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from Brown Corpus
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One and obvious
One of the most obvious differences was the 5200's lack of a keyboard.
" One of the few strips ever taken seriously by students of American culture ," wrote Professor Berger, " Li ' l Abner is worth studying ... because of Capp's imagination and artistry, and because of the strip's very obvious social relevance.
One of the forces that worked as an impetus for his pressing forward was the first stirring of what would later be called Romanticism — the Sturm und Drang, or " storm and stress " phase in the arts, a short period where obvious emotionalism was a stylistic preference.
One of the most obvious applications of catalysis is the hydrogenation ( reaction with hydrogen gas ) of fats using nickel catalyst to produce margarine.
One of the more obvious differences is that crochet uses one hook while much knitting uses two needles.
One of the most obvious is the Butterwalk, built 1635 to 1640.
One obvious way to resolve the Fermi paradox would be to find conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.
One of the most obvious decisions hydroponic farmers have to make is which medium they should use.
One of the most obvious examples is the recurrent depiction of twins such as the Indic Asvins ' horsemen ,' the Greek horsemen Castor and Pollux, the legendary Anglo-Saxon settlers Horsa and Hengist [...] or the Irish twins of Macha, born after she had completed a horse race.
One point in this regard is that while the value of free will may be thought sufficient to counterbalance minor evils, it is less obvious that it outweighs the disvalue of evils such as rape and murder.
One obvious consequence of this sacrosanctity was the fact that it was considered a capital offense to harm a tribune, to disregard his veto, or to interfere with a tribune.
One obvious difference is that the Zhou ruled from walled cities rather than castles.
One of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, but in some cases there may be no obvious symptoms until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage.
One obvious result of this cultural mixture is the variety of surnames that are common among the Cajun population.
One of the most obvious differences is the use of the aspirated / m / in White Hmong by the sound of " H ", which is used when it is written in Romanized Popular Alphabet.
One of the most obvious changes was the introduction of Anglo-Norman, a northern dialect of Old French, as the language of the ruling classes in England, displacing Old English.
One obvious difficulty with this association is that the zero-point energy of the vacuum is absurdly large.
( One copy has 155 years and 18 months, but this is an obvious error for 155 years and eight months.
One obvious difference is the complete loss of tone from Korean while all Chinese dialects retain tone.
" One modern translator explains the wording problem that arises here: " this translation from Italian, we retain the Italian proscenio in the text ; it cannot be rendered proscenium for obvious reasons ; and there is no English equivalent .... It would also be possible to retain the classical frons scaenae.
One of the most obvious possibilities is that it's named for the Malinke people who live in the region.
One thing which is not too obvious in this coordinate dependent formulation is that different generalized coordinates are really nothing more than different coordinate patches on the same symplectic manifold ( see Mathematical formalism, below ).
One could expect this from the British, he said, but now with the South Africans, “ there was obvious deceit ”.
One of the more obvious grammatical errors is " ego vos benedictio ", " I bless you ", which should have been " ego vos benedico ".

One and conclusions
One author says conclusions on most questions, including the one concerning authorship, should be avoided.
Closely related to this attitude was his book De officio regis, the content of which was foreshadowed in his 33 conclusions: One should be instructed with reference to the obligations in regard to the kingdom — to see how the two powers, royal and ecclesiastical, may support each other in harmony in the body corporate of the Church.
One of the conclusions of the study was that the people buried in Lindow Moss may have had a less varied diet than their European counterparts.
One of the conclusions was that if the crawler wants to download pages with high Pagerank early during the crawling process, then the partial Pagerank strategy is the better, followed by breadth-first and backlink-count.
One of the conclusions of the Yalta Conference was that the Allies would return all Soviet citizens that found themselves in the Allied zone to the Soviet Union ( Operation Keelhaul ).
One of the conclusions in his 1909 paper was that upper-class children in private preparatory schools did better in the tests than those in the ordinary elementary schools, and that the difference was innate.
One of Patrich's conclusions was that the caves " did not serve as habitations for the members of the Dead Sea Sect, but rather as stores and hiding places ".
One of the conclusions of the Yalta Conference was that the western Allies would return all Soviet citizens who found themselves in their zones to the Soviet Union.
One is left to draw one's own conclusions regarding the overall story line and its meaning.
One of the key conclusions of this study is that " Effective management of the consequences of
One direction of this research was to find out whether the main conclusions of Nevanlinna
One study has drawn conclusions that it is these publicly operated institutions such as the state bank that has helped North Dakota Citizens weather the economic storms of today.
One of their conclusions certainly seems reflected in the continuation of vanishing hitchhiker stories: The hitchhiker is, in the majority of cases, female and the lift-giver male.
One later paper questioned the conclusions of Norell et al.
One of the book ’ s strongest conclusions is that “ in amount of vile language, they were perhaps three times as bad as any other team .” A main reason is that they had John McGraw.
One review from 2007 felt that the evidence supports a benefit in chronic musculoskeletal pain while another review from the Cochrane Collaboration in 2008 deemed the evidence of poor quality and thus no conclusions were possible regarding chronic pain.
Among the most important were Heraclitus (" all is fire ", all is chaotic and transitory ), Anaxagoras ( reality is so ordered that it must be in all respects governed by mind ), the Pluralists and Atomists ( the world is composite of innumerable interacting parts ), the Eleatics Parmenides and Zeno ( all is One and change is impossible, as illustrated by his famous paradoxes of motion ), the Sophists ( became known, perhaps unjustly, for claiming that truth was no more than opinion and for teaching people to argue fallaciously to prove whatever conclusions they wished ).
One of the current conclusions is that the Martian soil, being continuously exposed to UV light from the Sun ( Mars has no protective ozone layer ), has built up a thin layer of a very strong oxidant.
One of the conclusions is that " more than half of the Y chromosome lineages that we see in today's Maltese population could have come in with the Phoenicians.
" One of DiLorenzo's core conclusions, in fact, is that Lincoln used his considerable skills at weaving rhetoric to camouflage his true intentions and mask his actual behavior.
One of the conclusions is as follows:
" One of the key conclusions of the President's commission that laid the intellectual framework for the President's announcement today was that while we certainly have a history of some real attacks, some very serious, to our cyber-infrastructure, the real threat lay in the future.
One of Kant's shorter works, it contains a summary of the Critique ‘ s main conclusions, sometimes by arguments Kant had not used in the Critique.

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