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One and such
One who invites such trials of character is either foolhardy, overconfident or too simple and childlike in faith in mankind to see the danger.
One such is Abraham Meyer, the writer of a recent book, Speaking Of Man.
One may be exasperatingly aware that if the answer is favorable it will be judged such only by those of one's own age.
One such event is the landing in Europe itself, when the mingled familiarity and strangeness of the Occident, after the blank immensities of Asia, shocks the returning traveller into a realization of the infinite possibilities of human life.
One such, in fact, is a rug.
One consequence is the occurrence of occasional conflicts because private owners of some inholdings object to public programs of use on neighboring National Forest or other Federal land, or because such ownerships are developed for uses that are not compatible with use for the public of neighboring National Forest land.
One such man was Samuel Darling.
One might have expected that such a violent epoch of transition would have destroyed the creative flair of a composer, especially one whose works were so fluent and spontaneous.
Chapter 8, is entitled `` On Magnetism '' and in it are included such remarks as, `` One has always been tempted to compare the magnetic forces with the electrical forces.
One of the most significant advancements in design of plastics signs is the so-called trans-illuminated billboard, now being produced by several large sign manufacturers such as Advance Neon Sign Co., Los Angeles, and Industrial Electric Inc., New Orleans, La..
One would not expect such an event to occur in animals possessing lungs of types 1, or 2.
One such disagreement, which will receive attention in this next chapter, concerns the question whether rates for different kinds of service, in order to avoid the attribute of discrimination, must be made directly proportional to marginal costs, or whether they should be based instead on differences in marginal costs.
One might use such findings to indicate the strength of informal primary associations in the factory, an interpretation which would run counter to Fromm's theory of alienation.
One such instance has already been presented: his use of alienation.
One is always a little surprised to bump into such individual distinctions when it is unexpected.
One such man once confided to Dr. Theodor Reik, New York psychiatrist, that he preferred to have his wife the sexual aggressor.
One such wife, Dr. Linden says, became disgusted with her weak husband and flurried through a series of extramarital affairs in the hope of finding a stronger man.
One who needed no such threats was a French financier.
One effect of the proposal, which puts a premium on population instead of economic strength, as in the past, would be to take jobs from European nations and give more to such countries as India.
One such moment came in the breathtaking way Miss Pons sang the cadenza to Meyerbeer's `` Shadow Song ''.
One question which inevitably crops up is whether such stations have a future in a nation where the Negro is moving into a fully integrated status.
One such group got all incensed over shelled `` children '' when Helva was just turning fourteen.
One such project is the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project that built on existing conservation efforts in Panama to create a country-wide response to the threat of chytridiomycosis.
One motivation for this use is that a number of generally accepted mathematical results, such as Tychonoff's theorem, require the axiom of choice for their proofs.
One such site featured in her books is the temple site of Abu Simbel in her book Death on the Nile, as well as the great detail in which she describes life at the dig site in her book Murder in Mesopotamia.

One and usage
One usage refers to a variety of a language that is a characteristic of a particular group of the language's speakers.
One claim to why there is a decrease in the usage of libraries stems from the observation of the research habits of undergraduate students enrolled in colleges and universities.
One common usage of this subtype is to send a web page complete with images in a single message.
One usage describes programming languages as a subset of computer languages.
One type of broad usage would later be narrowed down by Koch in 1891 to the ' psychopathic inferiorities ' - later renamed abnormal personalities by Schneider.
One of the areas that improves steganographic robustness is usage of a key scheme for embedding messages.
One of its primary applications was usage in Technicolor's dye imbibition printing ( dye transfer ).
One such charge is the label, which in British usage ( outside the Royal Family ) is now always the mark of an heir apparent or ( in Scotland ) an heir presumptive.
* One or more asterisks may be used to strike out portions of a word to avoid offending by using the full form of a profanity ( Ucky ), to preserve anonymity ( Peter Jack ), or to avoid profanation of a holy name, especially in Jewish usage ( G * d ).
One of the advantages of NewtonScript's prototype based inheritance was reduced memory usage, a key consideration in the 128KB Newton.
One key idea within the The Limits to Growth is the notion that if the rate of resource use is increasing, the amount of reserves cannot be calculated by simply taking the current known reserves and dividing by the current yearly usage, as is typically done to obtain a static index.
One of the main reasons for its usage states that it is " a breeding ground for creative and engaging educational endeavors.
One of the political wards in Camden is called St Pancras and Somers Town ; however, ward boundaries are chosen to divide a borough into roughly equal slices with little regard to historical boundaries or day-to-day usage.
One usage has antonym referring to both gradable opposites, such as long: short, and ( non-gradable ) complementary opposites, such as male: female, while opposites of the types up: down and precede: follow are excluded from the definition.
One can speculate that feminism has changed some linguistic usage in this respect.
One historian, describing the former usage of " Dagarti " to refer to this community by colonials, writes: " The name ' Dagarti ' appears to have been coined by the first Europeans to visit the region, from the vernacular root dagaa.
One definition accords closely with the common usage of the term “ regression towards the mean ”.
One reason for avoiding this usage is that people may generally now refer to some other part of a character as the radical ( e. g., 扌rather than 采 in the above example ), based on the use of " radical " to mean " any semantic element " or the section header under which the character appears in a Chinese dictionary, as described below.
One of the most common indicators of high-risk customers is a drop off in usage of the company's service.
One example of such usage would be for cookie management.
One usage of M. S.
One usage of Hesperia in classical times was as a synonym for Italy, and it is noticeable that some of the vocabulary and stylistic devices of these pieces originated not among the Irish, but with the priestly and rhetorical poets who flourished within the Vatican-dominated world ( especially in Italy, Gaul, Spain and Africa ) between the fourth and the sixth centuries, such as Juvencus, Avitus of Vienne, Dracontius, Ennodius and Venantius Fortunatus.
One of the finest examples of usage of the early Polish cavalry was the Battle of Grunwald of 1410.
One may construct a probabilistic grammar from a traditional formal syntax by assigning each non-terminal a probability taken from some distribution, to be eventually estimated from usage data.

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