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One and main
One main type of malocclusion is characterized by a receding chin and protruding upper front teeth.
One is not sure who emerges as the main personality of this book -- Mijbil, with his rollicking ways, or Maxwell himself, poet, portrait painter, writer, journalist, traveller and zoologist, sensitive but never sentimental recorder of an unusual way of life, in a language at once lyrical and forceful, vivid and unabashed.
One of the main characters of the 1969-1971 animated cartoon The Ant and the Aardvark is a blue aardvark voiced by John Byner, doing an impersonation of Jackie Mason.
One of the other main reasons why French critics called it ' American Shot ' was its frequent use in westerns.
One of the main goals of monasticism was the purgation of self and selfishness, and obedience was seen as a path to that perfection.
One of the main differences is that while animists believe everything to be spiritual in nature, they do not necessarily see the spiritual nature of everything in existence as being united ( monism ), the way pantheists do.
One of these was now called the main meeting, kyria ekklesia.
One of the main things that distinguishes the matrix of a bone from that of another cell is that the matrix in bone is hard.
One of the main units within Samuel is the " History of David's Rise ", the purpose of which is to justify David as the legitimate successor to Saul.
One of Adam's main sources had been the German bishop Adalvard the Younger of Sigtuna and later of Skara as hinted in Scholia 119.
One of the main proponents of a Jewish homeland in Palestine was Chaim Weizmann, the leading spokesperson for organized Zionism in Britain.
One of the main characteristics of a molecule is its geometry often called its structure.
One of his main reasons for staying on as leader was to frustrate the leadership ambitions of Herbert Morrison, whom Attlee disliked for political and personal reasons.
One of the main lineages fled from the Kong ancestral home in Qufu during the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, and eventually settled in Taiwan.
One of the main tenets of Dispensationalism is the strict dichotomy that dispensationalists claim exists between Israel and the New Testament Church.
One of the main theses of casuists was the necessity to adapt the rigorous morals of the Early Fathers of Christianity to modern morals, which led in some extreme cases to justify what Innocent XI later called " laxist moral " ( i. e. justification of usury, homicide, regicide, lying through " mental reservation ", adultery and loss of virginity before marriage, etc .— all due cases registered by Pascal in the Provincial Letters ).
One of the main sources of confusion in popular classifications is the difference between a dialect and a language.
One of critical psychology's main criticisms of conventional psychology is that it fails to consider or deliberately ignores the way power differences between social classes and groups can impact the mental and physical well-being of individuals or groups of people.
One tag was suspended below the main tag.
One of the earliest examples of detective fiction is Voltaire's Zadig ( 1748 ), which features a main character who performs feats of analysis.
Don Quixote, Part One contains a number of stories which do not directly involve the two main characters, but which are narrated by some of the picaresque figures encountered by the Don and Sancho during their travels.
One of the main topics in differential topology is the study of special kinds of smooth mappings between manifolds, namely immersions and submersions, and the intersections of submanifolds via transversality.
One of his main findings is that liberal democracies have much less democide than authoritarian regimes.
One theory is that this was caused by a design fault in the ammunition loading system to the main gun turrets, so that an enemy hit on the turret set off an explosion in the magazine, thus sinking the ship.
One of main objections raised to deprogramming ( as well as to exit counseling ) is the contention that they begin with a false premise.

One and features
One of the most salient features of literary value has been deemed to be its influence upon and organization of emotion.
One of the most desirable features for a park are beautiful views or scenery.
One of the chief features of this community of interest is the automotive patents cross-licensing agreement, a milestone in the development of American industrial cooperation.
One of the most widespread features of contemporary thought is the almost universal disbelief in the reality of spirit.
One of its features attractive to the West is its irreverence for tradition and dogma and for sacred texts.
One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral Puebloan infrastructure is at Chaco Canyon and is the Chaco Road, a system of roads radiating out from many great house sites such as Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl and Una Vida, and leading towards small outlier sites and natural features within and beyond the canyon limits.
Deane and J. R. Thomson write this valid conclusion, “ The Book of Obadiah is occupied with one subject – the punishment of Edom for its cruel and unbrotherly love conduct towards Judah ...” One can link this idea of punishment to one of the major prophets “ Ezekiel ” who “... interprets the exile to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem as deserved punishments for the sins of those who themselves committed them .” Verses 3-7 in Obadiah explain to the reader the reason for the punishment theme, “ Confidence in one s power, intelligence, allies, or the topographical features of one s territory is often mentioned as an attribute of those who foolishly confront the Lord and are consequently punished .” Although destruction is vital to understanding Obadiah, it is of note to understand the destruction being a consequence of action.
One of the features of Baltic languages is the number of conservative or archaic features retained.
One of the most recognizable constellations of the northern summer and autumn, it features a prominent asterism known as the Northern Cross ( in contrast to the Southern Cross ).
In the late 1970s, Kerry Packer established the rival World Series Cricket ( WSC ) competition, and it introduced many of the features of One Day International cricket that are now commonplace, including coloured uniforms, matches played at night under floodlights with a white ball and dark sight screens, and, for television broadcasts, multiple camera angles, effects microphones to capture sounds from the players on the pitch, and on-screen graphics.
One of the features adopted by other systems, including Library of Congress, is the Cutter number.
The Beatles ' " For No One " ( 1966 ) features Paul McCartney playing the clavichord.
One reason for this was that architects ( microcode writers ) sometimes " over-designed " assembler language instructions, i. e. including features which were not possible to implement efficiently on the basic hardware available.
One of the remarkable features of deism is that the critical elements did not overpower the constructive elements.
One major difference between the Ramsay's family coat of arms and the university seal, is that while the Ramsay seal features a griffin and greyhound, the Dalhousie seal instead has two dragons supporting the eagle-adorned shield.
One of the most remarkable features of American society is that the difference between the " uneducated " and the " educated " is so slight.
One of the most notable features of the building was the Axum Obelisk which stood in front of the agency seat, although just outside of the territory allocated to FAO by the Italian Government.
One of the key features of graphic design is that it makes a tool out of appropriate image selection in order to possibly convey meaning.
One of the restored scenes features Glen rejecting a pass made to him by a gay man.
One of the most prominent features of the interior highlands is a depression that runs from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Fonseca.
One of the more notable new features was the addition of Internet Connection Sharing, a form of network address translation, allowing several machines on a LAN ( Local Area Network ) to share a single Internet connection.
The Grail features heavily in the novels of Peter David's Knight trilogy, which depict King Arthur reappearing in modern-day New York City, in particular the second and third novels, One Knight Only and Fall of Knight.

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