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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 524
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

One and thing
One thing was certain -- his method was effective, so effective that after a time even the warning notices were often unnecessary.
`` One thing, Summers '', Brenner said.
One thing you can say about Mr. Lyford is that he does not suffer from any insecurity as an American.
`` One thing I notice which I have seldom heard mentioned.
One species is restricted to statements which are neither explicit nor precise regarding a particular person, place, time or thing.
One can make them say the same thing only by not listening to them very carefully and hearing only what one wants to hear.
One thing, I am sure of, you must get an interest in life.
One thing should be clear to both husband and wife -- neither pain nor profuse bleeding has to occur when the hymen is ruptured during the first sex act.
One thing, he thought, nobody knows about it yet.
`` One thing we haven't discussed, expense money.
One thing is certain, however, and that is that he is far more slavish to the detailed accents, phrasings and contours of the music he deals with than a confident dance creator need be.
One thing was becoming increasingly sure.
( One good thing about a suit of armor, his leg wouldn't show.
One thing that is consistent about Poirot's retirement is that his fame declines during it, so that in the later novels he is often disappointed when characters ( especially younger characters ) recognize neither him nor his name:
The Count of Mérode-Westerloo, commander of the Flemish troops in Tallard's army wrote – " One thing is certain: we delayed our march from Alsace for far too long and quite inexplicably.
One thing alone I ask of you, holy Fathers, permit me to live in silence in these forests, near the bones of 17 of my brethren now dead.
A scholar later stated that " One thing you almost never find in a science fiction fanzine is science fiction.
Richardson was suspended from duty for a month, and in the One Rule for One episode of Frontline, fictional reporter Martin di Stasio is suspended for a month for doing exactly the same thing.
One difference between false cognates and false friends is that while false cognates mean roughly the same thing in two languages, false friends bear two distinct ( sometimes even opposite ) meanings.
:" One thing I believe I can assure you: that of my works will certainly endure the second act of Guglielmo Tell, the third act of Otello, and all of il Barbiere di Seviglia.
One thing I will say is we will not reveal him to be a serial killer.
One of the slogans of the television advertisements stated that Intellivision was " the closest thing to the real thing "; one example in an advertisement compared golf games.

One and Papa
" Although the band virtually had no support by television or by radio broadcasting in its first four years, Korn would go on to influence Pleymo, Adema, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Evanescence, P. O. D., Cold, Staind, System of a Down, Seether, One Minute Silence, Kittie, Endo, Taproot, Disturbed, Crazy Town, Otep, Hoobastank, Suicide Silence, Emmure, Impending Doom, Five Pointe O, Lacuna Coil, Chris Volz, Videodrone, Theory of a Deadman, Thousand Foot Krutch, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Bleed the Sky, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Shinedown, Coal Chamber, Three Days Grace, Flymore, Bring Me the Horizon, Trapt, Molotov and other bands.
As well as Rickie Lambert, Pardew was given the funds to complete a string of other signings to rebuild the squad including: Dean Hammond, Radhi Jaïdi, Graeme Murty, Dan Harding, David Connolly, Michail Antonio, Papa Waigo, Lee Barnard, José Fonte, Danny Seaborne, Jon Otsemobor and Jason Puncheon to be £ 198, 000, meaning that by the end of the January transfer window, Southampton had spent over £ 3 million on players, a significantly larger amount than any other League One club.
Plug's " Drum and Bass for Papa " included an extra disc of tracks from earlier EPs, and The Bowling Green's " One Pound Note " omitted one track from the UK release due to problems with sample clearance.
One of Britten's radical motorcycles is on permanent display at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, in Wellington, New Zealand.
One storyline involved Papa Shango, a " witch doctor ," casting a spell over Warrior, causing him to convulse and vomit in very odd colors, though Warrior says he hated that story and had no control over it.
She also acted in Indian TV serials Saahil, Gaatha & Papa kehte hain. In 2002, she turned to direction with Humaarey Tumhaarey on Zee TV, a take-off on the Michelle Pfeiffer-George Clooney starrer, One Fine Day.
One can suppose that the childlike eighteen-year-old with brown hair and eyes anda complexion, marble struck through with rose flush ” who falls for the narrator of Our Queer Papa, a young magazine sub-editor described as a “ good-looking gentleman with brains, who had published ,” is the fictionalized Rosalie Osborne, who follows that description, and whom he would marry the year after the story ’ s publication.
One of the white picket-fenced houses on Edgar Terrace is the scene for Madonna's video Papa Don't Preach with Danny Aiello.
One of the common Spanish diminutives of the name is " Pepe ", which probably derives from the Italian " Beppe ", short for Giuseppe ( Joseph in Italian ) or may be based on an abbreviation of " Papa Putativo " ( Pé Pé ) recalling the role of St Joseph in this predominantly Catholic country.
Della Grant, Junior Reid + Andrew & Wada Blood plus Reggae Angels Band, Groundation, Alborosie, Chezidek, Queen Ifrica, Tarrus Riley, Jimmy Riley, Dean Fraser, Derrick Morgan, Natty King, Jah Shaka, Irie Love, Duane Stephenson, Adrian Sherwood, Ranking Joe, Junior Natural, Papa Dee, Lymie Murray, One Love Hi Pawa ft Burro Banton, Chords, Massive B, Cali P, Zoro & The Liberation Band, King Fari Band, Roots Harmonics, Daddy Rings, Dubtonics feat.
One of the supporting characters, an ally of Papa La Bas, is Black Herman ( Bejamin Rucker, 1892 – 1934 ), an actual African-American stage magician and root doctor.
Other tracks from the album included " Sex Bowl ," " Full Time ," " Much Feelin ' ( And It Tastes Great )," " Buss One ," featuring reggae singer Papa Reu, and " Baby I Love Ya ," featuring Roger Troutman.

