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Page "lore" ¶ 150
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

One and thing
One thing was certain -- his method was effective, so effective that after a time even the warning notices were often unnecessary.
`` One thing, Summers '', Brenner said.
One thing you can say about Mr. Lyford is that he does not suffer from any insecurity as an American.
One thing Papa had not taught Henrietta was how to handle a young man as high-spirited and opinionated as herself.
`` One thing I notice which I have seldom heard mentioned.
One species is restricted to statements which are neither explicit nor precise regarding a particular person, place, time or thing.
One can make them say the same thing only by not listening to them very carefully and hearing only what one wants to hear.
One thing should be clear to both husband and wife -- neither pain nor profuse bleeding has to occur when the hymen is ruptured during the first sex act.
One thing, he thought, nobody knows about it yet.
`` One thing we haven't discussed, expense money.
One thing is certain, however, and that is that he is far more slavish to the detailed accents, phrasings and contours of the music he deals with than a confident dance creator need be.
One thing was becoming increasingly sure.
( One good thing about a suit of armor, his leg wouldn't show.
One thing that is consistent about Poirot's retirement is that his fame declines during it, so that in the later novels he is often disappointed when characters ( especially younger characters ) recognize neither him nor his name:
The Count of Mérode-Westerloo, commander of the Flemish troops in Tallard's army wrote – " One thing is certain: we delayed our march from Alsace for far too long and quite inexplicably.
One thing alone I ask of you, holy Fathers, permit me to live in silence in these forests, near the bones of 17 of my brethren now dead.
A scholar later stated that " One thing you almost never find in a science fiction fanzine is science fiction.
Richardson was suspended from duty for a month, and in the One Rule for One episode of Frontline, fictional reporter Martin di Stasio is suspended for a month for doing exactly the same thing.
One difference between false cognates and false friends is that while false cognates mean roughly the same thing in two languages, false friends bear two distinct ( sometimes even opposite ) meanings.
:" One thing I believe I can assure you: that of my works will certainly endure the second act of Guglielmo Tell, the third act of Otello, and all of il Barbiere di Seviglia.
One thing I will say is we will not reveal him to be a serial killer.
One of the slogans of the television advertisements stated that Intellivision was " the closest thing to the real thing "; one example in an advertisement compared golf games.

One and I
One afternoon, upon receiving permission and the necessary instructions from the clerk, I had visited the toilet adjoining the hall.
One Monday morning I saw him approach the store with a woman and introduce me to her as my new Aunt.
One of the obvious conclusions we can make on the basis of the last election, I suppose, is that we, the majority, were dissatisfied with Eisenhower conservatism.
One day I tired of following the Hetman's advice of `` shadowing '' and of the `` ring-around-the-rosie '' approach to a report that Enrico Caruso had pinched a lady's hip while visiting the Central Park monkey house.
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
One of the uniformed officers stepped in my way, demanding to know whether I had permission to enter Germany.
One of the girl students, sitting by while I ate the thick soup, asked me if I had a sleeping bag.
If it is not enough that all of our internationalist One Worlders are advocating that we join this market, I refer you to an article in the New York Times' magazine section ( Nov. 12, 1961 ), by Mr. Eric Johnston, entitled `` We Must Join The Common Market ''.
The exercise I shall discuss in this -- the first of a new series of articles on muscle definition-specialization of a particular body part -- is the One Leg Lunge.
One year I simply set the plants in the remains of a compost pile, to which a little sand had been added, and I had the most beautiful pansies in my, or any of my neighbors' experience.
One said, `` When I get a cold I buy a bottle of whiskey for it, and within a few hours it's gone ''.
One subject spontaneously asked ( after her arm had finally risen ), `` Do you suppose I was unconsciously keeping it down before ''??
One hebephrenic woman often became submerged in what felt to me like a somehow phony experience of pseudo-emotion, during which, despite her wracking sobs and streaming cheeks, I felt only a cold annoyance with her.
One hebephrenic women confided to me, `` I live in a world of words '', as if, to her, words were fully concrete objects ; ;
One day when he attended a war memorial ceremony in Westminster Abbey his view was obstructed by a stout man on his left, his attention turned to the irregular pattern of the rough slab flooring and someone, clasping him by the arm, whispered, `` I want a word with you, please ''.
One wrote: `` ( I am so hungry ) I could eat a rider off his horse & snap at the stirups ''.
One has to talk confidentially with some of the directors of vocational high schools to realize that a boy cannot just say, `` I want to be a plumber '', and then, by doing good work, find a job.
One manufacturer who held an allegedly basic patent said: `` I would readily put over $50,000 into the manufacture of the device, but it is so easy to make that we would enter immediately into a prolonged ordeal of patent litigation which would eat up all our profits ''.

One and am
Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise ; e. g. George Bush = He bugs Gore ; Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income or One cool dance musician ; William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller, Roger Meddows Taylor = Great words or melody.
One anecdote describes Thomas Hunt Morgan banning the Friden calculator from his department at Caltech, saying " Well, I am like a guy who is prospecting for gold along the banks of the Sacramento River in 1849.
One popular verse is 3: 5, " Behold, I am against thee, saith YHWH of hosts, and I will uncover thy skirts upon thy face ; and I will show the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.
One concerns the nature of the step from " I am thinking " to " I exist.
" He did not have much time for Kurtz: " One evening coming in with a candle I was startled to hear him say a little tremulously, ' I am lying here in the dark waiting for death.
One opponent wrote: " I am surprised that one would go looking for a Chinese architect in America to deal with the historic heart of the capital of France.
One had claimed that: “ It must have disappeared before I was born, and I am seventy-three ”.
In one of the sayings of Muhammad, in the collection of Imam Bukhari, it says that Muhammad said " One should not say that I am better than Jonah ".
One can see, for example, that the full moon will always rise at sunset and that the waning crescent moon is high overhead around 9: 00 am local time.
One photograph taken at 02: 33 am shows an okapi feeding in the Watalinga forest in the north of the Virunga National Park in eastern DRC, thus providing evidence that they do not only feed during the daytime.
I am the Living One ; I was dead ( Greek egonomen nekros ), and behold I am alive for ever and ever!
Other renderings include: Leeser,I WILL BE THAT I WILL BE ”; Rotherham,I Will Become whatsoever I please .” Greek, Ego eimi ho on ( ἐγώ εἰμι ὁ ὤν ), " I am The Being " in the Septuagint, and Philo, and Revelation or,I am The Existing One ”; Lat., ego sum qui sum,I am Who I am .”
One famous quotation by Terence reads: " Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto ", or " I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.
Facebook has gained nationwide popularity and has become the birthplace of many civil movements against narcoterrorism such as " Colombia Soy Yo " ( I am Colombia ) or " Fundación Un Millón de Voces " ( One Million Voices Foundation ), responsible for the international protests against illegal groups during the last years.
One and a half hours of late night programming is offered on Saturdays from 11: 00 pm to 12: 30 am Weekend daytime programming consists of the infomercial block Weekend Marketplace ( Saturdays from 10: 00 am to noon ) and the hour-long political news program Fox News Sunday ( time slot may vary ).
The battle was costly for both sides, prompting Pyrrhus to remark " One more such victory and I am lost.
* One reason why I don't drink is because I wish to know when I am having a good time.
Speaking for Google, Brin stated during an interview, " One of the reasons I am glad we are making this move in China is that the China situation was really emboldening other countries to try and implement their own firewalls.

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