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One and earliest
One of the earliest examples of almost modern factory layout, designed for easy material handling, was the Bridgewater Foundry.
One of the earliest group automorphisms ( automorphism of a group, not simply a group of automorphisms of points ) was given by the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton in 1856, in his Icosian Calculus, where he discovered an order two automorphism, writing:
One of the earliest steps towards atomic physics was the recognition that matter was composed
One tablet from this period reads, "( From the earliest days ) no-one had made a statue of lead, ( but ) Rimush king of Kish, had a statue of himself made of lead.
One of the earliest was Paul Prudhomme, who in 1984 began the introduction of his influential cookbook, Paul Prodhomme's Louisiana Kitchen, by describing the over 200 year history of Creole and Cajun cooking ; he aims to " preserve and expand the Louisiana tradition.
One of the earliest 20th century practitioners of this method was The Mills Brothers whose early recordings of the 1930s clearly stated on the label that all instrumentation was done vocally.
One of the earliest historical facts is its membership in the League of Calauria ( Calaurian Amphictyony, ca.
One of the earliest forms of defense against assassins was employing bodyguards.
One of the earliest Christian martyrs in North America was Saint Peter the Aleut.
One of the earliest hard disk drives in personal computing history,
One of the earliest accounts relating to a large unknown freshwater animal was in 1818, when Hamilton Hume and James Meehan found some large bones at Lake Bathurst in New South Wales.
One of the earliest evidence of Hindu influence in Southeast Asia were stone pillars which bear inscriptions in the Pallava script found in Kutai along the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, dating to around the second half of the 300s AD.
One of the earliest controversies to center on BJU was the break that occurred in the late 1950s between separatist fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals represented by the newly prominent evangelist Billy Graham.
One of the earliest articulations of the anthropological meaning of the term " culture " came from Sir Edward Tylor who writes on the first page of his 1897 book: “ Culture, or civilization, taken in its broad, ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society .” The term " civilization " later gave way to definitions by V. Gordon Childe, with culture forming an umbrella term and civilization becoming a particular kind of culture.
One of the earliest justifications involved the theory of natural law.
One of the earliest examples of a visual error appears in Charlie Chaplin's " The Property Man " of 1914.
One of his earliest surviving works, under the guidance of his anatomy teacher, Dimitrie Gerota, is a masterfully rendered écorché ( statue of a man with skin removed to reveal the muscles underneath ) which was exhibited at the Romanian Athenaeum in 1903.
One of the earliest references to couscous in France is in Brittany, in a letter dated January 12, 1699.
One of the earliest reliable records of this weapon in warfare is from an ambush, the Battle of Ma-Ling in 341 BC.
One of the earliest rifled cannon was the breech-loading Armstrong Gun — also invented by William George Armstrong — which boasted significantly improved range, accuracy, and power than earlier weapons.
One of the earliest references to the clavichord in England occurs in the privy-purse expenses of Elizabeth of York, queen of Henry VII, in an entry dated August 1502:
One of the earliest structured uses of dances may have been in the performance and in the telling of myths.
One of the earliest, and probably the most well-known, is DIN 476 — the standard that introduced the A-series paper sizes in 1922 — adopted in 1975 as International Standard ISO 216.
The earliest known example of a detective story was The Three Apples, one of the tales narrated by Scheherazade in the One Thousand and One Nights ( Arabian Nights ).

One and interpretations
One example is the differing set of interpretations of UN Security Council Resolution 242, which calls on Israel to withdraw " from territories occupied " in the 1967 Six Day War.
One of these works was The Authoritarian Personality ( 1950 ), published as a contribution to the Studies in Prejudice performed by multiple research institutes in the US, and consisted on a ' qualitative interpretations ' that uncovered the authoritarian character of test persons through indirect questions.
Within Taiwan, there is a distinction between the positions of the Kuomintang ( KMT ): the Kuomintang also believes in the " One China Principle " and maintains its claim that under the ROC Constitution ( passed by the Kuomintang government in 1947 in Nanjing ) the ROC has sovereignty over most of China ( including by their interpretation both mainland China and Taiwan ) and, according to some interpretations of that constitution, Mongolia.
One of the more popular concepts of dahlia history, and the basis for many different interpretations and confusion, is that all the original discoveries were single flowered types, which, through hybridization and selective breeding, produced double forms.
One could imagine the following interpretations:
One example occurs when the character Karen Green is interviewing various academics on their interpretations of the short film " Exploration # 4 "; she consults a " Poet ," but there is a space between the " Poe " and the " t ," possibly suggesting that Poe at one point commented on the book.
One such passage states that a person should " cultivate himself, then regulate the family, then govern the state, and finally lead the world into peace " There are two common interpretations of this passage.
One of its interpretations goes as follows:
One of interpretations of colours dating from late 19th century is Red Croatia, White Croatia, and Kingdom of Slavonia ( blue ).
One of the most famous theological interpretations of this idea is the Calvinist Christian notion of predestination, in which all occurring events have been already willed at the beginning of the universe by God.
One must be able to recognize that the difference between the scores is not actually related to the ability or aptitude of the child, but to the incorrect interpretations that have been made based on the result of the scores and the significantly different standardized sample.
One of the arguments in favor of the psychocultural hypothesis compared with less mainstream interpretations ( e. g. interdimensional " tricksters " or extraterrestrial visitors ) is that the latter lie outside the body of knowledge currently accepted by science whereas the PCH does not ( cf.
One example is his explanation of the creation of the earth: he points out that faithful Latter-day Saints hold the six-day, six-thousand years, and undefined-period interpretations of the creation.
One important realm of research for feminist archaeologists, along with some non-feminists, is de-centering Westernized forms of history in favor of privileging alternative conceptions and interpretations of the past, and exploring non-traditional ways of conveying knowledge.
One should note as Islam is a global religion and not just for one nation, it has the possibility of different interpretations of the Divine Law within itself.
One other of his interpretations deserves mention.
The results were the albums, Givin ' It Back and Brother, Brother, Brother, both of which were notable for gospel and funk influenced interpretations of rock songs such as " Love the One You're With " and " It's Too Late ", which resulted in chart success.
One of the most revolutionary changes that resulted from interpretations of this council's documents concerned the document Nostra Aetate.
One of the most influential interpretations suggests it is to be regarded as a " handbook of talismanic magic ".
One of the main functions of the International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) is to provide Advisory Opinions-non-binding legal interpretations admitted by United Nations organs.
One of the more common interpretations of this scene is that as Tommy shakes the snow globe in the apartment, he also makes it snow at the " fictional " St. Eligius.
One aim of this debate was to move beyond crude Ricardian interpretations of comparative advantage or comparative costs in explaining the pattern of world trade.
One of the modern interpretations of the double cross is that it represents Slovakia as an heir and guardian of Christian tradition, brought to the region by St. Cyril and St. Methodius, two missionaries from the Byzantine Empire.
One of the modern interpretations of the color is that it represents the bloody lining and symbolizes the Slovak ' martyrdom ' during the time of Magyarisation ( 19th century ).

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