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One and underlying
One of the oldest techniques in the science of crystallography consists of measuring the three-dimensional orientations of the faces of a crystal, and using them to infer the underlying crystal symmetry.
One player provides the underlying beat, or shita-byōshi, while the other builds on this rhythmical foundation with a unique and typically improvised musical composition ( ue-byōshi ).
One then considers metrics on the bundle P that are consistent with both the fiber metric, and the metric on the underlying manifold M. The consistency conditions are:
One claim is that the empirical data gathered by experimental philosophers can have an indirect effect on philosophical questions by allowing for a better understanding of the underlying psychological processes which lead to philosophical intuitions.
One exception to this modern trend is Joseph Campbell's book The Hero With a Thousand Faces ( 1949 ), which claims that all hero myths follow the same underlying pattern.
One might more constructively interpret these statements to describe the underlying emotional statement that they express, i. e.: I disapprove / do not disapprove of eating meat, I used to, he doesn't, I do and she doesn't, etc.
One of the restrictions of IrisGL was that it only provided access to features supported by the underlying hardware.
This is doubly interesting since the underlying proverb behind this, " One picture is worth a thousand words ," was originally introduced into the English proverb repertoire in an ad for televisions ( Mieder 2004b: 83 ).
One can even start from an established classical model of a particular system, then attempt to guess the underlying quantum model that would give rise to the classical model in the correspondence limit.
NIOT researchers claim that there are two sets of ripples visible at the site ; One set is a natural feature formed by tidal currents while the other set has formed in relation to underlying structural features.
One can be acting under profound mental illness and yet be sane, and one can also be ruled insane without an underlying mental illness.
While the fundamental technology underlying the Marathon engine is still considered rather outdated by today's standards, Aleph One has added significant improvements and a more modern polish to its capabilities and ported it to a wide variety of platforms, bringing Marathon and its derivatives far beyond their Mac roots.
One reason for the continued popularity of bloodletting ( and purging ) was that, while anatomical knowledge, surgical and diagnostic skills increased tremendously in Europe from the 17th century, the key to curing disease remained elusive, and the underlying belief was that it was better to give any treatment than nothing at all.
One of the key factors in solving these problems is the use of DCE / RPC as the underlying RPC mechanism behind DCOM.
One of the most important underlying theological concepts for dispensationalism is progressive revelation.
One solution to this problem is to study the genetics of underlying traits, such as " anxious temperament.
One underlying problem is that there are a great many reasons why people hesitate to intervene, or to report behavior they find to be unacceptable or unlawful.
One notable difference between the Creative Commons license and free / open source licenses, such as the GPL, is that it does not require making the raw unmixed tracks available, whereas free / open source software has the underlying source code available.
One key question about the nature of Tharsis has been whether the bulge is mainly the product of active crustal uplifting from buoyancy provided by the underlying mantle plume or whether it is merely a large, static mass of igneous material supported by the underlying lithosphere.
One mechanism underlying butyrate function in suppression of colonic inflammation is inhibition of the IFN-γ / STAT1 signaling pathways at least partially through acting as a histone deacetylase ( HDAC ) inhibitor.
One advantage of Asian options is that these reduce the risk of market manipulation of the underlying instrument at maturity.
One of the elegant aspects of the iAPX 432 architecture is that a dispatching port is actually just a communication port whose messages are process objects, thus unifying the operation of process dispatching and interprocess communication and simplifying the underlying implementation.
One node has physical access to the underlying file system and performs all read and write operations.

One and premises
One way to demonstrate the invalidity of this argument form is with a counterexample with true premises but an obviously false conclusion.
Other pub chains, such as All Bar One and Slug and Lettuce offer youth-orientated atmospheres, often in premises larger than traditional pubs.
One arguing from the theory of suspension of disbelief would contend that while Superman's abilities and vulnerabilities are the foundational premises the audience accepted as their part of the initial deal ; they did not accept a persistent inability for otherwise normal characters to recognize a close colleague solely because of minor changes in clothing.
One of the premises that Bruce Lee incorporated in Jeet Kune Do was " combat realism ".
One way to demonstrate the invalidity of this argument form is with a counterexample with true premises but an obviously false conclusion.
One technique they used was to build premises into " promos " for shows that would never run ( such as " Melvin and Howards ", a parody of the movie Melvin and Howard which featured Melvin Dummar, Howard Hughes, Howard Cosell, Curly Howard, and Senator Howard Baker on a road trip singing old tunes ).
One of the main premises was to demonstrate that pornography is everywhere in major art.
One might construct the argument, using premises, as follows:
Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, that is the proposition that all wage workers come together in organization according to industry ; the groupings of the workers in each of the big divisions of industry as a whole into local, national, and international industrial unions ; all to be interlocked, dovetailed, welded into One Big Union for all wage workers ; a big union bent on aggressively forging ahead and compelling shorter hours, more wages and better conditions in and out of the work shop ... until the working class is able to take possession and control of the machinery, premises, and materials of production right from the capitalists ' hands ...
One of the five premises, " The Fuzzies ," interested Coon, and Gerrold was commissioned to write the story outline ( retitled A Fuzzy Thing Happened To Me.
One of these defenses is " specialness ", the irrational belief that aging and death as central premises of life apply to all others but oneself.
One of these " balls " was given to the owner of Brumos Motor Cars in Jacksonville, FL, and now sits atop a building on the premises after ConocoPhillips terminated its NASCAR sponsorship.
One of the inner-city premises of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
One of the places from which the laterite blocks were mined, could be seen even today inside the Ananda Sasthralaya ( a local school ) premises.
One consequence of this is that it is possible to endorse a form of Buddhist practice as viable while simultaneously critiquing its premises or contrasting it unfavorably to another, higher practice.
Force India still competes in Formula One and operates out of Jordan's old premises at Silverstone.
One of the fundamental premises of REBT is that humans, in most cases, do not merely get upset by unfortunate adversities, but also by how they construct their views of reality through their language, evaluative beliefs, meanings and philosophies about the world, themselves and others.
One man, a local joiner, who was working in the church hall adjacent to the church, left the premises shortly before the bomb went off.
One highly unusual incident was the crash of an airplane on the stadium premises.
One strike, you're out is a colloquial term for a policy adhered to by public housing officials in the United States which requires tenants living in housing projects or otherwise receiving housing assistance from the federal government to be evicted if they, or any guest or visitor under their more or less direct control, engage in certain types of criminal activity on — or in some cases even off — the premises of said housing.
One of the four inscriptions around the main entrance to the Baths of Diocletian reads, translated from Latin, “ Our Lords Diocletian and Maximian, the elder and invincible Augsti, fathers of the Emperors and Caesars, our lords Constantius and Maximian and Severus and Maximin, noblest Caesars, dedicated to their beloved Romans these auspicious Baths of Diocletian, which the divine Maximin on his return from Africa ordered to be built and consecrated in the name of his brother Diocletian, having purchased the premises required for so huge and remarkable work and furnishing them with the most sumptuous refinement .” The baths take up 120, 000 square metres of the district, which is about the same size as the Baths of Caracalla.
One of the major premises of Christian existentialism entails calling the masses back to a more genuine form of Christianity.
One may also speak of books written by non-Japanese authors as nihonjinron, insofar as they share, contribute to, or reflect the vision, premises, and perspectives characteristic of the Japanese genre.
An excerpt from an upcoming novel by Anthony Macris ( Capital, Volume One, Part Two ) features an exhaustively detailed description of the premises.

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