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One and funniest
Consultant, Steve Jaffe, “ I love Dick Gregory ; he is one of the funniest people on the planet .” They spoke of how Gregory had made a comment on Dr. King ’ s birthday that broke everyone into laughter, when he noted that the President made Speaker Newt Gingrich ride “ in the back of the plane ,” on an Air Force One trip overseas.
One of his funniest routines had him trading insults with Edgar Bergen's dummy Charlie McCarthy on The Chase and Sanborn Hour.
One of the funniest moments on Luncheon at the Music Center occurred during the tenure of host Thomas Cassidy.
One of the funniest intentional moments on the show was when Franklin interviewed the owner of the Dutch liqueur company, known in that country as Wyn and Fokking.
One of the funniest things in which almost the entire staff participated was a video project that was created as a parting gift to the station manager George Fritzinger and his exceptional German secretary, Regina Sears.

One and most
One of the most distressing of these scenes occurred at Spring Green toward the end of the open warfare, on a beautiful day in June.
One of the most salient features of literary value has been deemed to be its influence upon and organization of emotion.
One of the most frequent views of the value of literature is the education of sensibility that it is thought to provide.
One of Sherman's most serious shortcomings, however, was his mistrust of his cavalry.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
A more complete list would also include Bradbury's `` The Pedestrian '' ( 1951 ), Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery ( 1955 ), David Karp's One ( 1953 ), Wilson Tucker's The Long Loud Silence ( 1952 ), Jack Vance's To Live Forever ( 1956 ), Gore Vidal's Messiah ( 1954 ), and Bernard Wolfe's Limbo ( 1952 ), as well as the three perhaps most outstanding dystopias, Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth's The Space Merchants ( 1953 ), Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano ( 1952 ), and John Wyndham's Re-Birth ( 1953 ), works which we will later examine in detail.
One of the most important is economic.
One year I simply set the plants in the remains of a compost pile, to which a little sand had been added, and I had the most beautiful pansies in my, or any of my neighbors' experience.
One of the most attractive things about avocados is that they do not require processing of any kind.
One of the most exciting ways to end a Northeast vacation would be with a week in New York City.
One of the most delightful spots in a southern tour is the city of New Orleans.
One of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul, it was constructed in the early years of the Seventeenth Century, with a huge central dome, two half domes that seem to cascade down from it, and smaller full domes around the gallery.
One of the most desirable features for a park are beautiful views or scenery.
One of the most gratifying applications of an important technique of submarine detection is in the exploration of the human body.
One or two of the schools have a five year curriculum, but the usual pattern of American education has limited most of them to the four-year plan which seems to be the minimum in acceptable institutions.
One of the most significant advancements in design of plastics signs is the so-called trans-illuminated billboard, now being produced by several large sign manufacturers such as Advance Neon Sign Co., Los Angeles, and Industrial Electric Inc., New Orleans, La..
One may conclude that most of the detected micrometeoritic material is concentrated in orbital streams which intersect the Earth's orbit.
One finds, for example, that a terse and stereotyped verbal expression, seeming at first to be a mere hollow convention, reveals itself over the months of therapy as the vehicle for expressing the most varied and intense feelings, and the most unconventional of meanings.
One of the most intriguing questions is whether the recent departures of the Federal Reserve authorities from confining their open market operations to Treasury bills will spread into longer-term Government securities in the next few months.
One of the most interesting findings was the extreme sensitivity of plasma arylesterases to rare earth ions.
One of the most desirable solutions is achieved by the use of a non-linear amplifier for Af.
One of the most common of camp maladies was diarrhoea.
One of the most damaging tsunami on record followed the famous Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755 ; ;
One of the most interested `` students '' on the tour which the Brevard group took at the National Gallery yesterday following their concert at the White House, was Letitia Baldrige, social secretary to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

One and inventive
One of his most remarkably inventive works is the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner ( 1839 ) based on Samuel Coleridge's famous poem, which recently sold at Sotheby's for ₤ 27, 000.
One biographer writes, " Throughout his life, Jack had been warmed by Sam's sunshiny optimism, his thirst for excitement, his inventive mind, his gambling nature.
One author has noted the totalitarian regime Ivan Drago represents, his power demonstrated when he topples an arrogant opponent, and his subsequent defeat by the inventive, determined foe.
One could attend the various revisions of the Paris and Berne conventions, participate in the cosmopolitan moral dialogue about the need to protect the fruits of authorial labor and inventive genius ... knowing all the while that one's domestic intellectual property system was a handy protectionist weapon.
One of the earliest findings of the massive research on which the theory is based is that the vast majority of problems that require inventive solutions typically reflect a need to overcome a dilemma or a trade-off between two contradictory elements.
One reviewer wrote, " What we find here is an inventive updating of Stapledon's famous Odd John ( 1935 ) in very sensitive, unsentimental terms, with the addition of a sense of community, a benefit that Stapledon's protagonist never got to fully experience.
One is his dynamic and inventive version of the Orpheus story and the other, his Testament of Cresseid, is a tale of moral and psychological subtlety in a tragic mode founded upon the literary conceit of " completing " the story-arc for a character in a poem by Chaucer.
One inventive Matoran of Earth, Nuparu, builds a powerful vehicle called the Boxor, made from parts of a damaged Bohrok in order to fight off the swarms.
One of these, the Dialogue against Hypocrites, was aimed in a spirit of vindictive hatred at the vices of ecclesiastics ; another, written at the request of Nicholas V, covered Amadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy, the Antipope Felix V with inventive scurrilous abuse.
One of Subaru's ads from the 1980s read, The kind of car Mercedes might have built if they were a little more frugal and a lot more inventive.
One of the seminal products of the French New Wave, Jules and Jim is an inventive encyclopedia of the language of cinema that incorporates newsreel footage, photographic stills, freeze frames, panning shots, wipes, masking, dolly shots, and voiceover narration ( by Michel Subor ).
One reviewer, however, stated that the level designs were " slightly less challenging " than those of previous installations, but more inventive.

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