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One and pilgrim
* Alinas: One of the tribes defeated by Sudas at the Dasarajna, and it was suggested that they lived to the north-east of Nuristan, because the land was mentioned by the Chinese pilgrim Hiouen Thsang.
One text actually envisions the successful pilgrim getting to sit in God's " lap.
One pilgrim noted that " all the inhabitants of Cyprus are slaves to the Venetians.
One of the most significant exports of the Western Regions was Buddhism, which was carried by traders and pilgrim monks to China.
One popular myth is that the origin of the word comes from the English city of Canterbury, a place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, as referred-to in The Canterbury Tales, where the comfortable speed for a pilgrim travelling some distance on horseback was above that of a trot but below that of a gallop.

One and
One way is a sincere expression of Christian love, " motivated by a powerful feeling of security, strength, and inner salvation, of the invincible fullness of one s own life and existence ".
One of Alan's most notable works was one he modeled after Boethius Consolation of Philosophy, to which he gave the title De Planctu Naturae, or The Plaint of Nature, and which was written most likely in the late 1160 s.
One of Alan s most popular and widely distributed works is his manual on preaching, Ars Praedicandi, or The Art of Preaching.
One memoir was an account of her mother s life.
One was a praetor under Emperor Tiberius reign and the other, his son, was a general.
One year later Guthrum, or Athelstan by his baptismal name, Alfred s former enemy and king of East Anglia, died and was buried in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
One account has it that the cannonball flew between the Captain-General s legs before hitting the unfortunate colonel, whose torso fell at Marlborough s feet – a moment subsequently depicted in a lurid set of contemporary playing cards.
Deane and J. R. Thomson write this valid conclusion, “ The Book of Obadiah is occupied with one subject – the punishment of Edom for its cruel and unbrotherly love conduct towards Judah ...” One can link this idea of punishment to one of the major prophets “ Ezekiel ” who “... interprets the exile to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem as deserved punishments for the sins of those who themselves committed them .” Verses 3-7 in Obadiah explain to the reader the reason for the punishment theme, “ Confidence in one s power, intelligence, allies, or the topographical features of one s territory is often mentioned as an attribute of those who foolishly confront the Lord and are consequently punished .” Although destruction is vital to understanding Obadiah, it is of note to understand the destruction being a consequence of action.
One of the first and throughout its history one of the most significant treatises of the common law, Bracton s De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae ( On the Laws and Customs of England ), was heavily influenced by the division of the law in Justinian s Institutes.
One of the best examples of a local currency is the original LETS currency, founded on Vancouver Island in the early 1980 s.
One of Brown s college draft strategies was to draft players with above-average intelligence.
Joachim Pissarro notes that virtually every reviewer who commented on Pissarro s work noted “ his extraordinary capacity to change his art, revise his position and take on new challenges .” One critic writes:
One of Knuth reward check | Knuth s reward checks
One of the oldest is Dublin Castle, which was first founded as a major defensive work on the orders of King John of England in 1204, shortly after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169, when it was commanded that a castle be built with strong walls and good ditches for the defence of the city, the administration of justice, and the protection of the King s treasure.
One of Hans Knieper s heroic tapestries of Danish kings from 1585.
* The 1972 Annual World's Best SF (= Wollheim s World s Best SF: Series One ) ( 1972 )
Her first screen appearance was at the age of 10, when she appeared briefly in Frank Capra s It Happened One Night.
One of Bede s correspondents was Albinus, who was abbot of the monastery of St. Peter and St. Paul ( subsequently renamed St. Augustine's ) in Canterbury.
One other member of Æthelberht s family is known: his sister, Ricole, who is recorded by both Bede and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the mother of Sæberht, king of the East Saxons.
Baudot s code was later standardised as International Telegraph Alphabet Number One.

One and s
One from St. Mary s College in sacred theology, and two from University of Fribourg, Switzerland in theology and philosophy.
One of the main features of Gibraltar s population is the diversity of their ethnic origins.

One and route
It later expanded into operating a residential bus route between City One, Shatin and Kowloon Tong MTR station.
One merchant ship connects, from time to time, the Line Islands ( Kiritimati, Fanning and Washington ) and makes stops en route at the Phoenix Islands.
One form of this is a route that operates partially on a highway.
One example of this type of route would be Metro Transit Route 114 in Minneapolis, MN.
One route that was taken was the rise of social research.
One famous example of this is Budapest in Hungary, which began as two settlements ( Buda and Pest ) facing each other across the Danube at a strategic fording place along a trade route.
One of the most prominent champions of the central route railroad was Asa Whitney ( a distant cousin to cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney ).
One of the first online covens to take this route is the Coven of the Far Flung Net, which was established in 1998 as the online arm of the Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca.
One such usage occurred in 1970, when the square carbon dioxide filters from Apollo 13's failed command module had to be modified to fit round receptacles in the lunar module, which was being used as a lifeboat after an explosion en route to the moon.
One strategically important place on the route lies at a narrows near the southern end of Lake Champlain, where Ticonderoga Creek, known in Colonial times as the La Chute River, enters the lake, carrying water from Lake George.
One travel experience, undertaken by hundreds of thousands of hippies between 1969 and 1971, was the Hippie trail overland route to India.
One of the underlying premises of the Genesee Valley Canal was its connection to the river, opening a trade route from Rochester, New York to the west.
One day earlier, on Saturday, 27 June 1970, Chicago Gay Liberation organized a march from Washington Square Park (" Bughouse Square ") to the Water Tower at the intersection of Michigan and Chicago avenues, which was the route originally planned, and then many of the participants extemporaneously marched on to the Civic Center ( now Richard J. Daley ) Plaza.
One family was trapped for around 24 hours after the lahar swept away the access route to their home.
One hundred classic cars will be shipped to the United States and driven the entire route before they are shipped back to Europe.
One route operates to Burney via State Route 299.
One infrequent route goes to Greenford Green and Greenford station.
One Boeing 707 landed at Northolt by mistake and a number of other pilots were en route there when warned off by air traffic control.
One of the Cherokee Trail of Tears routes passed through Sedgewickville while another route passed through Glennon and Zalma.
One established Underground Railroad route ran from Niles through Cassopolis, Schoolcraft, Climax, and Battle Creek, and thence along the old Territorial Road.
One U. S. route and five Indiana state roads pass through or into the county.
One of its key species, the Piramutaba catfish, Brachyplatystoma vaillantii, migrates more than 3, 300 km ( 2, 051 miles ) from its nursery grounds near the mouth of the Amazon River to its spawning grounds in Andean tributaries ( 400 m or 437 yards above sea level ) distributing plants seed along the route.
One local route ( Route 24 ) is available Mondays to Fridays from Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights.
One U. S., state, and county route traverse the township.
One route, Route 37, connects Chester with Philadelphia and the Philadelphia International Airport, while another, Route 113 from 69th Street Terminal, connects Chester with the State of Delaware.

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