deterministic jitter is bounded and random jitter is unbounded.
One of the interesting differences is that in the book, Garthe Knight is called Garthe Bishop.
One is not entitled to conclude, however, that the cup of tea is two thirds as good as the cup of juice, because this conclusion would depend not only on magnitudes of utility differences, but also on the " zero " of utility.
One explanation for these differences is the idea that differential exposure to hormone levels in the womb during fetal development may change the masculinization of the brain in homosexual men.

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