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:" and One
:" I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father, who with the Father through the Son is worshiped and glorified who spoke by the Prophets and in One, Holy, Universal, and Apostolic church.
:" One more word, I beseech you.
Tony West, his lawyer, explained it as follows :" One of the first things he told Army interrogators when they questioned him on December 3 of last year was that after 9 / 11 happened, he wanted to leave the front lines but couldn't for fear of his life.
:" One of them told and confessed, without any pressure, that she had killed thirty children by bleeding them ... she confessed more, saying she had killed her own son ... Answer me: does it really seem to you that someone who has killed twenty or thirty little children in such a way has done so well that when finally they are accused before the Signoria you should go to their aid and beg mercy for them?
According to Diodorus :" One hundred thousand men of Croton were stationed with three hundred thousand Sybarite troops ranged against them.
:" One should put forth great effort in matters of learning.
Advertising for the film ( pictured at right ) boasted of the extravagant expense incurred in presenting the spectacle :" Actual Sinking of an Ocean Liner. Two Battleships Sunk by United States Navy .$ 18, 000 Used for Ammunition in One Battle. 40, 000 People Employed. 10, 000 Horses in Thrilling Cavalry Charges. 40 Aeroplanes in Great Air Battle. Every Death-dealing Device Known to Modern War in Operation. One Year in the Making. Cost $ 1, 000, 000. 00. Entire Cities Built and Destroyed. An Awe-inspiring Spectacle that one minute makes your blood run cold and another thrills you with its touches of human gentleness. The Story of the Greatest Love of the Ages —- the Love of Humanity.
* One of the surviving Spartoi, the " sown men " that sprang up from the dragon's teeth sown by Cadmus ; " it was Echion who, for his great valor, was preferred by Cadmus to be his son-in-law :" Echion was father of Pentheus ( see Spartes ).
:" One Mint Julep ", Buddy Morrow, Victor 20-4869 ( June / July 1952 )
:" One day for the march I received this heavy old gun.
:" One of my longest and closest professional and personal associations began because I was impatient about waiting my turn for the use of a projection room at the studio, while I was casting Cleopatra.
The range of differentiation goes only as far as the " All :" The Blessed One said, ' What is the All?
:" One of the most powerful moves of all time.
:" One spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, has been throwing brushback pitches at reporters who write about Romney ’ s faith, asking if they would write similar stories about Jews ".
In his book Blizzard of One Mark Strand included a poetic diptych called " Two de Chiricos :" " The Philosopher's Conquest " and " The Disquieting Muses.
:" One minute silence " redirects here.
One of the funniest and most inventive entries in recent memory was titled " Student Driver :" it featured a telephone pole laminated through one corner of the cabin ; a leg with roller skate still attached projecting from one wheel well ; and sundry jokey dents and marks of mayhem all over the vehicle.
:" One suspects they yearn for the day when they can return to their normal publishing routine – that gentlemanly pastiche of philosophy, art, classical music, photography, German and Russian history, East European politics, literary fiction – unencumbered by political duties of a confrontational or oppositional nature.
One passes through the veil of the exterior world ( which, as in Yoga, but in another sense, becomes " unreal " by comparison as one passes beyond ) one creates a subtle body ( instrument is a better term ) called the body of Light ; this one develops and controls ; it gains new powers as one progresses, usually by means of what is called " initiation :" finally, one carries on almost one's whole life in this Body of Light, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Universe.
:" One of the reasons I am teaching this music and dancing is to increase Joy, not awe towards another person, but bliss in our own self.
:" One magazine in the United States, a really credible magazine, had one reviewer named Norman Eisenburg who really knew his music.
:" One more nickel.
:" One attacking the validity of a patent must present clear and convincing evidence establishing facts that lead to the legal conclusion of invalidity.

:" and thing
:" He marvelled that among the Greeks, those who were skillful in a thing vie in competition ; those who have no skill, judge " — Diogenes Laertius, of Anacharsis.
Instead, the philosopher encounters a problem :" Now, if the ' to be ' of a thing could be conceived apart from that which exists, it should be represented in our mind by some note distinct from the concept of the thing itself ....
In his Materials for a History of the Baptists in Rhode Island, Edwards wrote :" The first mover himself for it Baptist college in 1762 was laughed at as a projector of a thing impracticable.
:" All nature, from the smallest thing to the biggest, from a grain of sand to the sun, from the protista to man, is in a constant state of coming into being and going out of being, in a constant flux, in a ceaseless state of movement and change.
:" There's one thing I've always wanted to do before I quit: Retire.
A classic reference which has generally entered modern language is the concept that " Hope springs eternal " taken from Alexander Pope's Essay on Man, the phrase reading " Hope springs eternal in the human breast, Man never is, but always to be blest :" Another popular reference, " Hope is the thing with feathers ," is from a poem by Emily Dickinson.
:" The Conservative belief that there is some law of nature which prevents men from being employed, that it is ' rash ' to employ men, and that it is financially ' sound ' to maintain a tenth of the population in idleness for an indefinite period, is crazily improbable-the sort of thing which no man could believe who had not had his head fuddled with nonsense for years and years.
:" In so doing, he invented a form, a very rare thing among artists.
Twenty-five years later, a police officer who had been at Oxford Street bus station described to journalist Peter Taylor the scene he came upon in the wake of the bombing :" The first thing that caught my eye was a torso of a human being lying in the middle of the street.
:" The thing about 9 / 11 is that it's kind of like an artwork in its own right.
:" The important thing is to not stop at intermediate causes.
Peter Vlautin addressed the jurors in confidential tones, contrasting with O ' Mara's shouting :" We are here today to determine one thing: What is the value of Dorothea Puente's life?
In Sefer Haoth Abulafia describes a similar episode, but from an explicit self-perspective :" I saw a man coming from the west with a great army, the number of the warriors of his camp being twenty-two thousand men And when I saw his face in the sight, I was astonished, and my heart trembled within me, and I left my place and I longed for it to call upon the name of God to help me, but that thing evaded my spirit.
:" There were no poor people in the land of Oz, because there was no such thing as money, and all property of every sort belonged to the Ruler.
:" Many philosophers of the present day are convinced that every existing thing and event is logically unconnected with any other and could disappear from the world without necessarily affecting anything else.
Interviewed in 2000 by Greil Marcus, Paul McCartney recalled the group's angry reaction :" We said, ' In fact, if you do, if you somehow manage to pull this off, we can promise you one thing.
:" I showed it to Al Feldstein, and the first thing I said was, ' Al, I've got this crazy idea, and you're not going to buy it, because it mutilates the magazine.
:" I think that this is the laziest life that a man could find-there is not a blamed thing to do except lay around, sleep and go ' bug house '.
:" The case of one's mother is both complex and manifold and admits of many different interpretations — a thing not all dream interpreters have realized.
:" There is one thing very particular to them, that they do not cover themselves with bed-clothes, but lay one feather-bed over, and another under.
:" Polanski directs it without compromise or apology, and it's a funny thing how critics may condescend to it, but while they're watching it you could hear a pin drop.
:" It is one thing for the Commission to give notice and make available for comment the studies on which it relied in formulating the rule while explaining its non-reliance on certain parts ", D. C.
:" It's the thing Mock Turtle Soup is made from ," said the Queen.

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