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One and numerous
One may perform an inexact search ( using keywords, for instance ) and retrieve numerous " hits ," some of which will be on-target.
One of the oldest and most accessible parts of combinatorics is graph theory, which also has numerous natural connections to other areas.
One of its established institutions, Jihad Al Binna's Reconstruction Campaign, is responsible for numerous economic and infrastructure development projects in Lebanon.
One of the most numerous kinds of kistvaen are the Dartmoor kistvaens.
One international bestseller and numerous articles on the subject have been published, and a 2011 television film produced, about the incident.
One of the most important applications of MNT would be medical nanorobotics or nanomedicine, an area pioneered by Robert Freitas in numerous books and papers.
Albert was also the lead play-by-play voice of the Westwood One radio network's NFL coverage for several years, calling Monday Night Football as well as numerous playoff games and every Super Bowl beginning 2002.
To achieve this, he creates numerous beings called " Nightmaren ", including two " Level One " Nightmaren, acrobatic jester-like, flight-capable beings called Nights and Reala.
One of the numerous, yet appropriate definitions of postmodernism and the qualm aspect aids this attribute to seem perfectly accurate.
In the last two decades before World War One, Slovene arts and literature experienced one of its most flourishing periods, with numerous talented modernist authors, painters and architects.
One of Penn's most well known academic qualities is its emphasis on interdisciplinary education, which it promotes through numerous joint degree programs, research centers and professorships, a unified campus, and the ability for students to take classes from any of Penn's schools ( the " One University Policy ").
One can find numerous representations of small greyhound-like hounds in art dating back to Roman times but the first written English use of the word " whippet " with regard to a type of dog was in 1610.
One extreme was the so-called Year Without a Summer of 1816, one of several years during the 1810s in which numerous crops failed during freakish summer cold snaps after volcanic eruptions reduced incoming sunlight.
One of the most active and popular mayors had been Nikola Kaloyanov, who initiated numerous infrastructure changes to modernize the town in the 70s.
One of the numerous ponds characteristic of the island.
Iris had numerous poetic titles and epithets, including Chrysopteron ( Golden Winged ), Podas ôkea ( swift footed ) or Podênemos ôkea ( wind-swift footed ), and Thaumantias or Thaumantos ( Daughter of Thaumas, Wondrous One ).
In Ireland, RTÉ One has repeated the series on numerous occasions.
One of the largest objects in the collection is the Spanish tempera on wood, 670 x 486 cm, retable of St George, c. 1400, consisting of numerous scenes and painted by Andrés Marzal De Sax in Valencia.
One of the many ambulance drivers to attend the scene, 30-year-old Morris Hohmann, was shot in the leg on West 23rd Street as he attempted to evacuate the numerous wounded personnel.
One of them, Igaal Alon and Kibbutz Artzi member Shimon Avidan were the two most important commanders who won the War of Independence, and numerous kibbutz members were Cabinet Ministers who largely shaped Israeli politics form 1955 to 1977.
One of the principal characteristics of the town is its numerous small lakes, in which fish of nearly all kinds inhabiting still fresh water abound, and the number of summer guests in all parts of the town is constantly increasing.
One of the most attractive features of Bethel is its access to numerous lakes, all within a five minute drive of each other.
One of numerous historic plantation-style homes in Madisonville

One and cuneiform
One of the most important discoveries at the site has been the cuneiform royal archives of clay tablets, consisting of official correspondence and contracts, as well as legal codes, procedures for cult ceremony, oracular prophecies and literature of the ancient Near East.
Eldem also suggests that the number 3661 was written as " three wedges " with cuneiform in Mesopotamian sexagesimal mathematics: One wedge each for 3600's, 60's and units digits.
One of the few surviving sources of information that can be dated directly to Cyrus's time is the Cyrus cylinder, a document in the form of a clay cylinder inscribed in Akkadian cuneiform.
One of three excavated cuneiform clay tablets written in 1700 BC in Babylon, 50 miles south of present-day Baghdad, deals with 24 recipes for stew cooked with meat and vegetables, enhanced and seasoned with leeks, onion, garlic, and spices and herbs like cassia, cumin, coriander, mint, and dill.

One and records
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
One famous site where historical records have been used to interpret sites is Chichen Itza.
One example which could have been overlooked without historical records is the Mayan interest in the planet Venus.
One possible explanation is, that this annal records a reconquest of land that was lost to the Britons in the campaigns ending in the battle of Mons Badonicus.
One of the earliest reliable records of this weapon in warfare is from an ambush, the Battle of Ma-Ling in 341 BC.
One of the oldest records of human rights is the statute of Kalisz ( 1264 ), giving privileges to the Jewish minority in the Kingdom of Poland such as protection from discrimination and hate speech.
One such singer who has merged the Bhakti sangeet tradition of India with the western non-India music is Krishna Das and sells music records of his musical sadhana.
One very striking evidence of the superiority of the royal courts over the feudal and popular courts in the matter of official skill is the fact that, until comparatively late in history, the royal courts alone kept written records of their proceedings.
One reason is that, over time, evidence can be corrupted or disappear, memories fade, crime scenes are changed, and companies dispose of records.
One of the oldest records of the word samba appeared in Pernambuco magazine's O Carapuceiro, dated February 1838, when Father Miguel Lopes Gama of Sacramento wrote against what he called the samba d ' almocreve – not referring to the future musical genre, but a kind of merriment ( dance drama ) popular for black people of that time.
* February 26 – The Original Dixieland Jass Band records their first commercial record, with the tunes " Livery Stable Blues " and " Dixie Jazz Band One Step ".
* August 4 – Juan Manuel Fangio, driving for Maserati, wins the Formula One German Grand Prix, clinching ( with 4 wins that season ) his record 5th world drivers championship, including his 4th consecutive championship ( also a record ); these 2 records endure for nearly half a century.
* One of the earliest records of use of a Bathing machine is made at Scarborough in England.
One of the earliest antecedents of modern jury systems are juries in ancient Greece, including the city-state of Athens, where records of jury courts date back to 500 BCE.
One of the few surviving records concerning his papacy mentions him as having ordained an uncertain number of priests.
One block could contain several logical ( or user ) records or, in some schemes, partial logical records.
One of his arguments was that both Khabarov's Achan ( sometimes also spelled by the explorer as Otshchan, Отщан ), and Wuzhala ( 乌扎拉 ) of the Chinese records of the 1652 engagement are based on the name of the Nanai clan " Odzhal " ( Оджал ), corresponding to the 20th-century name of the village as well.
* List of One Day International cricket records
One of the earliest monuments records the purchase by a king of a large estate for his son, paying a fair market price and adding a handsome honorarium to the many owners, in costly garments, plate, and precious articles of furniture.
( e. g. search records, as shown through simple study of the AOL search records leak ) One common way that information can be obtained and linked is when a user registers a computer just after purchase.
One 19th century writer records that in China, the best soy sauce is " made by boiling beans soft, adding an equal quantity of wheat or barley, and leaving the mass to ferment ; a portion of salt and three times as much water are afterwards put in, and the whole compound left for two or three months when the liquid is pressed and strained ".
On November 14, 1929, an original vocalist named Red McKenzie hired Glenn to play on two records that are now considered to be jazz classics: " Hello, Lola " and " If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight ".

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