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One and patent
One of the conditions of the pool was a prohibition upon the withholding of patent rights among A.L.A.M. members.
One manufacturer who held an allegedly basic patent said: `` I would readily put over $50,000 into the manufacture of the device, but it is so easy to make that we would enter immediately into a prolonged ordeal of patent litigation which would eat up all our profits ''.
One minimal chordic keyboard example is Edgar Matias ' Half-Qwerty keyboard described in patent circa 1992 that produces the letters of the missing half when the user simultaneously presses the space bar along with the mirror key.
One popular misconception held by many is that trade secret protection is incompatible with patent protection.
One unusual idea, which never saw service, was the ability to connect several independent airship elements like train wagons ; indeed, the patent title called the design Lenkbarer Luftfahrzug ( steerable air train ).
Thomas Crapper's advertisements implied the siphonic flush was his invention ; one having the text " Crapper's Valveless Water Waste Preventer ( Patent # 4, 990 ) One movable part only ", but patent 4990 ( for a minor improvement to the water waste preventer ) was not his, but that of Albert Giblin in 1898.
One particularly interesting decision made by Seiko at that time was to not patent the whole movement of the quartz wristwatch, thus allowing other manufacturers to benefit from the Seiko technology.
One common misunderstanding is that pharmaceutical companies patent the plants they collect.
One of the earliest examples of remote control was developed in 1898 by Nikola Tesla, and described in his patent,, named Method of an Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles.
One of its earliest white inhabitants was a man named Ashford Dowden, who in 1752 received a patent for from the colonial government, and two years later permission to build an inn.
One of the cultivars, ' Independence ', is covered by patent ( U. S. Plant patent 6227 ).
One well-known example is copyright and patent laws.
One of the earliest descriptions of what could be called a flex circuit was unearthed by Dr Ken Gilleo and disclosed in an English patent by Albert Hansen in 1903 where Hansen described a construction consisting of flat metal conductors on paraffin coated paper.
One of these actions regarded the incandescent bulb, for which Maxim claimed that Edison was credited by means of his better understanding of patenting law ( though in England Joseph Wilson Swan had already obtained the first patent in 1878 ).
One group of patent medicines — liniments that allegedly contained snake oil, supposedly a panacea — made snake oil salesman a lasting synonym for a charlatan.
" One survival of the herbal exoticism that once characterized the patent medicine industry is the marketing of shampoos, which are often promoted as containing perfumes such as vetiver or ylang-ylang, and foods such as mangoes, bananas, or honey ; consumers are urged to put these ingredients in their hair despite lack of any evidence that these ingredients do anything other than make the hair smell like the ingredients.
One of the greatest regrets of Graham, Pete and Mike was that they did not patent the idea when they came up with it.
Allowing such restrictions on a public domain work would, Scalia wrote, " create a species of mutant copyright law that limits the public's ' federal right to " copy and to use "' expired copyrights ," and would effectively create " a species of perpetual patent and copyright, which Congress may not do " according to Article One of the United States Constitution.
One notable difference is that the Amos patent describes an electromechanical device, whereas Kearns proposed a solid-state electronic circuit.
:" One attacking the validity of a patent must present clear and convincing evidence establishing facts that lead to the legal conclusion of invalidity.
One such patent was granted to a soap corporation ; unfortunately, their soap so injured both linen fabrics and the washerwomen's hands that they called it Popish soap, believing that its injuries were symbolic and scarred the soul as well as skin and fabric.
One particular design of bread clip is the subject of a patent in the United States.

One and cites
One of the major political issues addressed by Clark during his career concerned the Tasmanian Main Line Railway-a railway which connected the two main cites of Tasmainia, Hobart and Laucestion.
One criticism of Hall offered suggestions of ways to change the problem he cites.
One survey cites studies that estimate incidence at one case every ten to thirty vasectomies.
In the prologue to her autobiography Untamed and Unashamed, Hanson cites the Howard government's adoption of her policies as an attempt to win back One Nation voters to the Liberal and National parties, stating " the very same policies I advocated back then ... are being advocated today by the federal government ".
* Isolation is the first method Zapffe noted, who defined it as " a fully arbitrary dismissal from consciousness of all disturbing and destructive thought and feeling " and cites " One should not think, it is just confusing " as an example.
One source cites his mother's name as Wood-sho-lit-sa.
Signorile cites a story that in the 1940s Spellman was carrying on a relationship with a male member of the chorus in the Broadway revue One Touch of Venus.
One of the articles she cites is from Healy, G. N. et al.
One account al-Tabari cites has al-Hadi attempting to poison his mother:
One of the lesson plans, compiled together under the title " Remember September 11 " and appearing on NEA's Health Information Network Website ( www. neahin. org )-- suggested that teachers discuss " historical instances of American intolerance " and cites the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II as an example.
One study cites incisions made to a depth equivalent to the thinnest of four corneal-thickness measurements made near the center of the cornea.
One such lineage cites actress Jane Wolfe ( known as Soror Estai ) as the link.
The BBC cites Panorama as its flagship current affairs programme, with BBC One programmes such as Real Story, BBC Scotland Investigates, Spotlight, Week In Week Out, and Inside Out also fitting the definition.
One study cites it takes from 0. 97 to 1. 34 GJ to produce 1 tonne of switchgrass, compared with 1. 99 to 2. 66 GJ to produce 1 tonne of corn.
One author who cites Peisandros as his source claims that he killed himself with his sword out of shame.
One source cites a total population “ never exceeding ” 10, 000 and a total of 8, 000 in all of British Mandate at the time.
One song, by Horacio Ferrer, set to music by Ástor Piazzolla, is the famous " Balada para un loco " (" Ballad for a Crazy Man "), which cites two of the neighborhood streets, Callao and Arenales: " Ya sé que estoy piantao, piantao, piantao ... / No ves que va la Luna rodando por Callao / que un corso de astronautas y niños, con un vals ,/ me baila alrededor ... ¡ Bailá!
One of his criticisms of Ezra was the fact that Ibn Ezra simply cites his forty biblical examples without elucidation, even though many of them do not readily yield a referent.
Referring to mnemonic methods, Verlee Williams mentions, " One such strategy is the ' loci ' method, which was developed by Simonides, a Greek poet of the fifth and sixth centuries BC " Loftus cites the foundation story of Simonides ( more or less taken from Frances Yates ) and describes some of the most basic aspects of the use of space in the art of memory.
One comedy historian cites Heil Honey, I'm Home!
Thomas has received many awards for his work but cites, as one of his best, the Oscar won by a documentary he narrated, One Survivor Remembers.
One settler observed a tendency to overvalue cattle while undervaluing general cargo, and Statham ( 1981 ) cites an example where two rabbits entitled a settler to a grant of 200 acres ( 809, 000 m² ).
In a Season One DVD featurette, " Backstage with Driveshaft ", Dominic Monaghan cites them as a direct influence on the fictional band:
One source cites almost five hundred wrecks around Vancouver Island alone.

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