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from Brown Corpus
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One and species
One species of ambiguity tries to baffle by interweaving repetition.
`` One day our species promises co-existence, and the next day it threatens co-extinction ''.
One of my favorites is A. armata, a species very common in England, where it is sometimes referred to as the lawn bee.
One seed-to-seed life cycle for an annual can occur in as little as a month in some species, though most last several months.
One prominent source of this genomic information is the EuPathDB family of websites, which currently provide specialised services for Plasmodium species ( PlasmoDB ), coccidians ( ToxoDB ), piroplasms ( PiroplasmaDB ), and Cryptosporidium species ( CryptoDB ).
One of these was the property, an essential universal true of the species, but not in the definition ( in modern terms, some examples would be grammatical language, a property of man, or a spectral pattern characteristic of an element, both of which are defined in other ways ).
* One of several species of slipper lobster, such as
One clade, formed by B. anthracis, B. cereus, B. mycoides, B. pseudomycoides, B. thuringiensis and B. weihenstephanensis under current classification standards, should be a single species ( within 97 % 16S identity ), but due to medical reasons, they are considered separate species, an issue also present for four species of Shigella and Escherichia coli.
One factor was product of aridification, others groups responded to favorable climatic periods and expanded across the available habitat, occur as opportunistic species across wide distribution other groups diverged in long time isolated areas.
One interesting feature observed about Clipperton Island's flora is that the vegetation is arranged in parallel rows of species ; dense rows of taller species alternate with lower, more open vegetation.
One of the first proposed estimates of the total number of beetle species on the planet is based on field data rather than on catalog numbers.
One of the major sentient species in Terry Pratchett's Discworld universe are the " Earth "- based ( ranging from Detritus to Diamond ) Trolls.
One can check one's calculation by employing both approaches, though it is important to be aware that most chemical species exist between the purely covalent and ionic extremes.
One population of H. erectus, also sometimes classified as a separate species Homo ergaster, stayed in Africa and evolved into Homo sapiens.
One such way is in terms of the " biome " in which they exist, combined with leaf longevity of the dominant species ( whether they are evergreen or deciduous ).
One of the more notable species is Hyles tithymali which feeds on endemic spurges such as Euphorbia regis-jubae.
One species, the northern fur seal ( Callorhinus ursinus ) inhabits the North Pacific, while seven species in the Arctocephalus genus are found primarily in the Southern Hemisphere.
One may define " dog " as a species of the genus " animal ", while " puppy " is a species of the genus " dog ".

One and is
One of my virtues or vices is a sort of three-dimensional imagination complete with sound effects and glorious living color.
One is tempted to say that, on the difference between the concepts of sovereignty in these two preambles, the worst war of the Nineteenth century was fought.
One is not more true than the other.
One can only speak of what is in front of him, and that now is simply the mess ''.
One is that they were established, or gained eminence, under pressure provided by these same immigrants, from whom the old families wished to segregate their children.
The assumptions upon which the example shown in Figure 3 is based are: ( A ) One man can direct about six subordinates if the subordinates are chosen carefully so that they do not need too much personal coaching, indoctrinating, etc..
One of the obvious conclusions we can make on the basis of the last election, I suppose, is that we, the majority, were dissatisfied with Eisenhower conservatism.
One way to determine whether we have so dangerous a technology would be to check the strength of our society's organs to see if their functioning is as healthy as before.
One thing you can say about Mr. Lyford is that he does not suffer from any insecurity as an American.
One is so accustomed to think of men as the privileged who need but ask and receive, and women as submissive and yielding, that our sympathies are usually enlisted on the side of the man whose love is not returned, and we condemn the woman as a coquette.
One who invites such trials of character is either foolhardy, overconfident or too simple and childlike in faith in mankind to see the danger.
One fame is precious and luminous ; ;
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
F.S.C. Northrop, in his discussion of The `` Functions And Future Of Poetry '', suggests this: `` One of the things which makes our lives drab and empty and which leaves us, at the end of the day, fatigued and deflated spiritually is the pressure of the taxing, practical, utilitarian concern of common-sense objects.
One of the most frequent views of the value of literature is the education of sensibility that it is thought to provide.
One might argue that the ultimate purpose of literary scholarship is to correct this spontaneous provincialism that is likely to obscure the horizons of the general public, of the newspaper critic, and of the creative artist himself.
One is Greece is not yet suffering from overpopulation.
One of them is that it gives meaning and purpose to life.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
One such is Abraham Meyer, the writer of a recent book, Speaking Of Man.

