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One and first
The exercise I shall discuss in this -- the first of a new series of articles on muscle definition-specialization of a particular body part -- is the One Leg Lunge.
One must first detect a fleeting mobile or moving target, decide that it is worthy of destruction, select the missile to be fired against the target, compute ballistics for the flight, and prepare the missile for firing.
One finds, for example, that a terse and stereotyped verbal expression, seeming at first to be a mere hollow convention, reveals itself over the months of therapy as the vehicle for expressing the most varied and intense feelings, and the most unconventional of meanings.
One thing should be clear to both husband and wife -- neither pain nor profuse bleeding has to occur when the hymen is ruptured during the first sex act.
One of his initial acts in office was to appoint Philip Coombs of the Ford Foundation as the first Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs.
One of the vexatious problems to first confront President Kennedy was the property lying just across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.
One of the first things he would do, he said, would be to organize classes in first aid.
One of the first moves made after a cabinet decision was to request the United States to establish a full-fledged military assistance group instead of the current civilian body.
One of the initial questions put to President Kennedy at his first news conference last January was about his attitude toward a meeting with Premier Khrushchev.
One of the very best is only now published in this country, five years after its first publication in England.
One of his first acts as Emperor was to persuade the Senate to grant divine honours to Hadrian, which they had at first refused ; his efforts to persuade the Senate to grant these honours is the most likely reason given for his title of Pius ( dutiful in affection ; compare pietas ).
One of the primary characteristics of this technique is the use of a swivel as follows: the first anchor is set normally, and the vessel drops back to the limit of anchor cable.
One of the first to discuss the possibility of an absolute minimal temperature was Robert Boyle.
* 1914 – Mexican Revolution: One of the world's first naval / air skirmishes takes place off the coast of western Mexico.
One side-effect of the timing is that, as Alan was awarded a knighthood a few months before the divorce, both his first and second wife are entitled to take the title of Lady Ayckbourn.
One particular contribution towards formalizing these differences came from Noah Webster, who wrote the first American dictionary ( published 1828 ) with the intention of showing that people in the United States spoke a different dialect from Britain, much like a regional accent.
One of the first actors is believed to be an ancient Greek called Thespis of Icaria.
One of his most celebrated achievements is the discovery of the first arithmetic Weil cohomology theory: the ℓ-adic étale cohomology.
AA's name derived from its first book, informally called " The Big Book ", originally titled Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered From Alcoholism
" The Chicago Daily Tribune called it “ One of the most spectacular crimes of the 20th century, and what is believed to be the first airplane kidnap murder on record .” Because it occurred somewhere over three Missouri counties, and involved interstate transport of a stolen airplane, it raised questions in legal circles about where, by whom, and even whether he could be prosecuted.
One of the most successful designs of this period was the Douglas DC-3, which became the first airliner that was profitable carrying passengers exclusively, starting the modern era of passenger airline service.
On June 21, 2004, Space Ship One became the first privately funded aircraft to make a spaceflight, opening the possibility of an aviation market capable of leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
The Diamondbacks ' first major league game was played against the Colorado Rockies on March 31, 1998, at Bank One Ballpark before a standing-room only crowd of 50, 179.

One and throughout
One who could be linked to anti-Semitism only by overcoming his objections is scarcely a good specimen of the Jew-baiter throughout the ages.
One modern scholar has written " It is almost certain not only that at no time in his life did he ever see, let alone command, a Roman army, but that, throughout the twenty-three years of his reign, he never went within five hundred miles of a legion ".
One may distinguish between this positional system, which is identical throughout the family, and the precise glyphs used to write the numerals, which vary regionally.
One by one, the Quintet – five singers who comment like a Greek chorus throughout the show – enter, tuning up.
One rodent characteristic that can be highly visible in hamsters is their sharp incisors ; they have an upper pair and lower pair which grow continuously throughout life, so must be regularly worn down.
One of the themes prevalent throughout most of Sheldon s work is feminism.
One of the well known merchants, Hussain Ali Bin Saif Al-Roumi, was known as the leader in pearl trade throughout the region, sustaining the economy for decades before the discovery of oil.
Khrushchev ended Stalin's policy of Socialism in One Country and committed the Soviet Union to actively support communist revolution throughout the world.
One problem encountered throughout scientific fields is that the observation may affect the process being observed, resulting in a different outcome than if the process was unobserved.
One of their most revered forms of literature is the repetitive epic, which traces a family throughout history, focusing on each generation's virtually identical allegiance to the state.
One of its first changes involved ensuring that all government institutions, which had previously been spread out in various areas throughout the country, were now based in Mogadishu, the nation's capital.
One of the most significant milestones in the campaign to abolish slavery throughout the world occurred in England in 1772, with British judge Lord Mansfield, whose opinion in Somersett's Case was widely taken to have held that slavery was illegal in England.
One source has estimated that as of 2009, taekwondo was practiced in 123 countries, with over 30 million practitioners and 3 million individuals with black belts throughout the world.
Although Sikhism does not teach that men are created in God's image, it states that the essence of the One is to be found throughout all of its creation.
According to ABC Radio Australia, " Foreign policy issues that feature in Vanuatu include wide support for the Free West Papua Movement and broadly for independence throughout Melanesia, the One China Policy and relations with Australia and New Zealand.
First forming in the Season One episode " The Harvest " to prevent The Master from opening a portal to hell, the line-up of the group varied from year to year, but the core that remained intact throughout the series ' run was Buffy herself and her best friends, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, as well as her Watcher, Rupert Giles.
One of the Persian envoys, Ghiyasu'd-Din Naqqah, keeps a diary of his travels throughout China, some of the contents of which are preserved in court documents thanks to the court historian Hafiz Abru.
One Bermudian salt raker, Mary Prince, however, was to leave a scathing record of Bermuda's activities there in The History of Mary Prince, a book which helped to propel the abolitionist cause to the 1834 emancipation of slaves throughout the Empire.
One of the black basses, it is a popular game fish sought by anglers throughout the temperate zones of North America, and has been spread by stock to many cool-water tributaries and lakes in the United States and Canada.
One of insulin's effects is to control arterial wall tension throughout the body.
One method used for measuring melatonin offset is to analyse a sequence of urine samples throughout the morning
This short film was shown in the Millennium Dome throughout 2000 and was later aired on BBC One in 2002.
One night during preparations for the expedition, the hermai, heads of the god Hermes on a plinth with a phallus, were mutilated throughout Athens.
ABC's daytime lineup became strong throughout the 1970s and 1980s with the soap operas General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Edge of Night ( which had moved to ABC from CBS in late 1975 ), All My Children, and Ryan's Hope, and the game shows The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, Let's Make a Deal, Split Second, The $ 20, 000 Pyramid and Family Feud.

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