One and had
One afternoon, upon receiving permission and the necessary instructions from the clerk, I had visited the toilet adjoining the hall.
One girl describes her past, her succession of broken marriages, the abortions she has had and finally confesses that she loves sex and sees no reason why she must justify her passion.
One day I tired of following the Hetman's advice of `` shadowing '' and of the `` ring-around-the-rosie '' approach to a report that Enrico Caruso had pinched a lady's hip while visiting the Central Park monkey house.
One of the uniformed officers stepped in my way, demanding to know whether I had permission to enter Germany.
One of the girl students, sitting by while I ate the thick soup, asked me if I had a sleeping bag.
One fellow who had liver spots held out his hands to the great healer.
One had to find a donor, and usually very quickly, whose blood corresponded with the patient's.
One day Alfred told him that he had decided to leave everything to me.
One had it that a friend, protesting her snobbery, said, `` But, Gracie, you are an American, aren't you ''??
One day, Ching had told him ( smiling, patting him on the back ) as they walked to the weekly conference of squad leaders, `` Keep it up, your squad is good, one of the best, keep it up, keep up the good work ''.
One soft evening -- that marvelous sea-blessed time when the sun's departing warmth lingers and a smell of spume and wrack haunts everything -- Amy had picked herself off the floor and begun to walk.
One had to believe in final events or one was stranded in the abyss of nothing.
One of the important and difficult decisions which had to be made in this budget concerned the role of the B-70, a long-range supersonic bomber.
One year I simply set the plants in the remains of a compost pile, to which a little sand had been added, and I had the most beautiful pansies in my, or any of my neighbors' experience.
One day over a year before, there had been a cocktail party in an apartment of a downtown hotel.
One day, the children had wanted to get up onto General Burnside's horse.
One morning, we discovered not only that the pennies were missing from the idol but that a cigarette had been stubbed out in its lap.
One sample, which had been exposed to the atmosphere after evacuation at 375-degrees-C, showed the presence of adsorbed water ( about 0.3 wt ) ) as evidenced by a weak resonance line which was very narrow at room temperature and which disappeared, due to broadening, at low temperature.
One contained complete antibody and had a titer of 1: 512 in saline.
One prediction had been made about the difference in security or self-confidence between those subjects who shifted their Kohnstamm reactivity when informed and those who did not.
One subject spontaneously asked ( after her arm had finally risen ), `` Do you suppose I was unconsciously keeping it down before ''??
One Kohnstamm-positive subject who had both arms rise while being tested in the naive condition described her subjective experience as follows: `` You feel they're going up and you're on a stage and it's not right for them to do so and then you think maybe that's what's supposed to happen ''.
One result was to nationalize much that had been regarded as the law of nations.

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