One and restricted
One of John XXI's few acts during his brief reign was the reversal of a decree recently passed at the Second Council of Lyon ( 1274 ) that not only confined cardinals in solitude until they elected a successor Pope, but also progressively restricted their supplies of food and wine if their deliberations took too long.
One result of this view is that specialists in the philosophy of science stress the requirement that observations made for the purposes of science be restricted to intersubjective objects.
One early example was radio receivers that were subsidized by broadcasters, but restricted to receiving only their radio station.
One further modification of the genus classification system came when an IMC commission for the study of clouds put forward a refined and more restricted definition of the genus nimbus.
* 7 × 64mm: One of the most popular long range varmint and medium-to big-game hunting cartridges in Europe, especially in the countries such as France and ( formerly ) Belgium where the possession of firearms chambered fro a ( former ) military cartridge is forbidden or is more heavily restricted.
Among the local television stations in the city, TVR Cluj ( public ) and One TV ( private ) broadcast regionally, while the others are restricted to the metropolitan area.
One form of speech that was widely restricted in England was seditious libel, and laws were in place that made criticizing the government a crime.
: Geographic distribution: One of the few features, if not the only one, restricted near-exclusively to southwestern Pennsylvania in North America, although it can be found in other accents of the world such as Cockney and South African English ( Labov, Ash, and Boberg 2005 ; Johnstone, Andrus, and Danielson 2006 ).
One of its two main provisions outlawed all trade combinations or agreements that severely restricted trade between states or with foreign powers.
One sentence in the lengthy Teletype message read, " The official US Government policy and results of Project Aquarius is still classified TOP SECRET with no dissemination outside channels and with access restricted to ' MJ TWELVE.
One of the keys to the British Agricultural Revolution was the traditional restricted role of kings and the so called " aristocrats " as exemplified by a long legal tradition going back to at least the signing of the Magna Carta by King John of England in 1217.
One disadvantage of aluminium is that if it strikes a rusty surface, a large thermite spark may be generated, therefore its use is restricted in tanks where there may be explosive atmospheres and there is a risk of the anode falling.
One species ranges widely from Europe through Asia, one occurs in western North America and the third is restricted to California.
One innovation was destined to have an enormous influence on the art of the future: Nero placed mosaics, previously restricted to floors, in the vaulted ceilings.
One can easily prove that the restricted product is itself a locally compact group.
One stipulation of the Four Power Agreement following World War II was a total ban on German carriers ' participation in air transport to Berlin, where access was restricted to US, British, French and Soviet airliners.
With European Formula One restricted by the 1. 5 litre regulations and big powerful 2. 5 litre Australian cars were tremendously attractive to the European teams and when BRM Grand Prix team toured Australia during the summer of 1962, the seed grew that became the Tasman Series.
One particularly restricted range species is the Baw Baw Frog ( Philoria frosti ) which only lives on the Baw Baw Plateau in Victoria.
In March 2010, Queudrue joined Colchester United of League One on loan for the remainder of the 2009 – 10 season, but injury restricted him to just three appearances.
One of the reasons that the van was less popular with fleet operators than the Bedford and Ford Transit models it sold against was that, as on the BMC J2 and J4 models the forward-control design restricted access to the engine and made engine changes labour intensive: the only way to remove the engine without dropping the suspension subframe was to remove the windscreen and crane the engine out through the passenger door.
Even though Radio One owns WDMK, which has encouraged WGPR listeners to move over to their station, most of their line-up is syndicated, and their playlist is very restricted.
Arnoux was one of the drivers invited to take part in the Grand Prix Masters championship in 2006 and 2007, restricted to former Formula One drivers.
During the mid-1980s ' Turbo era ' of Formula One where fuel was restricted to either 220 ( 1984-85 ), 195 ( 1986-87 ) or 150 ( 1988 ) litres for races for the turbo powered cars, Hockenheim also saw drivers, including World Champion Alain Prost, at times fail to finish due to simply running out of fuel near the end of the race.
One of the first popular uses of this system was in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition, where spells are restricted to at-will, encounter, and daily event frames corresponding to ' at any time during a round ', ' between the start and ending of an encounter ', and ' at the beginning of the day until the beginning of the next day ' respectively.

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